The Calling of  Erea

By Erea of Dark Ages

  Deoch 14
                                          Sitting peacefully on the green grass at the foot of stream, the young girl contemplated her surroundings.  She bit into an apple, as she ran her hand through her Cail flowered necklace.  Her life had changed abruptly a few weeks ago. Gazing into the sapphire colored water Erea recalled her ever- changing days.                                                 Sleep sleep, the faerie sang                                                   Sprinkling faerie dust                                 "Erea," her mother called. "I need you to bring me some cherries to make a cherry pie," her mother told her that cool morning. And so it was that the young girl with fiery red hair walked through the fertile fields of Suomi.  Past the apples orchards she walked, when a beautiful patch of flowers caught her eye. The flowers were so white and large that she knew she must have one. So without giving it a second thought she changed her direction and walked to the flowers. She walked and walked, she was sure she should have reached them already. She was suddenly in a grove of trees with the patch of flowers in the center. They where even more beautiful closer, she smiled thinking it was worth the walk. Carefully she picked one, her eyes glowing at the sheer beauty of the white blossom. She brought it to her nose and breathed itís sweet smell, smiling she placed it behind her ear. Suddenly she felt warm and sat on the ground by the patch of white blossoms. She felt very drowsy and keeping her eyes open became an effort. Giving in the sweet smell of the flower and the warmth she fell asleep.                                                                                      Hidden dell in the forest                                                   Myriad of colors                                            Elixirs of life you bring to me.               When she woke, she looked about her startled. This was not her room. She heard loud noises coming from below. She got up hastily and stared at the foot of the bed. There at the foot of the bed was the white blossom on top of a dress or blouse of some sorts. Whomever it belonged to she didnít know, but beside it was satchel with some coins, apples and biscuits. She donned the peasant-looking blouse and slipped the beautiful flower behind an ear. She looked about her in awe, wondering what she was doing here. Suddenly a new thought swept through her, and another and another. She felt an unknown desire to learn more, and growing impatient she ran out of the room.              There it was she met Riona, the innkeeper. The poor woman was busy as she greeted the travelers that came and left looking for lodgings. But was nice enough to help her and give her some advice about learning her whereabouts. She carried a mirror with her, which she handed to Erea.               "Look Erea, see the light from your eyes" she spoke. "Ye have that certain glow, only known to aislings. You are no mundane," she revealed to a shocked Erea. "You must search for your true path for you have a new life awaiting you." she fidgeted uncomfortably, thinking   Ď I must get out of hereí. Just then a new group of travelers walked in and Erea saw her chance to run out but not before Riona called out to her. "Your welcome to drop in again, Erea. And next time well chat about your life as a mundane." Erea rolled her eyes and stepped out.                   The next few hours she spent walking through the happy town of Mileth. Yet everyone sent her to a temple, the Temple of Choosing. She wondered whatever for. An aisling she was called, she only knew it was wonderful having this light, everything had a new meaning, and Erea was curious to know about everything.    As she took a bite of one of the apples she carried with her, her mind drifted to her mundane parents. She would find a way to reach them, she vowed. Unconsciously she walked, deep in thought through a small hidden dirt path. The grass started growing taller and the bushes and ferns dense. Large oak and elm trees and beautiful flowers grew abundantly. Suddenly Erea watched a lone figure appear. She hid quickly dodging behind a large tree and watched as a ring of fire surrounded the tall man. Peeking, she saw him cut the leaves of a herb and proceed to mix them with wine and wax. Quietly she followed him, mesmerized as he took a few steps into the woods. There on the long grass lay a poor woman who seemed to be badly burned.  He gently rubbed some of the poultice on her wounds and magically she healed. It was then that she felt the calling deep within her. And knowing, she turned in a split second running fast back along the path, past the entrance toward the temple. Her blood was on fire, her long hair flowed as she ran. She, Erea was indeed an aisling.  She tried to calm down, taking deep breaths. So that was why she was sent to the temple, now she understood, but she also knew her calling.    The meaning of life is here In nature, in the wild flowers, in the wind, in the storm, in the sea, in my love for you are my balance, you are my harmony