Alternate History of Temuair
By: Lethalia Horidre, Priestess of Deoch, in Dark Ages


After almost a half-Deoch of meditation and many double-moons of almost complete silence and very little sight of me in Temuair, I will finally speak the truth of what I believe to be words spoken, and visions shown to me by our great father, Deoch. I surfaced long enough in the fall of this year to enlighten, or perhaps "endarken", ye a bit with my writings on Caroun. But was that enough? I held back many questions and discoveries in that writing because I feared the impact they may have made on the people of Temuair. That writing was very mild and would be only as is the prick of a thorn compared to this deep cutting history and revelation of Deoch, Chadul, and Danaan. This is the true test to open ye mind.

After much time of searching for a lost scroll of Hesperos, I have found it, and it only supports the visions and words that I believe were given to me by Deoch himself. Some of what you will find in this writing is either direct or indirect information written by Hesperos before he sacrificed his own life. I thought it was time for this true history after seeing the foolish children of Temuair attempting to reform the League of Darkness, with their goal being to awaken Chadul. I see even more of them turning to the fellowship of the pawn god, Sgrios, and thinking the whole time that he is an almighty god. Such blasphemy!

I prayed to Deoch for guidance in my decision and he said to me, "You're standing on the edge of the precipice. Yet if you jump, you will find safety in the clouds. If you turn back you will never be rid of your doubts." My father has answered my prayer and I shall follow his guidance and allow my tome to be viewed.

Let us start from the beginning of known time to fully understand all that will be laid out before ye. One of two things will come from this compilation. Ye will either deem me completely mad and null of all rational thinking, or ye will lose all faith in what ye have known to be true for so very long and be barren of any emotion or thought. If ye fear for ye sanity, close this tome and go back to ye daily chores. Read no further lest ye become as mad as I.

Not much of the first 9000 years of Grinneal is known at this time, and as far as I know at this point, this time line has nothing to do with my history lesson of truth I write about today. For this reason, I will leave out the time before Grinneal, 9000.

This tome will attempt to fill in lost time and answer questions such as:

Where was Danaan before the Tuatha surfaced in Grinneal, 32092?
When was Chadul actually born?
When and why did darkness and light actually originate as an element?
What caused the first unnatural death in Hy-brasyl?
When, where, and how did Sgrios originate?
Is Sgrios a powerful evil god, or created as a pawn by the will of Deoch?
What is the truth behind Deoch's actions in creating the Aisling?


Grinneal is formed, or discovered, whichever the case may be.

In another place unknown, another realm or plane incomprehensible to us, there was a powerful dark god named Chadul. He ruled over all the lesser gods with his dark goddess by his side. Although she was his equal, Chadul did not treat her as such. Her name was Danaan. Danaan grew weary of always being beneath Chadul. She longed for a new land where she would be a great and mighty goddess, out of the shadow of the King of Darkness, Chadul.

Danaan had a small band of followers whose loyalty was hers, and hers alone. They held Danaan in a higher regard than Chadul, no matter what the consequence may have been, had he found out. These followers were known as the Tuatha de Danaan. One night, as Danaan walked in solitude wishing for a way out of the world she was in, the moon rose, yet could not be seen. There was a very dark shadow across it. Danaan saw this occurrence as a sign of her own life and decided it was time to send her most faithful and trusted followers out in search of her new land. This journey started in about the year 5000 of Grinneal.

In about the year of Grinneal, 9000, the existence of Kadath and the gods within were discovered. During approximately the next 6000 years people wanted to learn more of these gods and their home of Kadath. As more knowledge was found, more sanity and reason was lost. Finally, around the time of 15000 Grinneal, all that had knowledge of Kadath had died. Amidst all the chaos within Kadath, brought about by the meddling of mortals, Glioca found herself seduced by Ceannlaidir. This brought about the birth of a new god, Cail. The gods closed themselves off in their home of Kadath and abandoned their followers. All prayer and worship fell upon the apathetic ears of the detached gods. The Aosda civilization withdrew into secrecy to escape the happenings they foresaw.

Danaan's Journey Begins

The Tuatha de Danaan searched for over 10000 years for a new home for Danaan. About the time of Grinneal, 15500, they came across a land, ravaged and falling apart at the discovery of their own gods. This land was known as Grinneal. The Tuatha's secret prayer to Danaan had begun. During Danaan's journey, the Tuatha de Danaan slowly and secretly introduced new ideas into the minds of the people of Grinneal. They needed to prepare the people for their new goddess of salvation. They also wished to bring the magic she was accustomed to into the land.

