A New Inspiration

By Barit of Dark Ages


I start this journal with a new inspiration an Aisling inspiration.

I get dressed and walk outside to find the sky brighter, the sun warmer, and the air crisper.

I walk around for a while enjoying the experience and the first stop is the bank. Soon as I enter I am bombarded with questions;

"Sir can you labor me?"

"Do you have iron gauntlets?"

I move slowly towards the door trying not to attract attention. "Halt there" was yelled at me, fearing I had committed a crime I ran like Chadul himself was behind me. I stopped by a brown ghastly construction and still fearful of the memory of Chadul I entered.

My first thought was that "This is not to bad in here", so getting bolder I ventured down the stairs. T o my horror a rat the size of the tavern was staring at me, I froze. It scampered towards me. Looking for a weapon of any sort I glanced behind and a radiant lady came up from behind me and swathed her way into the fray of demon creatures. She turned back towards me her eyes ablaze; I backed away in fear. The lady smiled and my fear vanished. The mysterious women passed me a dirk and a round shield.

"These should help you next time you come across a rat or a spider."

"Why….ah. How did you kill that enormous beast so easily? and can you teach me to do the same?." I blurted out.

"I mean if you have the time and patience and all?" I quickly added

She pondered, looked me up and down.

" Well you seem to be the right sort and a strong arm on you I see." She stated mater of factly.

"Sure I can help you, follow and don’t dordel". I ran behind the lady like an excited child.

She stopped suddenly and towered over me like a god. "Forgive me Sir I forgot my manners, I am Whitewings. And who might you be".

"My name is Barit, do you mind if I say you look stunning in that armor?"


I backed off slightly fearing I had angered Whitewings.

"Your not to bad your self cutie." She grinned suggestively

"Why thank you Miss." My faced glowed red and my thoughts wandered.

We soon arrived at a temple and entered without pause.

She whispered in my ear "Talk to that lady in pink she will direct you from there". And then disappeared from my sight.

I walked up to the lady and she had a pleasant voice and a caring smile. Suddenly I was in a different room with WhiteWings standing beside me.

"In the next few rooms your body will have some of its power taken away. Do not be fearful I will be here but follow closely and do not stray." She looked at me and smiled. My thoughts wandered again.

Pain ran into my body and a mystical voice boomed in my head. "Choose your path Aisling to the right magic and strange things lie. Straight ahead lies power and strength unmatchable and courage outlasting mountains." I knew immediately which path I was to take. I walked after Whitewings.

"Hello, I am Ceannlaidir god of war. You are here to be taught the ways of the warrior?" The large man pronounced with a slight indistinguishable accent.

"Ah…well yes. I am ready to learn Master Sir" My voice quivering slightly.

"Let me speak to your mentor" His gaze shifted to WhiteWings

"Whitewing believes you to be ready, so it will be. I MAKE YOU A WARRIOR." I ducked reflectively at the voice. I peered out of squinting eyes and I was standing outside again, and alone.

I felt a new lease of power inside of me and the courage to go with it. I remembered the rat and decided I will kill one, no more than that a thousand. Reaching the Crypt (as I now know it) I vaulted down the stairs and charged the first thing I saw, luckily it was a shadow! My blood pumping fast and my knuckles white from squeezing the dirk too hard I face my first foe. The rats no longer look so big or as menacing, I bellowed a challenge and launched myself towards battle. I struck it with impossible power killing it in one stroke I dispatched two mare rats then I came across a spider with the torrent of battle running in me now nothing could stop me. A few tense moments were to follow. Neither the spider nor I could obtain an advantage. I knew I had to gain the control of the fight if I was to be victorious. I unleashed all my pent up strength in a final fury. I striked the beast down with a mighty surge of strength. That is the moment I discovered the meaning of being a warrior, UNRIVALED POWER.