Biography of Yurei D'kaine

My name is Yurei D'kaine. I was born and raised in Mileth by my mother. My father left my mother when she found out she was conceived with twins, Yurai and myself. Ever since then, my mother struggled to raise us. I was born with hatred for this man, even though his very blood flows through my veins. How could he do such a thing? How could he be so cold-hearted to leave my mother with twins? I promised to never leave anyone behind.

I didn't spark as an aisling until the Fall of Deoch 62. Before we could plan out our future, Yurai had already become a priest. I loved the idea of healing and helping others, but I did not feel the urge to become a priest as my sister did. In the early Winter of Deoch 62, a warrior by the name of irony guided me. Before he did, we spoke of our past and our future goals. He wanted to become a Gladiator, while I just wanted to make ends meet. He smiled and spoke to the warrior avatar. I became a warrior.

Being a warrior was simple. Yurai would bless me with her spells while I attacked a Goblin. Hunting was simple with my sister because she knew what she was doing. After each hunt, we would visit the Altar in Mileth. Yurai would pray to the gods that every hunt would end safely and eventually, I, too, did the same.

Deoch 63 came around sooner than I expected. One morning, I woke up to find my sister missing.

"Yurai? Did you get up before me?" I remember calling out to my sister.

No answer. I did not think too much of this. Yurai was always spontaneous and adventurous. I got dressed and waited by the door for her return. The sun set over Mileth and the moon rose in the distance. There was still no sign of Yurai and I began to worry.

"Mother? Have you seen Yurai?" My mother was coming home from a hard day of work in the Mileth Tavern.

"Sorry, honey, I haven’t. Perhaps she went to explore and fell asleep at the inn?" I could tell my mother was trying to stay on the bright side. Her half-smile faded as she walked into the house.

I woke up the next morning from a nightmare. I was being attacked by a Goblin, and I called out for Yurai. She wasn't there behind me and I was surrounded. Gramail came to my rescue. He brought me to a safer place with a scroll he handed me.

"Young warrior, your sister is no more. She has gone, aisling, there is no use searching."

By the Summer of Deoch 63, I knew Yurai would not come home. My mother slowly drove herself insane. I found her in the Western Woodlands one night. She was going to commit suicide. I stopped her, and held her in my arms.

"Yurai wouldn't want this, mother."

She passed away a Deoch later. I did not cry because I knew she was gone the moment Yurai left us. I prayed that Sgrios would have mercy on her poor soul.

I continued my training and met a man by the name of Morocco. He was a monk a few Deoches ago, but dedicated himself to the path of the warrior. I admired the fact he was so willing to give up time to look after me.

"Hey," I remember him tapping me on the shoulder, "I heard about your sister. Maybe you should dedicate to a priest."

I thought about what he said. If I did become a priest, I would not have much of my warrior skills, but I would bring a piece of my sister back, even if it is not physically. Yurai would have been proud of me.

Morocco supported me and my decision. He was my mentor from the day we met. He helped me train until I was strong enough to become a priest. We walked up the steps of the temple of veil, but he stopped me.

"Are you sure you want to do this?"

By the Spring of Deoch 66, I became a priest. It was hard traveling and learning the ways of the priest on my own. Morocco traveled to Medenia and never returned to the lands. Once again, I was alone.

Jaylinn became my guide. She explained the life of a priest to me, and how it could be so rewarding. She handed me a few coins, some armor, my first Holy Diana, and left with a few words.

"Go out there and be a success. I know you can."

With her guiding words, I was determined to make a difference. I began going to classes in the Mileth College. After countless classes, I received enough education to enter a piece in the Contest Hall. I wrote a poem about the life of Mundanes. My original idea was a Philosophy piece on Mundane and aisling interaction, but I felt unprepared to do a deep piece that leaves my readers wondering. My poetry piece was given a Clave award.

I was satisfied with my piece. I knew I could do better, so I continued to take classes. While taking classes and participating in discussions, I, too, became a noble. I started judging pieces that were entered into the contest with honest, constructive criticism. I've watched aislings win awards, and others preparing to enter one. I loved spectating those with potential to be recognized.

I also watched the rise and fall of my guild, Sanity. Jaylinn was the leader. She invited me to join and eventually I was promoted to the title of Guild Council. I was excited to make a difference in her guild. Jaylinn's guild ceased to exist by the end of Deoch 65.

Since I never really leave Mileth for more than a moon, I decided to take part in politics so I could make a difference in the village I was born in. I ran for Respected Citizen, and later became a Demagogue. Politics was something I was happy with because I enjoyed working with those around me, and those who were passionate about all that is fair. My duty was quite simple; I kept the boards in Mileth organized, answered questions that younger aislings had, exiled criminals, and pardoned those who served their time.

Verran was a Burgess while I was in office. I looked up to him because he had so much knowledge of the system. Because of him, I ran for my second term as Demagogue of Mileth. He stood close by, encouraging me to continue as an official.

On a cold, winter night in Deoch 66, I made reflections on my terms as a Demagogue. I felt I was not perfect enough to be a role model for Mileth Citizens. I spoke with a few friends, and came to a conclusion. I was not going to run for Demagogue after my term ended.

Instead, I ran for Respected Citizen. I studied the laws anxiously every night. I wanted to be the best I could be. Cazbrileth assisted me in my studies. I set my mind on my one goal: to be a success. I was determined to make Cazbrileth proud.

If there was one thing I hated the most, it would be making mistakes. My mother use to tell me every aisling made mistakes and it was alright, but it was not enough for me. I wanted to be persistant in my work. If I made a mistake in office, I would put shame on myself.

"Happy new Deoch!" Verran attached a short letter on the discussion board in the commons.

It was a fresh new start for me and Mileth. I ran for Guard and started my first term in the early Spring. Now, I'm protecting innocent aislings and punishing criminals who break the laws.

I know it is still a long way for me. I dream of becoming a master of my path, and traveling to Medenia. I have had many goals throughout my life time, but my all time goal is to keep my dreams alive, and the dreams of my deceased family.

My legend starts with my dreams.