Rookerin Illeen

"So, why do you want to know about him, anyhow? And, more importantly, if I
tell you, will you stop following me?" said the smiling mage, as he spun about, his dark
robes bellowing out about his form.

The two men stood alone on the twisting cobblestone road on the outskirts of
Suomi. The lone mage now made his stance. He had carried an extra shadow for more
then a double moon, and he could take the harassment of it no longer.

A crooked grin took hold of the man that stood before the mage. The mage
studied him with wondering eyes. He was adorn in a dark-blue guard tabard, with the
symbol of the Isle of Man on his arm, a non-recognized government of the Castle
Dubhaim. With a slight nod of his head, he spoke, "Yes, Lucien." He said in a deep
voice. "Explain everything about him, everything, and I will no longer persue you…I may
even let you live this day." His words grew cold on the ears of Lucien the Mage, as a
slight shiver worked down his spine.

"Fine…" Lucien muttered. "I doubt my words could help you discover his
location – and I care not to know what he has done to anger your guards, but if it means
my peace, I’ll tell you of my Brother, Rookerin Ileen."


The Kingdom of Rucesion, ‘City of Magic’ as it was known, is where Rookerin
and myself were born. We are of the Illeen family name! A noble name it is, dating back
to the 7th Aeon. It has oft’ had its hand in the Higher politics of Rucesion, including
Demagogue, and even Burgess.

I did search our Genealogy, and our family history – not as in depth as Rookerin
has, but I do understand our history enough to say a few things without fear. Lucioni
De’Ileen was the first of our family to gain political power in Rucesion during the end of
the 7th Aeon. (Forgive my unknowing soul, I never could remember that date for the life
of me). Lucioni was said to be an extremely just man, with the ‘Light of Danaan’ in his

The Path that Lucioni forged for our names, continued to hold just positions within
the politics of Rucesion, until the Date of Danaan – 2432. It was at that time, that our
Grandfather, Ustan De’Ileen asscended past that of Burgess, he was known in title as the
‘Lord of the Kingdom of Rucesion.’ He was said to be a caring man, putting the people
of Rucesion above all his worldly cares – hence his high position and favor among his

Ustan De’Ileen was the greatest of men, but he faced something not even one with
the faith of Danaan could withstand. He fought Lord Tenes, Lady Dubhreal, and the
League of Darkness. From his journals, I know that he tried his best to keep his kingdom
untainted by this evil of Tenes! Sadly, in the end it was not possible. Darkness took hold
of Rucesion, and from my understanding, some pact of unholy nature was made between
him, and the Lady Dubhreal in the name of The League of Darkness.

After that day, Ustan was no longer the same. Everyday Hence, he seemed to be
more as a Dubhaim then a Mundane. I’m not sure what this pact did to Ustan, but it did
taint our blood, and it continued down our family line..

The Guard of the Isle of Man shook his head in disgust. "Lucien…Did I ask for
your damned history? I asked about Rookerin…not for a family history class." He slowly
placed his hand upon the hilt of his sword, staring directly at the mage.

Lucien coughed, shaking his head. "Guard, I implore you to listen to me. If you
wish to know of Rookerin, you need to know of his past…and…" Lucien, sighed, his
words trailed off as he clenched his fists. He was a strong man, but their was a
something strange about this guard, something that didn’t allow him to press his luck.

The Guard’s face lost all emotion as he nodded once, and said, "Continue."


Rookerin Ileen was born 21 years prior to the first Deoch, 2 years after my own
birth. We both seemed fairly average at first. Growing up like average Rucesion boys,
learning Rucesion’s claim to fame, Magic. I was a hearty athar mage, excelling in the
magic’s quite fast, if I do say so myself! Rookerin, on the other hand, couldn’t toss a
beag, beag srad..(If such a spell existed)..He tried, mind you, and was able to burn his
sleeves, but he never did get the hang of magic very well.

Despite our average youth, I quickly learned that, well, we were different from the
rest. Now, don’t begin thinking the different I speak of, was something as trivial are our
‘style of dress’ or, ‘the way we talked’....We, well thought different, and felt different, in
our hearts. Darkness was a part of us, it was obvious, at least to us.

This difference I speak of, became obvious when we both gained our ‘Spark of an
Aisling’. It happened quiet a bit later in our life, after the first Deoch (But I will speak of
it now, so you can better understand why we are the way we are.).. Oh, it was a bright
spark, as it is with all aislings...but...the brightness that shown, was not that of ‘light’ but
rather, a dark light filled our eyes.

