My Destiny as a Priest

By Ponder of Dark Ages


Growing up in the town of Mileth, were everyone comes to have a good time, discover themselfs, learn new skills and potions, everything you can imagine. You could see all the crazy aislings and those aislings who have advanced in wisdom and knowledge like no one has every seen or heard of. Growing up with my family, who ever since have been know were mages, i set out to discover myself. At the insight of 5 i went out to explore more of this hostle land, to figure myself out. Not knowing where i was headed or who i might find, i grabbed my scrolls and some turkey from the counter. I stufted some extra clothes incase i rip or ruin one and headed out my discovery adventure.

I found a path leading into the unknow, my heart raced with the thought of adventure and secrets i could learn, my forehead drippin with sweat from the walking and running. Its like being in battle, knowing not if your going to win or die you press on because of the pure excitement of the fight, pushing you onward and upward. As i walked down the dark and misty path i came apon and small town of Piet. Not much to see or to be learned, but i got a room with my coins i saved up with the work i did in the eastwoods.

As im awakened by a loud gargling sound, I walk down stairs to see what goings on, maybe to find something or someone to explain this matter. An old man sitting outside the door with his fingers to his side and his hat on the ground. I felt nervous to ask the man whats going on, my hands started to sweet and my head begian to become very hot. I nervously asked the old asiling, "May i ask what that sound is?" The old man replied with a deep crackle in his throat, "That be the creature they call...........a Frog." To my amazment this was a creature never heard of before in Mileth. "Where is that ... Frog coming from?" with the sound of hezitation in my words. "He lives in the Sewers deep under ground the soil of Piet, when they built the sewer they found a dark deep hole, with a strong and potent smell of mold. Soon after a huge mist and red smoke arose from the depths, the curse of Sgrios was about them...." As I sat in aw I closed my mouth and with a glup I said thank you and left to the warmth of my bed. Not knowing what lied ahead, i fell asleep to continue my adventure.

Early the next moring i arose to the sound of a Gliocian Faire, humming an old song of the lady Danaan. I stuck my head outside the window to she the worth that in which she held. "Hello me'lady, hows the morning today?" As i begain to start with idel chit-chat."More lovely than a setting sun from the west." Her voice was a smooth as her long golden brown hair, shinning with ever intent. "Would ye happen to know the way to a castle named Lourse?" Sensing she might have some knowledge of this land,"Its down that path to the south of here, when you come to a bidge with two golden flags waving in the north breaze, ye shall be there." With the Faires knowledge of the world, i set out to the castle named Lourse, in hope i might find the wise Temple of Gramail.

I soon found myself in the Temple of Gramaill, the God law and judgement to ask for assistence in praying. Gramail is one of the long Allies of my lady Glioca. As which i am in faith. As im sitting in mass waiting for enlightenment, a flash of light came about me. A dark shadowie figure was clearing ot from the bleer in my mind. A very dark and galent person, with a dark brim around is brow. As i saw him walk towards me with his shinning staff of gold, he begain to speak a soft yet humble sentence. "Seek the worth of a man with cradh and ioc, he shall show you the way of a path not heard of in your life cycle, Doech is apon us, find the key to your destiny." As he walked away i started to belive in the path this unknow man was talking about. Danaan must have sent him i started to think, the worth of a man with cradh and ioc.....

With this new enlightenment i started to ask around about this man, only rummers or tales about this black healer. I talked to everyone in the town of Lourse and the priests of Gramail, yet know one had ever seen this man. As i left lourse i found something ive never seen before. It was a brown staff with a blue crystal on the front, i was scared to even touch the object, but i picked it up, put it in my bad and headed off to Rucesion. This big town was rummered to have seen the black healer. Once i arrived i found a small bank at which i could through my stuff. As i talked around to the rouge communitie there was a man who had seen the healer. Cloaked his name was, he had told me of a class where youve reached past aisling of hy-brasyl or talgonite. It was a class never been heard of before, a "Master" class he called it. As he left me he said with a small voice, "look for the man with ioc and cradh, there you shall find your friend." Alas, it must be true, he spoke the words of the man.

As i went to Undine more and more people had seen this "Master" and telling me he was in this guild called "Triad" and that he went to a fae out past Undine into Suomi. I set my path out to suomi that day, finding more people that have seen and know where he is. A lady Joie, monk, was willing to help me find him. There was the small hut in Suomi where the fae was belived to be. As i stepped up to the door, my mind begain to fill with hope, dreams, what will happen if i find him, as my heart raced i was more eger to open the door. As i put my sweating hand on the handle and pushed the door open. A person with the same black mane, the same brim hat as the man in my anlightenment was standing there, as if he knew i was coming all along. I asked the man, "May i ask your name sir?" with the hope he would know me..."Aye, im master Tulley, Priest of love and life to all who wish to use it." It was him, all the months i spent with the feeling of displacement in my heart, this was him...the man i was going to become.