History of Sgrios

by Dryst in Dark Ages

Many Aislings of today believe that Sgrios is the end all of evil because he represents death and destruction. This however, is not entirely true. Death and destruction are merely an aspect or lesser counterpart of evil. The appearance of Sgrios dates back Danaan 1985 in the Eigth Aeon. His appearance coincided with time the first mortals entered into Chadul's realm. Chadul is in fact the source of evil throughout Temuair, not Sgrios. There are many historical theories as to why Sgrios' appearance coincided with mortal entrance into Chadul's realam but none have been confirmed. One of the more widely accepted theories is that Sgrios was in fact a mortal whose lust for power induced him to enter into a pact with Chadul. Sgrios would be the tool of death and decay and use it to bring a fresh harvest of souls to Chadul's realm, in exchange Sgrios would gain the immortality of a God. Historical research shows that there was in fact a man alive near this time period named Sgrios, but supposedly die prior to Danaan 1985 in an attempt to harness the power of the Dubhaimid. Another popular theory is that Sgrios is an abomination created from Chadul's first harvest of souls to the Underworld. Supporters in this theory site evidence that many of the first mortals to enter into Chadul's kingdom, were the most greedy and evil of Temuairians at the time and that a conglomuration of their souls created the Death God known as Sgrios. The final and least accepted theory about the appearance of Sgrios is in fact the son of Chadul. No evidence has been provided to show how he had been conceived and thus this theory is scoffed at by many serious historians. Today, even the followers of Sgrios know very little about his true purpose it seems. They know that with him death and destruction is represented, but many historians speculate that Sgrios is not wholly represented by this. Many who believe in his former mortality, also question if the being of Sgrios is in fact not of a Temuairian form at all but in fact only need to occupy a body of a Temuairian to exist on their plane.

Written by
Dryst Ravenshroud