I..shall not go, ‘too’ much into detail on my theory behind this...My speculation on
our differences points back in our family line to Ustan, who made a pact with Dubhreal...I
honestly don’t know the details of that pact...and often wonder if my brother and I are the
product of it.


All our young life, we were constantly in the wonderment of books and studies.
We spent most of our youth, deep within the vaults of the Ileen manor, studying ancient
tomes of our land. We studied all the great works of our time, literature, philosophy, the
Speculations on Aosda, Seanchas Temuair, The works of Aeife and Chloe. Our pursuit of
knowledge was all our nights and days became nothing more then a book
and glowing candle on the cold stone floor of the Ileen’s vault.

Our studies in our youth slowly became focused, as we found ourselves following
the works about the 7th and 8th Aeon closely. Our minds were focused on the darkness
of that time, as we found ourselves pulled towards religious studies. Chadul, and
Srgios...we loved those names in our youth, they intrigued us... "Oh beautiful Kadath" we
would say in jest.

Ha! In all respects things should have continued much the same. Rookerin would
have continued on as a mage..and continued his ‘darker’ studies in literature and
religion...But things changed on his 15th year of life. At that time, a young boy was
adopted into our family. Kraven, was his name.

Kraven was a rather quiet lad. He would not speak much of his past. It was said
that he was found on the outskirts of Rucesion, clutching what was thought to be a lock of
hair. (Rumor was it was a Succubus’ lock of hair...but I honestly doubt that!) The village
folk took him in, and asked for our family, because of our good financial state to house the
young lad. Our parents, of course did not refuse.

The lad Kraven would not talk to anyone of his past, and refused to hold the
‘Ileen’ name, and left our family at the age of 20. But his time in our family was a rather
big influence on Rookerin. Rookerin was at the time, struggling still with his magic
studies. But upon meeting Kraven, he learned of a more ‘shadowed’
profession....Rookerin imitated his adopted brother, and they became close. I -- don’t
know much about their relationship, but within a few years of meeting Kraven, Rookerin
had given up on the magics, focusing all his efforts into the nimble Rogue craft.

The Guard Finally spoke again. "Lucien. I am done hearing about your fond
memories of a boy...Now, speak of the Rookerin of today, I have no more patience with
your historian attitude towards this conversation." The man’s eyes stared upon Lucien,
as if giving him a warning.

"Aye..My lord.." Lucien whispered. Every second he found himself in the
company of the guard, the less he found a will to fight him. It was as if a magical aura
was about the guard, weakening Lucien at every moment. "I...will continue."


It was a few years after the first Deoch that both Rookerin and I first gained our
Dark spark. Rookerin wasted no time in leaving our family home, and setting out in
wanderlust. He joined the religion of Sgrios, soon after his aisling awakening. I
remember him saying, when I asked his reasons in this path ;

"Lucien! I do it for our family...for all we stand for! For Ustan! For Chadul! This
is our path...are you blind?"

I was fairly sure that he was well tainted at that point with his ambitions. I saw him
the rudest of people, to all he met. He harassed, and belittled. He once told me all he
cared about was Chadul, and nothing more.

It was around that time that it happened. His heart turned from stone, a small light
touched his eyes. I wont speak in detail of what happened, Its not my place to do so! But,
Rookerin fell in love, he loved a women named Ayshilin.

Ayshilin changed him, soon after this souls met within Faerie Glade he left Sgrios.
(Despite Sgrios’ extreme corruption..Rookerin had stayed for quite some time. But
Ayshilin, in the end taught him his heart did not belong there, I believe.)

Lucien shrugged a bit. "He became a Historian, a Citizen and Guard of Mileth,
among other things.." he said with a sigh. "I honestly think he may have beaten back all
of that tainted spark, but only time will tell."

The Guard nodded once. "I thank you for this knowledge of Rookerin...It has
been rather hard to hunt him down...but at least I know how to get at him now...Where
may this Ayshilin be found?" The Guard let a slow smile grow across his face, as he
slowly gripped the hilt of his sword, his eyes focused on Lucien.

Lucien eyes grew wide in fear, and he quickly turned about, running away. "God
the man is crazed! I must find someone to help! I Must warn Rook!" he whispered as he
began his campaign back to Mileth....and as he did...he carried an extra shadow....