A young boy was running along the path early in the morning. Sun was about to rise and it

made a reflection of a golden bridge to the sea that was so peaceful it comforterd the boys mind. Soon he would be at home again he thought. For many moons he had traveled from a strange kingdom he was send to just to find one long-lost child of his villages elder. The task was hard to fulfill to a young boy since he’d never even knew the person he was sent to look for, but he thought that it must have been an important person to the village and to his father. The village that was his home has fought over decades with bandits that came across the sea time to time and many of his fellow villagers have lost their lives defending it almost with bare hands. Now he saw the silhouette of his home and the sight made him to hasten his speed…

He knocked the door and a servant opened it for him. "I bring news to the master, can I see him please" the boy told him with his exhausted voice. The servant let him in and guided him to a small library that was lighted by candles and a big fireplace. He was told to sit down and wait here, then the servant leaved to find his master. Boy was amazed by the number of all books that lied in shelves in this room. He had never seen so many at the same time, and these all were owned by the master of his village. He must be very wise man the boy thought. His thoughts were distracted by a voice behind him, "Welcome young boy, have you had anything to eat or drink yet" the voice asked. He turned around and saw an old but fit man dressed in noble clothes. "I…would like to have something to drink sir, if its not too much to ask sir" the boy replied. "Not at all my son, I ask my servant to bring you some water and food too, you do look a bit exhausted young one" he smiled at him and rang a little bell at same time. Soon the servant was at the door and the master ordered him to get something for the boy. After a short and silent moment the servant appeared again with a plate filled with bread and water and some cheese and butter. "there you go young one" master said to him and urged him to eat and drink…

After a few minutes the boy had emptied the plate and looked at his master and said "thank you kind sir, this was the best meal for me in many moons". "It was my pleasure young one, now did you have some news for me about my son?" he asked. "Oh yes I have sir. I found your son from a kingdom far away from here and I have a letter for you that he wrote." He handed the parchment scroll that he was carrying at his belt to the master. "I believe this is important to you master" the boy added. "Indeed it is young one, for I send my oldest son to a quest long time ago and these are only words that I have heard of him after he left our hometown" the master said. Master sat down to a divan and opened the scroll…


Dear father,

It has been ages since I left you to a quest you send me to. I have some good news to you.

My mission here is almost fulfilled and I’m soon ready to come back. But first of all let me tell you what I have experienced here in this strange kingdom called Temuair.

When I first came here I found my self from a inn held by a woman named Riona, a kind innkeeper in a town called Mileth. This happened few deochs ago. I had everything I owned on me and only few coins in my pocket but I knew it was a test of gods to make my way from the start. Well there I was, in a middle of town I had never seen before. Strange faces all over and no one to talk with or help me. You always told me not to go anywhere without a weapon so I looked for the weaponsmith and finally found one and bought a dagger. You must remember that I was never good with blades though you’d always wanted me to be a great warrior. My interests were bit different and I know you are going to be shocked when you read this but I am a priest now. How I chose this path I will tell you later on this letter but now back to where I was. Yes, I walked around Mileth seeking new friends. There were not many around so I headed for the dark crypt in this town and

descented to a moist and dark dungeon. The crypts were infested by many spiders and rats and looked like many other aislings were there to clear it too so I joined them too. I must say that without your training I would have been helpless against so many foes. "The power lies in a group, not in individual" you had always said, so I formed a group with few aislings that were strangers to me but we fought good and we killed many.

I spent many days hunting in the crypt and selling whatever the corpses dropped to pay my room in Rionas inn. I was doing quite good at that time and soon I had some gold in bank too. I planned to leave this town and explore the other parts of this kingdom. On my way I found a place called Eastern Woodlands. It was a crossroads of somekind and a gathering point to aislings looking for a hunt. One of these paths took me to an enchanted garden and that was something you’d like to see too. The garden was full of beautiful flowers and plants but there were also dangerous vipers and huge bees and mantae. Somehow the beauty of this place urged me to walk deeper despite the danger that I was no match to dangerous creatures here. Suddenly I heard faint singing around me, strange and soothing thought I didn’t quite understand the words. I listened the singing for a while and something told me in my mind that I should seek a priest to guide me. I ran off from there back to woodlands thinking what would you say if I was to become a priest. Me, oldest son of Merrick D’Rouge, a great warrior dressed in a cowl. That would have been something. I laughed at the thought.

Days went by and I visited the garden more often for the singing made me feel like I was at home with my familiy and friends. One day I made my mind and found a priestess to initiate me to the path of a priest. I can’t remember her name but that does not matter anymore. Now I was a young priest wihtout any clue what to do with my powers. I continued hunting with others staying in back and healing my warriors as best as I could.

It was a hard task to do and it took me a long time to find a company that respected me and knew something about being a priest, especially in combat. I soon realized that I needed a mentor to teach me the skills and spells. A warrior named Totem took me as his student. He was an experienced and a skilled warrior even at that time when I first met him. He taught me the way to fight with my spells though he had only a little experience of priests

those days. But his advices were great and soon I felt more confident with my new powers even when confronted by outnumbering enemy. It might have been that being a student of a warrior made me good in battles but poor in other priest duties. I only focused on making reviving potions for my companions and concentrated on great enhancement spells to make

them stronger so we could confront more powerful enemies. During that time I lived for the war. You would have been proud of me if you’d see me then. Always ready for a fight, we killed terrors many times that haunted one old man’s dreams. we pursued deeper to the forest to find more terrifying foes. We explored crypts and dungeons and gathered items and gold. All that we did with a same group then. Chaosknight and Kaizer, two warriors that have now faded from this world long time ago. Drakkarim and Delaney, monks that were always with us too. And Solinox and Dryst who joined us bit later. They were all my good friends. Now only Solinox and Drakkarim are with me, but I still remember the others.

One day when I was hunting in the crypt I met sgrios for the first time, though the scar has been healed long time ago it still reminds me now and then by aching sometimes. After that happened I realized that I needed more strenght, divine strenght. In this kingdom they don’t have a temple of Chadul, aislings here only worship minor gods for they do not know

much about our god my father. I was temped to join Sgrios fellowship but I don’t agree its purposes for im not seeking destruction and decay, nor chaos that might occur. So I chose Ceannlaidir, the god of war. My beliefs are like his more than any other gods here, but in my heart I still pray for Chadul as you and all my family does. Being a faithful and active priest I was elected to high priest position in my fellowship during a time when Pravat caves opened. When I joined Ceannlaidir there was only a handful of worshippers, now we are strong and active and propably one of the biggest fellowship. I have also teached other aislings to the path and guided them well. I have taken duties as a guard and position in office at the town of Rucesion that is my hometown now. My life here is almost perfect.

Father, as I wrote before I am soon ready to return, I have met other aislings that recognizes my true god Chadul. Totem, my former mentor and a good friend of mine introduced me to a rogue named Rookerin, a strange person I first thought when I met him, but when I found out that he had the same beliefs that I had we became friends. I have also joined into a guild that shares the same goal, awakening of Chadul. With the help of others in guild I feel that I can fulfill the task you send me to do. Some day the new league of darkess is about to be formed and we welcome it with open arms. Before that there’s still much work to be done, but the time will come father. The time will come.

I end this letter now for I have work to do. Have faith in me father.



Yours truly,