Spoken from the mouth of Firemace... Unprecedented devotee of the wind element.

Oh, the story of my life is one of sincerity and hate, sorrow and happiness, triumph and tragedy. I will tell you so that you may be able to Increase the success of your journey and not make the same mistakes that I have.

I was born out of the stars like you were ailing but you would have had an easier time starting your quest than I did. The star I was born out of was a corrupt one. Chadul had corrupted the star for some reason I may never know, but I was born with no clothes or weaponry such as yours but only the fleeting pieces of material covering my body. This was one of the many tragedies, which was to plague me in my journeys until now. I was worried and saddened from this and asked a nearby priestess why the star, the great element of light, which is the source of all being was corrupted... She told me of the first sour star that had appeared one night streaking the sky and suggested that I may have been born from one of these stars. I did not ask her any further but I believe this was an omen for which I may be destined for great things or doomed for pitiful exile into the depths of all darkness. She inquired about how long I had been alive for and of what circle I may have been... "I have just been born from this corrupt star" I replied and saddened further. She felt for me and being the kind priestess that she was took me to get some clothing and weaponry so that I may be able to begin my journey. For the first time I journeyed outside of the Mileth Inn and into the light. I was blinded at first but soon my eyes adjusted and I felt secure and warm in this element. The journey to the smith's did not take long and I could feel my legs hardening even from the walk at first. This hardening was nothing compared to what my strengths would grow to In the future...

We met the smith and I bought a shirt and a stick to use in my first hunting. This kind priestess also gave me 100 gold coins and 3 wolf's fur, which I could sell for money in a far away land. I thanked her sincerely as she explained to me that she had to go. I can still remember her to this day... She was unlike any priestess I had ever seen and was almost like a fairy. I have never seen her again but I owe my lively hood to her. She helped me to become the great ailing that I am today. I owe it all to her.

But enough of this priestess for she Is only half the story. I was curious about Mileth, as I soon learned was It's name, and the world. Life baffled me. I wondered why I had been born from this corrupt star and what had happened to that priestess. I began my journey with no way of knowing where I was going so I asked the gods. I leaned down on my knees and shouted...

"Heavenly lords... Tell me my path!"

Then I heard a great rumbling and I immediately knew... of Mileth, Abel, Suomi, Rucesion, Piet, Loures and Undine. I knew of the crypt and beasts that were contained In It.

I set out and headed for this hideous temple of darkness, which would have consumed me many times over. I walked through the door and saw nothing. Darkness was everywhere and then I heard It.
A harmless rat squeaking. I laughed at this and walked further to find another rat and the first rat following me. This seemed very strange and my feelings of half security shifted. I became fearful and angry at once. This harmless, or so-called, rat was running for me now ready to bite me at every chance. I quickly pulled my stick from my sack and was ready for this attack. The rat seemed to grow somewhat when it came closer. I was unsure on whom to attack this creature and posed myself so that I would now fall if I swung my stick... My plank of wood struck the rat in the head as I heard it squeal. Then the other rat bit me from behind and blood started to gush from my leg. I swung around and struck that rat in the stomach which winded it and threw it into the corner... It was dead and dropped some kind of green furry stuff... I was about to pick it up and I felt another rat's teeth sink into my supple skin... It was the rat I had struck in the head... It was not DEAD! I swung around with my already hardened arms and struck it on the back. Its body seemed to crumble under itself while I was still bleeding rapidly wakened. This place was horrible... I had to rest for a while and I waited outside the entrance for my anger now was what made me go back in there. I went back in and this time ran past all these rats to find a more formidable challenge... I thought there would be weaker animals down there somewhere but I was wrong! There was something there in the dark... Its shell glinted in some light from a crack in the ceiling and then it was gone... I heard a sheer roar and I was in a stance ready for the attack and felt uneasy as It came closer as I had just been born from this corrupt star and was not sure of how to attack this creature. It leaped for me as I struck it in the leg. It did not even flinch from this attack which would have killed a rat and entangled me in It's web of horror! I did not know what to do and began struggling and swinging stupidly the great piece of wood, which had protected me so many times before. This did nothing but entangle me in this web more. It was hopeless and the hideous creature began sinking its poisonous teeth into my supple skin. Before long I was poisoned and bleeding so much I could hardly stay conscious. "This was it!" I though as I saw 3 other of these creatures come towards me and some more rats as well. This was the first time I had experienced death but as I was slipping away I caught a glimpse of something... something worse than what had killed me here today. Something, which could not be described with, words... Then it was over! I sat there in another dark cave, which was warm Instead of the coldness I had felt in the crypt. No this cave was different!
I looked around for a while and saw him... An old wrinkled and writhed man standing there in the darkness with a cane... leaned over trying to talk to me... I quickly got up and reached for my stick but to my surpass I could not move or reach for any Item of mine! I was floating in the air with no control of the physical being, what was going on around me or life! I was immediately stiffened or so it seemed by this predicament I was in. Then I heard his voice. The man spoke to me and told me he was my friend and that he was an elemental of the light. As doing so he seemed to dance around me and mutter a lot. I heard him say some more words, which I could not understand and there I was... In the Mileth Inn again standing in the exact place I had been born...

this could not be... I asked the lady at the Inn about what had happened and she gasped and ran out to the back of the Inn In horror. It was obvious to me then that she could not help me... so I made my way back to the crypt to get my gear seeing It was ripped from my body. I had collected my gear when I saw this same creature rear again and start running towards me! Had it not had enough blood for one day? I ran like I had never run before and finally reached the entrance of the crypt where I could hear nothing of its terrible screech. I stood there until I hear the familiar squeaking of rats and decided to massacre some of these annoying creatures to pass time. I think it was at this time when I finally realized I enjoyed killing poor rats with my bare hands that I would live by the sword. I stayed close to the crypt entrance for a long time still afraid to go back and face the terrible foes that had killed me in previous battles. I stayed there while my muscles hardened, I understood more and I became more nimble. I became stronger and stronger after the weakness I had felt after death and now was ready for the quickening!

I had learnt of these swordsman before... ones with grace, speed, skill and agility. I had admired these for so long and knew that this was what I had lived for... What I was born from the Corrupt star for... I destined to undertake the quickening and become Rogue! A majestic swordsman named Kyle who was the being of all my future mentored me. He helped me to see the light in which the Wind element could bring. Speed and agility were my main points he said... I became ready at the 5th insight for his ultimate training. To meet the master! This man was sheer brilliance... His armor none of which I had ever seen before... his eyes shone like the stars on a windy night... his speed was amazing. This was the mentorship... The Quickening!

Although I may have surpassed my mentor's insight and skills to this very day he is still my Idol for all being of a rogue... every surigam... every soori knife... every puff of smoke that is released from chests which I open resembles him... Kyle I thank you... for helping me to become Rogue...

Although this is mainly only the beginning of my pathetic existence... to tell you the whole part would be impossible... To this very day... Green mantises with giant armor piercing claws are frightened of my dagger... Cruels, which rule the castle are scared of my surigam throwing capabilities and goblins shall die by my blade.

Although I may have been born from a corrupt star... My journey so far has been a great adventure in which no creature has survived!