Historic Legends: The Birth of Cail

by Dryst in Dark Ages

Ceannlaidir had long been scorned by Glioca, and he returned the scorn with ravenous wars across her precious lands. Destroying the lives which she held dear to protecting. However, deep down Ceannlaidir knew that the art of war could not fully prevail across the land with Glioca's protection over it. Ceannlaidir brooded for countless nights like an ever vulture over his prey, awaiting the moment of death. But Glioca was a God just like he. He knew she could not cease to exist, so the wheels of deceit turned in his head. To an ancient grove he travelled and searched out an ancient herb. The herb had been outlawed from use in Temuair, but who was to stop a Deity from procuring it. Ceannlaidir knew that the hallucinigenic power of the herb woudl allow him the time to trick Glioca. He would steal into her forest like a thief in the night and there he would lie with Glioca for one night. He knew of the fertility of the Gods and he knew she would bear him a child. He would return upon the child's birth and once again trick Glioca. The child was conceived and thus was born Cail. But Glioca would not be tricked twice. Ceannlaidir plan to control part of Glioca's power through the child would fail and he feared the child would upset his place in the order of power. Ceannlaidir denied any access of weaponry to the child and thus was born the art of the monk through Cail, from the unity of warfare and life, came a God with a unique understanding of the nature of Temuair.

Written by
Dryst Ravenshroud