Seals of Darkness

By Chogal of Dark Ages


This work is a collection of the prophecies written by Altor Dubach. From what I can gather from his works, Altor was the first Minister of Chadul. And because of his early documents, historians can gather the most definitive information on the actual dates of events key to circumstances of the Eighth Aeon. Following the discovery of the element of darkness in Danaan 1703, the pathway to the realm of chaos was opened, making way for the appearance of the Dubhaimid in Danaan 1705. And with darkness spreading over the lands, the power of chaos grew, giving way to the birth to the being of ultimate darkness, Chadul, around Dannan1813.

However, this is all past historians have used his works for, a reference for events during this period of time. They found his prophecies nothing more than the ramblings of an insane man. But with the recent discovery of the monolith, the first prophecy in the reappearance of the dark lord, new consideration of his writings has come about. And I now share his life, works, their implied meanings, and the possible awakening of Chadul…

Altor Dubach

Altor Devon Dubach was born around Danaan 1785. Growing up, Altor was a divine worshiper of Grinneal, and took part in the clergy to the god of life. He devoted all his time and efforts into the church, and followed the ways of the world.

However, after the appearance of the dubhaimid, a gradual downfall in the church took place. The element of darkness spread throughout the lands corrupting the power of Grinneal, and weakening him. The faith in the old god waned, despite Altor’s greatest efforts to stem the downfall.

Than in Danaan 1813, faith in the Grinneal all but ceased. Without the support of followers, he began to decay and slowly died. Without the power of Grinneal protecting his creations, the darkness of Chaos slowly enveloped the world. The skies grew dark, and all time seemed to stop at the height of the solar apocalypse. The dubhaimid let out great cries with unearthly voices, and shook the world with terror.

And oblivious to all, Altor stood stolidly in his temple, praying with all his devotion to the deceased god. In his mindlessness, the temple fell to dust around him, and a great shadow appeared before him. Madness entered Altor’s mind and the glory of the great lord swept throughout his body. He had been a mindless servant to an uncaring god, but now, the true power that he was truly meant for filled his blood and opened his eyes. He was the minister of darkness, prophet of Chadul.

Altor lived out the next one hundred and fifty years of his life spreading the glory of
Chadul, and recruiting an army of darkness. Some say that his longevity was due to his pious faith in Chadul, and others say it was due to the actual meeting with the Great Lord. Altor himself never really speculated on the matter, as he never mentioned his own life span, supposedly taking it for granted.

Than in Danaan 1980, the Great Wars began. The forces of Chadul and Danaan ravage Temuair while Altor preaches on about the glories of the Great Lord. With the wars under way, Altor gathers his followers together and foretells the eventual defeat of Chadul. But with this, he also makes two prophecies foretelling a Second Coming of the lord of darkness.

Altor was said to have died exactly two hundred years after his birth. The actual circumstances surrounding his death are, of course, never mentioned in his writings. But, I have discovered an old tome to the possible reasons behind Altor’s death.

The minister has decided his time has come, and so he goes to serve the Great Lord in any way he can. On his deathbed, he rambles of a realm where the dead gather. He speaks of feeding off their very souls, which he uses to spread decay, death, and plague throughout the lands. The very idea shakes my soul, but I know that whatever the Great Lord has in store for the minister, will be well deserving of the service he has shown… (Unknown)

Altor was said to have died in Danaan 1985, the same year in which Sgrios, god of death and decay appeared…

The First Prophecy: Danaan 1984

As the world sways towards darkness, the gateway will appear marked by the appearance of those thought lost. The way within will be cast, and the creatures of chaos will begin attacking the seals holding them within. Mortals will enter the realm, and a great cry will be felt throughout the lands...

This prophecy clearly marks the appearance of the realm of Chaos. It states "as the world sways towards darkness, the gateway will appear" With necromancy swaying the balance of power between light and dark the gateway to the realm of chaos appears. "..marked by them thought lost." This obviously refers to the appearance of the druids.

The rest of this passage refers to the gathering of the components, to cast the spell, which destroys the guardian to the realm, or the monolith. With the spell cast, mortals are able to enter the world of Chaos and meet the dreadful powers within.

The Second Prophecy: Danaan 1985

The death of the last guardian will make a stir that will echo throughout the realm. The last seals will be weakened, and the Great Lord will stir within. The fragments of Chaos will be loosed, and the world will be wrent in destruction. The balance of power will overturned and the Ultimate Darkness will awaken.

The exact meaning of this prophecy no one can know, as it is yet to occur. But if one were to associate "Great Lord" with Chadul, and "fragments of Chaos" with the dubhaimid, than one can only foretell the awakening of Chadul.

Choose well the path you take, time is a circle that repeats itself.

Chadul, the Great Lord, comes.