A few years ago there was a man known as Nahum. Nahum was a very strong, handsome, and powerful wizard. He came from a great line of warriors, rogues, and wizards. When Nahum came to the age of 16 he left the home he had known all his life to travel and see the land. He finally settled in a town known as Rucesion. Upon his arrival he met and fell in love with a young, beautiful, and highly intelligent rogue known as Nabby. They soon married and had seven delightful children.

The family delved in happiness, light, and love. He and his wife fell more and more in love with each other with each passing hour. She becoming more skilled in her ways and he become more powerful in his. Both adored each other and their children. His children grew and a prouder father there never was.

Kaleena, his eldest daughter, was a beautiful blonde child with large aqua eyes. Kaleena adored her father following him wherever he went. Learning everything he taught her. Nahum was proud that she was following his footsteps.

Arista and Mauve, his matching set, were lovely red hair and eyes the color of sparkling jades.

Though in looks they were identical their temperaments were quite opposite. Adrena was a quite, thoughtful, undemanding child. She was very observant, watching and listening to all that went on around her. Mauve, on the other hand was a very stubborn, demanding and active child. Tearing through her days with a vengeance that went untamed. Both were very loving children that doted on each other neither showing a clear choice of path to follow

LeoPrincess and Keesa, his mirrors, were beautiful blondes much like their sister Kaleena. Their eyes were the blue of the deepest ocean. They were adored by and adored their older sisters. Leo choosing to follow Arista and Keesa followed Kaleena. Nahum knew that whatever path his older daughters chose they would soon be followed by their younger sisters.

Tiame and Merwin, his opposites, another girl and the son he had waited for. Tiame and Merwin were opposite in every way. Where Tiame had red and blonde hair Merwin's was blacker then any night. Whereas Tiame's eyes were the color of violets. His were the gray of slate. She was delicate and fragile. He was strong and rough. Nahum knew his daughter would one day grow to be as beautiful as her mother is and was not surprised when Tiame became her mothers shadow. Merwin, he was sure, would grow to be a strong, handsome, and courageous warrior.

Nahum and his family prospered in love over all else. Each devoting their lives to each other. A blanket of security and love wrapped snuggly around them. Life for Nahum was delightful. Many men envied him as his family flourished in all they did. Life could be no better and all were sure that it would continue this way.

Then it happened. The dubhaim attacked his land and his home. Nahum battled against the dubhaim with all his he could summon. Unfortunately as powerful as he was the dubhaim was more powerful. He succumbed to the evil that raged him and he went mad.

When his mind finally snapped he turned on his family. First he attacked his wife Nabby, the one person he cherished as much as his own children. His son, Merwin, hearing the commotion from the room ran in to aid his mother. He arrived too late, as she was already dead.

Merwin knew his father had gone quite mad and tried to subdue him. Nahum was still too strong though and using his magic began to kill his son. Arista walking in saw the horror of what her father was doing and screamed for Kaleena to assist as she watched her brother die at the hands of her fathers magic.

Nahum then turned his magic on the two girls. Fortunately for the young girls the madness had weakened him severely and Kaleena was able to subdue him enough for Arista to escape with their remaining siblings. Kaleena too escaped but only after her father had taken his own life in a moment of sanity when he realized what he had done. The six girls made their way to Mileth where there were a few friends of her fathers that were willing to help them to build a home and create the things they needed to survive without their parents.

Having suffered the trauma that the two girls did together their bond became closer and they became almost inseparable. Their love for their younger sisters grew stronger and fiercer. Kaleena took the role of mother and raised her sisters with Arista and Mauve's help.

The girls were all deeply effected by what had happened to their family but none more then Arista and Kaleena. Arista's pain chose her path for her as she decided she would never again watch helplessly as someone she loved died and became a priestess. Kaleena's pain created in her a need to perform and refine all her arts to become more powerful then the dubhaim. All the girls have vowed to have their revenge by helping in the fight to once again return the times of the Hi-braysl once again.