Nando’s Biography

By Nando of Dark Ages 


Temuair… a land filled with many wonders. All throughout this land are many different towns, and shops. So many plants, animals, places to go, and many new and unusual things to see. To top it off, there are always more and more aislings, and mundanes entering this wonderful world… But where do I come in? I am just another face in the crowds of people constantly wandering the roads in search of adventure, wealth, and fame. That may be seen by many, but I believe each aisling has something waiting for them to discover. I am Nando Ahriman, and this is my story.

I was born into a poor family, in the earlier years of Temuair. I was the eldest son of 5 brothers, all being taken care of by our weary mother, Kayla, and my strong, adventurous father, Joseph III. Behind me there was Joseph IV, the little knight as I called him. Next were the twins, Cailph and Travan, you haven’t seen sibling rivalry until you’ve lived with the two of them. Last, was our youngest brother Cojiro. We adopted Cojiro as a babe. Sadly, he died due to illness at age 7. The illness was the same one that the Seveti blossoms can now cure.

We all lived pretty normal lives in our Rucession home until about Doech 2. Father was an assistant in Marcelo’s blacksmith shop. Mother was always at home, cooking and cleaning, as if it was her calling in life. Then again, with a family the size of ours, there were a lot of chores to be done. My younger brothers were always gaily playing, and Joseph usually trying to be knightly and practicing his "sword skills" with a wooden stick, and a small wooden shield. When father came home in the evenings, we would all come in for supper, and eat together. Afterwards, Travan and Caliph went to bed, and Father would go out on hunts in the darkness that lies in the depths of Dubbhaim Castle. With all the commotion throughout the house, I had time to do basically whatever I wanted, unless mother had chores for me to do… But I did have my own profession.

My family thought I made profit being a simple mercenary, which is how it all started, but I fell in with the wrong crowd. I met a group of delinquents at the port one day. They were all hiding mischievously behind some boxes as I approached them. I soon realized that they were about to rob a ship that was pulling out of the port. I stood behind some crates and watched as they went to work. Each of them got onto the boat so quietly and swiftly, that I was amazed at their efficiency. They all returned with several bags of gold each, before the sailors realized that anything was gone. Seeing this made me realize how easily I could get my family out of poverty by simply TAKING what I want, with minimal work. I fell in with this group, and was quickly inspired to become a rogue.

As I grew older, I learned how to engage an enemy without being seen. I would take a mans life and wallet without a second thought. I mastered the profession of a thief at a young age, giving me the upper hand in my rogue training later in life. Despite this all, I knew what I was doing was wrong, but I learned to overcome my feelings for the benefit of my family. When I turned 16, I received my aisling spark, and began to stop stealing, but use my talents in a legal way. I became a full-fledged rogue the day I began to change my ways. A friendly rogue I met in Rucesion, who’s name I can no longer remember, took me to Mileth, inniated me into the path of the, rogue and taught me how to survive. After showing me the area, he left me on my own.

Later that week, as I returned to Rucesion, our family was robbed by 3 men. They all wore dark cloaks, concealing their identities, and carried daggers. The thieves destroyed everything in our home, and took all items of value. Before their attempted retreat, they killed my mother, in cold blood. My father and I fought back, as my younger brothers scurried upstairs and hid. That was the first time I had ever questioned death. I began to wonder why it had all happened to my family…

My father and brothers, still in shock from that horrible night my mother met her end, moved to Mileth along with me. They stayed in the Inn, until father could purchase a small shack to live in. It was around that time that my younger brothers all received their aisling spark, as my father and I had long before. Everyone began to move their separate ways soon after that, and my father passed away.

Living in Mileth, I met many other aislings, all with stories of their own to tell. I quickly made new friends, and began to put into practice everything I had learned up to that point. On a hunt, I met a beautiful girl named Vivid. Vivid and I became very close friends, and still are to this day. I also met other friendly aislings, like Harmonie, Collesto, Cell, Mortray, Katrionah, Klaudryn, and many more. I also got more involved in religion by joining the Fiosachd fellowship. Now I am a devout follower of his ways, and I depend on his grace to give me skill and strength as I journey throughout the land.

To this day, I continue to explore and practice the way of the rogue. With my dagger in hand, and my equipment ready, I will continue my quest to find my place in the world of Temuair. With my friends and family by my side, I’m confident that I will find my way in this vast land. Maybe it is to become a Bard or Clave Artist, or maybe just a simple adventurer. Never the less, I want to find the path that I am to follow, and I will search as long as it takes to find it. Not for my mother and father, or for my brothers and friends, but for myself.