Sterne Remetsh

by Sterne of Dark Ages

It’s been five deoches, since I woke up in the Riona’s Inn, with foggiest memories about me. Though some say disagree, becoming an asling is both bless and curse; While you inhabit the spark of creation, past which once had been part of us banished as if there was no past belong to us. Many tries to find out, little accomplishes it. And most, forget about the past and go on. I also spent many moons under the candle light of Loures Library, trying to find out who I once was. But I gave up… and went on with my life as asiling.

For deoches, I was all around Temuair. I explored deep crypt of Mileth, cured sick child at Loures, rescued children of Undine, fought goblin and grimlock at Pravat cave. I went on with my life. Mundane praised me of what I have done. But I did not know where I was going, or what I am looking for… or where I was heading to…


Waking up from my thoughts, I looked up slowly.

"Are you alright? You look pale."

"I am alright.. This scent.. What is it? It smells so familiar."

A faint smile crossed her face. She pointed at the little jar

"You mean these cookies? They are made out of Rekh flower. It tastes as good as it smells you know? Here try some."

Having small bites of the cookie she handed me, I realized it’s already getting dark.

"Thanks, may I see her now? I have not much time."

"Why are you in such a rush? Time stopped five deoches ago for you, and a day or two will not make any noticeable difference."

Bewildered by the words from her, I looked up… so this lady is the one who people say "the gypsy who can read times."

"Don’t look at me that way, I had many people who gave me such looks.."

She picked up another cookie and handed to me. I still could not help myself wonder if she really is the gypsy for in her appearance, she just looked like normal girl. She glanced at me for a while, and sighed.

"Well… to tell you the truth, I can not tell who you were.. or who you are now. I am sorry but I cannot help you. Perhaps…"

Enough perhaps.. Many spoke of that word to me giving me hope that I might find the answer nest time. Yet here I am with another perhaps… I took another bite on cookie trying to stop myself from getting desperate.

"I am glad you like the cookie"

And she picked up the white flower, which she used as one of ingredient of cookie

"This is rare flower.. Ahh don’t worry and have another one, I know the place where I can gather it."

"These flower only blossom at full moon. There’s silly legend about this flower, do you want to hear?"

Without even let me answer she continued on.

"There was a girl, near this town whose name is long forgotten. She loved a man.. who was missing for a long time, and no one knew where he went.. Many believed that he died by monsters that lurk in the town.. Some comforted her that he will soon come back, but no one knew for sure. Deoches passed but this

stubborn girl kept waiting for him believing the man is not dead even at the very moment of her death.. Not long after she was buried, the flower blossomed on the hill of the town. It only blossom at full moon, waiting for the man to come back.."

She glanced me, and then she got up and picked up the basket.

"Ahh, what a romantic story eh? Well, the flower and the moon make such a beautiful scene at this time of the year. Why don’t you go and have a look, and bring me some flowers on the way back. I used my last one on the cookie that you are biting."

And without giving me choice, she threw me basket and went back to kitchen

"W..wait! At least you gotta tell me where they are!"

The hill where the flower grows wasn’t hard to find. Moon and flower did make such a beautiful scene. There was a grave, perhaps the grave of girl in the legend. People wouldn’t realize it is grave unless they take a close look at the text engraved. Looking the other side of stone, I found another text engraved. It was a letter from the one who’s buried under..

Dear Sterne,

Though there were times, that I doubted that you would come back, I never stopped loving you. I am sorry that I cannot hug you even though you stand right before me. Forgive me dear.. Some day, we’ll meet again. Promise me that you’ll call my name then ok? I’ll watch over you as long as the moon shines wherever you are. So when you see the moon, smile at me time to time. Bye for now, I missed you.



The sun was up high when I woke up. I rose up and kissed tomb goodbye. I kept walking and walking until I reached shore near the Abel. For long time, I sat there crying.. as if someone would come and comfort me… then I went back to where I belong.

After many moons, I went back to the hill, Flower has wilted for winter is soon to come. The grave looked alone without flower.. As I removed dust on the grave something tickled my ear. It was seed. I looked at it for a while, then planted it near the tomb, wishing that it will grow and blossom, and someday I’ll be able to call it’s name.