A Biography of a Humble Rogue: LatentAura

I was born Amandiel D'Aramond to Artanus and Olipheah D'Aramond during the Spring of Deoch II. We lived in a small village that was commonly referred to as the Dark Plains, as it was difficult to grow crops or keep livestock due to the bitter winds of the west seas. Our village lied directly between Suomi and Astrid hidden amongst foliage and rocky terrain.

My mother and father were not born from noble lineage. Our family struggled to grow what little grain we could raise. During the summers, my father would work as a fisherman for the King's fisheries and my mother would take in the laundry of the village nobles. Our home was modest, but it was home. The smells of fresh bread and mutton still waft past my nose as I reminisce.

Although poor, my parents insisted that my sisters and I learn as much as possible. My father would often send word to the village to send us to Loures to study with those he felt most learned. I was never one for magic like my sister Mierienda, or compassionate enough to heal like Lynniandolas, or brutish and often mannish in strength like my sister Corienna. Things such as clandestine traps to kill prey, the gleam of a shiny gem, and the ability to smith the greatest of weapons appealed to me more. It was because of this, I was sent to Psyrius to learn the path of the rogue.

I journeyed to Mileth, swaddled in old sackcloth of my mothers and wore a tattered blouse. My shoes were stolen on the boat to Abel by a vindictive woman who claimed she was the King's cousin and threatened to have me beheaded if I didn't. When I arrived in Mileth, I was hungry and tired, but eager to make my journey onward.

Psyrius met me at the Temple of Choosing, not concerned about my tutelage, but more of the status that accompanied mentorship; she left me to fend for myself. It was while I was lost on the streets of Undine that I met an Aisling what would truly open the doors to the secrets of the Rogue, and introduce me to my oldest friend and adopted sister, Mirax. Palleon was a dark headed man, quiet and reserved but taught me things every Aisling should learn. One thing being, just because someone teaches you does not mean that they like or respect you.

During my teachings from Palleon, word reached that my mother was deathly ill. I traveled home to care for her. While on my sabbatical, my father was called to duty by the King to fight the Orcs, a tribe of savage beast warriors located north of our village, that was terrorizing the city of Undine. During a battle my father was beheaded by an Orc's blade and his remains sent to us in a royal sack with the King's apologies. Two moons later, our mother met Sgrios. The clerics said she died from pestilence, but my sisters and I believe she died of a broken heart.

I was still relatively young, and the spark of Aisling life had yet to touch my siblings. It became increasingly difficult to care for them all. We often foraged in Astrid for cherries left by warriors or scraps of chicken to survive the hunger.It was on one of our journeys that we were taken from camp by a nomadic sect that thought we had passed to Sgrios. They carried us on horseback to the mountains south of Suomi. Reviving our weary body, the Labani race ensured our swift recovery.

The inhabitants of Laban were quiet. Rugged in face, but soft in touch. It was here that we were educated most of all. There were but twenty or so Aislings in this village, but, the most prestigious of their classes. The Labani race did not hold much like for the names fashioned after the Loures Aristocracy. They felt a name should fit a person's demeanor, intellect and personality, not their social stature. I was named during a town meeting. Young Aislings and mundanes alike were disallowed from attendance at such functions. Not knowing this, I lay silent amongst them and it wasn't until I sneezed that they realized my presence. The village elder beckoned me to the center of town and bellowed for those not in attendance to arrive. The females quickly wrapped my head and hands in leaves. This ceremony was meant to remind you of your roots and ground you. The elder said, "From this day forth, you will be known as LatentAura, as you are truly a hidden spirit amongst the most giant of Aisling and Mundane man or woman. You will achieve greatness young one." And with that Amandiel was pushed towards the recesses of my past but never forgotten.

The village elder called us to his home, one cold morning, and informed us that word had reached our relatives in the Dark Plains, that we were in Laban. In exchange for peace to their village, we were sent back to our homeland, carrying with us the wise traditions of our parents and our newly adopted Labani family.

Upon return, we were subjected to the hardships we left when we were found near Sgrios' door. I decided to make a change for my siblings and myself. I wrote Palleon and told him that I wished to return as his student. Eager to learn the Labani secrets he agreed.

We moved to Mileth and settled into a small home on the outskirts of town. Tired of our home being robbed and being taxed by the corrupt Mileth Guards, we settled in the quiet port city of Rucesion. As I was exiting the bank one day, I literally stumbled upon a quiet mage named LiqHe Arcuatio. He looked as if he spent too much time in the Rucesion fountains. Later, I learned that it was because he spent a great deal of time trying to harness the powers of sal. He was a handsome Aisling, well read, and humble. Often aloof and stubborn, his presence intrigued most around him. Although standoffish to those that did not know him, his sense of humor rings true to the ears of Aisling and Mundane.

We fell in love rapidly and were joined as lovers. Jealous of our bond, evil hags sent from Sgrios constructed a story of deceit and pain and our love was broken. The deception revealed itself and our true love shined through. LiqHe Arcuatio and I were married and have not been parted since. He quickly adapted to life with my sisters and I and has loved us through hardship and celebration.

During our marriage and quite sometime before, political malcontents displaced from the bowels of Mileth barraged Rucesion. It was during this time that the Burgess sought honest Aislings that were relatively unknown for Rucesion's Guard force. I achieved much respect amongst the citizens or our town and after much campaigning and soon donned a blue tabard from our lady of Rucesion. As a Guard I worked to uphold the laws of the city I have come to love like my homeland. Rousting the corrupt, word soon traveled and it become known that Rucesion was clean once more. I became known by some as the "Evil Guard Captain of Rucesion, as I do not allow anyone, not friend or foe, to break the laws of our fair city. Now as my fourth term of Guard Captain closes and the newest political chapter as Judge unfolds, I will recall deochs of experience I have accumulated and apply it to my post. I hope that I can continue to be respected and esteemed as a political figure of my quiet homeland.

As a student and a mentor, I have learned and applied these basic premises. First, my students are a reflection of my teachings; I cannot expect them to follow my word if I do not follow it myself. Secondly, teach them the right way to start, and corruption will rarely fall. Lastly, new Aislings should be shown the way of their path with care and without strings. Currently, I have four active students, as I do not feel the quantity of students matter, but the quality of the tutelage.

Word traveled to the elders of Suomi regarding my applications of the philosophy and history of their kingdom. Their scribes, translating my strange hand, deemed my knowledge worthy of being taught to their children. After having gained respect from my peers far and wide, my opinions and accounts of the history of Suomi have been bound to books that have collected information from the highest scholars of the land. To date, this is one of my greatest accomplishments.

I realize that even at my ninety-seventh insights, I still have much to learn and my life as an Aisling is far from over and new chapters will unfold, revealing them slowly. So closes a chapter of my Aisling life, and a new one begins.

- LatentAura Amandiel, D'Aramond Arcuatio