by Dryst in Dark Ages


Contained within these pages is a translation of an ancient text that has been recently uncovered with the discovery of the entrance to Sgrios temple under near Dubhaim Castle. The text appears to have been written by a priest of Sgrios, named Grimorvis and is dated at approximately Danaan 2434, just prior to the formation of the League of Darkness. It seems to be an account of the purpose of Dubhaim Castle.

The account of the text is as follows...



The priests of Sgrios have been chosen as the ambassadors as death. The dubhaimid are not our servants but our kindred, they are the darkness, which lies in all of us. A reservoir of untapped power. Hatred, revenge, and spite are all part of the human nature and the dubhaimid have attained knowledge far beyond ours on how to harness this energy. North of Rucesion an island has been chosen to house both the temple of our father Sgrios and our kindred the Dubhaimid. According to maps this island has been previously labeled Farashyid (meaning place of fog). When the construction of our temple and castle is complete we will rename the island, the Isle of Man. For this is the place where man will evolve, be reborn into a new beginning. The Dubhaimid and Temuairan shall become one and this Island shall be the birthplace of that miracle.

Our contact Lady Dubhreal has informed us that Lord Tenes is occupied in negotiations on the mainland and that construction on the island will go undisturbed. Wizards from Rucesion are already being abducted for the purposes of sacrifice and slave labor. Their knowledge of the elements shall be properly chained 5th element darkness, when the time is ready. The core of this island is said to contain the planar void. It is here that a proper link to the underworld can be established but only the chaining of the 1st four elements to the 5th can create such a portal. The cavern must be completely devoid of what the Dubhaimid call the 6th element light or the planar void will collapse. I have included a diagram of the instructions by our Dubhaimid kindred.








A priest of each element must be sacrificed in those positions around the void and their blood poured into the void. Thus all elements within the cavern will become subservient to darkness. When the ritual is complete, it must be repeated every 8 days for 6 moons. Then the void will become a permanent link.

The construction of the castle over the void, which will be our link to the underworld, shall protect the portal from the meddling of servants of other Gods who wish to interfere, and shield it from the eyes of the ignorant masses. Yes, the new dawning will be underway, and the Isle of Man will serve as our gateway.



This translation is fragmented at best due to the fact much of it appeared to have been torn from Grimorvis' journal. No other texts found have had any mention of Grimorvis. Although, mention of the "planar void" he speaks of have long been the subject of tales concerning Dubhaim castle.


Translation by

Dryst Ravenshroud

-The well studied warrior