The Sound of Thunder is all that you can hear for the winter storms approach Mileth, I have just run out of my Last candle, Yet my Daughter cries for it is dark. I comfort her and she asks me if I could tell her a tale about Mileth. And without any hesitation I sit down I speak to her of my life in the Lands of the Dark ages…I am Lavender A Sal sorceress.

And hear is my tale.


The sound of a Woman gasping for air catches your attention for she is being chased by Goblins in pursuit of her child, She hold’s tightly in her arms. She dodges Stones and trees so that she may find sanctuary but she only hears the sounds of the goblins growling behind her. She calls out "Fairy Folk oh Magical Faye Come to thy Aid", Suddenly she found a Grove where she may sit until the goblins pass her way. While she embraces her child a small voice in the wind calls out "Young lady. Young lady, what troubles you?" She is startled by the Voice and is hesitant to answer. She calls out "Who is there?, Art thou a Goblin trying to Take my precious Daughter From me?, Is thou a Sprit of Good virtue?"

The Small voice answers "Aye a Spirit of Virtue That I am, I heard thy voice calling upon the Faye folk and I have come in your call." The woman is relieved that the Faye have heard her and asked the spirit to show itself. In the opening of the grove a Female Faye with wings of Silver and Clothes that shined of the sun appeared to the lady. The woman asked the Faye if she could take her baby and raise her child to be of good virtue and to live the way of the fae. The Faye acknowledge the woman’s request and Engulfed the child in a golden light. Immediately the child had disappeared. The woman was relived that her child had been safe, but sadly she will miss her daughter…..


 Deep in the eastern woodlands in the Land of Tir a nog , Is where the Faye took the child and raised her with the rest of the Faye folk. Five years had passed and the child had grown quite fast, She resembled her Mother with eyes of Deep Blue and skin which was the color of sand. Her lips were of Roses and her Hair a Pretty light purple.. The Faye who had taken her in had named the child "Lavender "for the sweet aroma of the Lavender Flowers which she always smelt, and for the color of her hair which was the color lavender. The fairy had also taught the little girl the ways of the Faye and brought her up in the pools of Sal where the child later possessed the Powers of Sal (Water).

The child had never been out of the Eastern Woodlands and so after 10 more years had passed the child was ready to leave Tir an Nog and Go forth to Mileth and seek out Dar the Wizard who would send her a mentor. Sounds of Horses and carts filled the streets of Mileth and Lavender had set on Finding Dar. She was Completely lost when a nice and charming man helped her, He introduced himself as Steihl and he was very muscular being a Rogue. He showed Lavender the way to Dar’s and went on his way. He said to Her " If Needed any help, send me a message" and with that he disappears.. Finally Lavender had reached the Home of Dar, He was a Great wizard but a Man with no Manners. His home was like a pig's sty. Dishes and books everywhere.

He Greeted lavender and Bestowed a Mentor upon her. Her mentor was " Keesa " She was an Athar Sorceress, She conjured the winds to her bidding. She helped lavender Gain insight and taught her the ways of sorcery Lavender did this for 4 years…


When Her Training was up Lavender had been a powerful sorceress and she had learned much from Keesa She had moved on and helped out many.. She had been Intimate with a Man and bore a Child, The man had left her and she was all-alone….Her and her child.

This is my story of how my mother fought to save me and how I came to be.