The Mark of Cail - The history of Cail's birth and the wars of Undine

By: LatentAura of Dark Ages


Many moons ago,the God Ceannlaidir ravaged the lands with war and strife. As he harmed Aislings and aisling children, Glioca, goddess of compassion, called upon all her strength and love to heal the ailing world. Ceannlaidir, realizing that he could not dominate while she was calling upon herself to aid the fallen aislings, devised a plan to prevent her from having the fortitude to assist anyone else.

Ceannlaidir retired to his haven in piet amongst the drunkards and the braggards that were in the tavern, sat in a large wolf skinned chair and placed his hand on his chin. He pondered many ways to lessen the goddess' will. While watching a drunken warrior harassing a poor mundane lass, he decided that he must seduce her and fill her with himself to bring about a child. He decided that it would be best to take her a small clearing in east woods, far from the eyes of mundanes and aislings, under the guise of a dying Aisling.

He beseeched her to heal him, stating that he was near Sgrios' door. With all of her compassion she tended to his wounds and saw a spark in his eye that endeared him to her. "Oh goddess, Glioca, I praise thee", as he said this he kissed her cheek. Feeling that this Aisling was pure in thought and rightous in virtue she allowed herself to fall into the foliage with him, knowing that she would produce a child. As the diguised Ceannlaidir arouse from their passionate embrace, he shook his disguise and revealed himself to her. Her reaction was calm and subdued and this disturbed Ceannlaidir, as he hoped he would drive her to lessened state of mind. He left swiftly to determine what to do next.

Glioca bore Cail near the waters of Undine not far from the shrine that stands to honor him today. Cail was not a beautiful child as he was stricken with the ugliness of war and the hideous states of death caused by his father. Although not attractive to the eye, Cail possessed the compassion for the world around him and respect for the lives of the Aislings that his mother fought to save for so many moons. These qualities endeared him to many.

Word soon reached Ceannlaidir that Glioca had bore a son. Ceannlaidir was furious for he knew that this son driven with the passion of his mother and holding the strength of his father could strike him down. So Ceannlaidir decided to punish the child Cail. He stripped him of the ability to bear weapons for one fell swoop of Cails hand would bring Ceannlaidir to his knees. In his haste Ceannlaidir forgot to take Cail's ability to dominate. Thus allowing Cail to create balance in the world around him.

He watched as Cail caused storms and floods to stop his minions of warriors in their battles. Ceannlaidir could do nothing for Cail had reached full maturity rather quickly. Determined to keep Cail at bay, the god of war decided to plant spies in the town of Undine, spreading lies of terror to vulnerable, gullible Aislings. He felt that if the Aislings revolted against Cail, he would retire to the recesses of his mind never to be heard from again.

Cail understood what his father was doing and knew that it was the natural spark of his father's hatred and competitive state that was driving him. He spoke gently to the Aislings and mundanes around him in a quiet, hushed voice. "I am a child born of both love and war, one that has been born with a mark of both justice and injustice. I have been honest to a virtue. Do the herbs not replenish after snowfall, do the wolves and other creatures you need for food not reproduce themselves to furnish you with more food. It is I that has created this balance. I stand by my mother for she is virtuous and good. I stand by my father because he aids in the natural state of things. I am but a humble servant of the elements, the foliage and the beasts. If you wish to believe the lies that you have been told I will not beg for your forgivness. I will stand and do as I have always done, meditate, and furnish the land with the beauty of nature. Call upon your philosophers, your bards, your historians and ask them if I not speak the truth." With this being said he retired to his favorite shade tree and meditated.

The Aislings and mundanes of Undine, scurried about seeking the most learned in the town and surrounding kingdoms of Suomi, Abel, Rucesion, Loures, Mileth, and Piet. Devouring what knowledge they were given, the Aislings called upon the most noble philosopher in town to determine a solution to the revolt. Aeternus, the meek, approached Cail and watched as the silence of meditation befell this being. He spoke quietly to Cail, "Oh Cail, god of all things natural, I fear that my peers fear your father's wrath, they have lost many siblings, husbands, children, wives.... they fear that if they stand by you, they will lose more to his anger. Your mother, Glioca, oh goddess of compassion, cannot heal all of them.. they fear for their sparks and their lives... please help me in finding a solution to give them hope again..." he fell to his knees, hands clasped and waited for a response".

"Aeternus, meekest of mundanes but strongest in heart, bring me four of your Aislings and one mundane. One meek and compassionate, one stealthy and quick witted, one learned, one hostile and strong, all aislings, and one humble, unassuming mundane. Move swiftly sire, for a I fear there will not be much time."

Aeternus pondered this directive and went to work. He walked through town, remembering names, faces, and virtuous deeds. Beginning his travels he went to Mileth and sought out Phalpin the healer. Phalpin was ever toiling in Glioca's path healing Aislings and mundane alike moon to moon, barely resting. He spoke to Phalpin of Cail's request and Phalpin agreed to join him. Aeternus smiled. Taking Phalpin with him, he journied through the wartorn Undine that he called home to the kingdom of Suomi. There he found the sly one they called Mardos. Repeating the cause he in which he spoke with Phalpin, he requested that Mardos follow. Knowing that it was at the request of a god that he was chosen, he was sure that there would be wealth to gain, so he agreed.

