Katherine was a young mundane in the Kingdom of Loures. She was a serf to the land, and labored perpetually. She never left her home, only toiled in the fields. She despised her mundanity, but accepted it passively. She lived her life as it was laid out. Only once did she do something different.

Katherine became pregnant. Horrified by the concept of having to teach her child to labor, she wished to give him a chance to be an inspired Aisling. She felt that if he could somehow leave the farm, that he might not suffer her same fate.

The time had come when her son was born. She raised him to the age of two. He seemed to be a very intelligent boy. He learned fast. He had dark olive hair and what Katherine swore was a twinkle in his eye. This boy Katherine had named Kandolo.

Assured that she had done what she could to prepare him, Katherine knew it was time for Kandolo to leave. It was noontime, and a local priest, Jérôme, was making his trip to pick up 3 jars of milk from the farm. While Jérôme was doing his business, Katherine brought the young Kandolo to his wagon, and tucked him in a back compartment. She whispered a few words, shed a single tear, and left.

With Kandolo, she left a note. Katherine was not very educated, but she did her best in her poor Loursian scrawl.

Monseir, Je vous ai laissé mon enfant parce que je ne veut pas le donner un vie mal. Je n'ai pas un autre opportunité. S'il vous plaît, prendez-vous mon enfant et se montre tout le monde et ses mers! Vous êtes mon seulement espoir ..

So, the priests in their Monastery raised Kandolo. The priests only explained to him that he was a child of a greater power, and never told of his mother. Kandolo never showed any interest in becoming a priest himself, although his childhood mentor, Jérôme, tried coaxing him into becoming one.

The priests taught him in all courses of study including many tongues other than his own. Kandolo was always curious as to why. He never heard them spoke before, and he never needed them. Everyone in the monastery spoke the same language. Throughout his learning, Kandolo's intelligence shined.

On his 19th year of life, he had his awakening. He suddenly did not wish to stay in the Monastery all of his life. Instead he had visions of exploring the world - and meeting the people who spoke the languages he learned.

Jérôme showed no surprise at Kandolo's awakening. He always knew inside that Kandolo was bound for greater things. Also, as an afterthought, he thought it must have been his not wanting to be a priest that inspired to leave.

Jérôme knew that it was time to tell Kandolo of his past. About his mother and why he was left to be cared for by priests. He was then given a choice. He could leave the monastery and make a history of his own, or live the life of a priest. Jérôme knew what the answer would be. And it was.

Kandolo was sent by ship to the town of Mileth. With him only a few gold coins and a saber given to him by Jérôme, his old life was behind him.

Following a suggestion given by Jérôme, he went in search of someone to mentor him in the elements. Knowing that his mother yearned for him to visit the sea - a place she would never see - his primary element was water.

While dabbling in magic, he also began work with composition of music. He had learned that music itself was its own magic. Having influence on everything, he considered it another element. He never told anyone this, he knew that the greater wizards would think very lowly of the thought. So he keeps it to himself.