The search for the other grew tiresome, Aeternus grew weary and feared he would not find those that were requested. Knowing that he could be killed, he risked a journey to Loures in search of a learned man named Anphonius. Anphonius was the most powerful wizard to be found in any kingdom. Studying and summoning the elements without much slumber, he proved most eccentric. Aeternus stumbled into the library, tripping over the books that were piled next to Anphonius. He spoke to him about Cail's request and Anphonius grew excited, "If I aid this god, I may learn more than I have ever learned in these books." He gathered his things quickly and said, "Sire I am at your call".

The last of the Aislings that was needed would be found in Piet. Aeternus disliked abuse of liquor but feared that if he did not enter the tavern, he would lose his chance to speak with the strongest of men. Peeking through a crack in the door, he determined that entry was safe. He spoke to Bella quietly and asked for a tankard of ale and carried it with him to Elwin. Elwin was a man tall in stature and stronger than 10 average Aislings. He spoke with a gruff tone, and had a brutish manner. Convincing this man to aid Cail would be the hardest of tasks, as Elwin was loyal to Ceannlaidir. Quietly, Aeternus spoke to Elwin explaining the task at hand. He thought about it and his ego got the better of him, if I aid the god Cail, I may prove stronger than Ceannlaidir himself. His eyes narrowed and he agreed gathering about him all of the armor he possessed he road with the others like he was entering into a battle that may end his life.

Aeternus, pleased with his choices, carried these four Aislings to his home in Undine and asked them to stay as he determined a suitable mundane for the last request. He journed to the recesses of the beautiful Sapphire Stream. He watched as a peasant mundane named Eusebius sat in quiet contemplation over starving wolf. Is this the mundane that I seek? So as not to frighten the young man, slowly moved towards the spot in which he sat. He asked the boy if he was hungry and the boy looked at him with disinterest and went back to his mediation. Aeternus wondered what could hold his interest and he turned to the wolf before the child. "Would you like to ask the god Cail why this wolf starves?". The boy looked at him with wide eyed amazement and nodded. Looking at the boy, Aeternus spoke gently and stated, little one, you must eat, for you have a long journey ahead of you, and bade him to eat a baguette that he had been saving. The child took a bite and gave a bit to the wolf picked himself up and followed Aeternus.

Pleased with his choices, he gathered up the five requested and sought the god Cail in his shady spot amongst the quiet whispers of the stream. Cail, was in the same state he was when Aeternus left him a double moon before. Cail already knew who Aeternus would choose as it was divine knowledge. He inspected the men before him and agreed that Aeternus did well. For his troubles, Cail asked Aeternus to sit with the rest of them as he spoke with such strength. "You five carry with you attributes and virtues most superior to the other Aislings and mundanes around you. I ask of you to venture into battle against Loures to cease the unnecessary deaths of your siblings, fathers, and companions. I realize that five of you against thousands is not such great odds, but I will aid ye in bringing peace to the kingdom. You will all bear my mark. You will ascend above those that try to harm you and bring peace to these beautiful lands of Undine. Healer I will aid you in healing by speeding the growth of cherries and grapes. Rogue, I shall call Luathas to help heighten your awareness making you impermeable to the most lethal traps. Wizard, I call upon Luathas for you as well, and ask that he share his knowledge with you. Warrior, oh warrior, I shall call upon the virtues that my father has bestowed in me, that you will be able to choose who you shall do battle with but give you compassion to not kill those already befallen."

Cail looked towards the child. "You have some questions for me don't you young one?" "Aye, I do. But, they can wait until you have done what you have needed." Cail smiled at the boy and said you, for your compassion to nature and honoring of the wolf with your starvation, I shall teach you the ways of natural world." With this he filled the young lad with a huge spark of light, taking from the mundane to the Aisling. Young Eusebius, you are now a monk. You will be the first to teach these ways to others. Eusebius, stood before him matured and graceful. "Oh Cail, I hope that I have learned enough to aid you in your struggles. I shall try to do your gifts justice". His humblness was Cail's favorite virtue.

"Join me young Aislings, I shall call upon the forces of nature to pour my mark unto your spark." As he meditated, a strong swirl of white light surrounded each of the Aislings one by one and ceased at a small fist like mark on their arms, burrowing deep to the core of them. "Now my children walk swiftly unto battle and end this strife that has befallen our land for too long".

The five Aislings bearing the mark of Cail entered into battle. Those that encountered them fell back in awe for their virture, intelligence, strength, honor, compassion, and wit was like no other they had seen. The wars that once conquered the land had now ceased.

Upon returning home, these five Aislings constructed a granite shrine to Cail at his birthplace. Honoring him for the gift of his mark. Taking their boots off they entered into his shrine out of respect for the ground that saved them. The townfolk, once doubtful, now revered Cail as most holy, gathering in the shrine to pray for his forgiveness. Cail shook his head but understood the sentiment. He spoke to the priests and priestess of town and said, "I am honored and touched by the gift. You should praise all that is natural on the quiet grassy place next to the water. It is there that would be most beneficial to you not this shrine that lacks light." The priests understood and held mass in the place deemed worthy ever since. Before Cail left for the quiet recesses of meditation once more, he promised the Aislings and mundanes of Undine, that in honor of the five that saved their lands from ruin, he would return once per deoch and seek the most virtuous of the five classes to bestow his gifts upon." The strongest of Aisling sparks have been blessed with the mark of Cail ever since.