In about Grinneal, 26900, some of the secret teachings of the Tuatha de Danaan surfaced and so came the discovery of the four elements. Around this same time, the ancient Aosda civilization resurfaced. Perhaps it was out concern for the people of Grinneal, perhaps out of curiosity of the recent happenings and of the future. The Aosda civilization was very wise, yet the Tuatha de Danaan were by far superior in the use of their minds and were able to conceal themselves, even to the Aosda.

It was not until a very long winter, 5000 years later that the Tuatha de Danaan made themselves openly known in Grinneal. The following spring, 6000 years after the beginning of an exhausting and lonely journey, Danaan arrived in Grinneal. During her journey, by closing her mind to Chadul, and by hearing the prayers of her followers, she decided to leave the darkness behind and live within the ways of light. Being the goddess of the darkness, she knew much of the light. With her ability to destroy it, she also possessed the knowledge to create it, before now, she only chose not to. During her journey, she mastered the light and became almost as one with it. With Danaan's arrival, and her newfound aura, all seemed to blossom and the earth itself appeared to be joyful. So ends the times of Grinneal and begins the times of Danaan.

The Beginning of Danaan Dating

After her long journey, Danaan falls into a deep sleep that will last for a millennium.

In about Danaan, 102 we see the rise of Hy-brasyl. As Grinneal is slowly forgotten, and Danaan takes the place she had always dreamt of, the world is named Temuair, meaning earth-sea in the Tuatha's tongue. Time moves on in the seemingly perfect glory of Hy-brasyl. It was not until 800 years later that the Aosda civilization again foresaw the destruction to come. Once again the Aosda civilization withdraws into secrecy.

After a millennium of the perfect Hy-brasyl, in Danaan, 1023, one man was found dead, with no clues to his untimely demise. He was found as no other had been found before, a violent, sudden death instead of the familiar gentle journey to Grinneal. This opened the eyes of humanity. It led to things that there had never been a need for... curiosity, theory, and knowledge.

Until now, this occurrence had never been explained. Unbeknownst to Danaan, during her journey to her new land, her mind became vulnerable to the ever-searching Chadul. For one brief moment, she thought of Chadul. After over 1000 years of contentment from being out of Chadul's shadow, she wondered if she would ever wish to return to him. In this very short moment, Chadul had found her, scoured her mind, and plotted a course to reach her destination. Not knowing what he would find, Chadul sent minions out before him to scout this newly discovered land and to report back to him their findings.

Shrouded Darkness

In Danaan, 1020, Chadul's first servant reached Temuair. Fortunately, or unfortunately, this beast had entered Temuair in a place that had not yet been discovered by its inhabitants. It took the beast 3 years to find Danaan. On that fate-filled day, in the year of Danaan, 1023, Danaan decided to walk amongst the mortals. As Danaan made her way through the land, she left fresh tracks of her scent. At the unfortunate moment the beast caught Danaan's scent, one man saw this horrible being. His body quivered in fear and shock at the menace his eyes fell upon. In a split second, the beast drained all life from within the man's body without leaving so much as a scratch. The beast's perfection of death came so swiftly that the look of horror was still left lingering on the dead man's face.

In Danaan, 1102, Hy-brasyl was split. Brother turned upon brother, friend upon friend, all in the name of power and greed. Nature was now used for the sake of power over another, and bringing down those in opposition of one's own opinions. As these struggles of power were going on, no conscious mortal of Temuair could have foreseen what was to come.

At the ending of fall, Danaan, 1398 the first priest was recognized. Created would be a better term. In her divine wisdom and knowledge, Danaan sensed Chadul's presence for the first time in almost 18000 years. Out of fear and uncertainty of the future, Danaan blessed her most faithful followers with divine gifts and knowledge to help combat the forces of Chadul. These gifts were healing and the ability to call upon divine protection. In the time to come she would bless many more and allowed her most faithful to teach the ways of priesthood.

Soon afterwards, in the winter of Danaan, 1398, the first ill star was recorded in the history of Temuair. In actuality, this was not a star at all. It was Chadul's descent upon Temuair. Chadul watched Danaan from afar to see if his visions and reports were true. To his surprise, his dark queen was now a goddess of light. She had also gained much power and strength in her new ventures and had actually mastered the repulsive light. She was now even more powerful than he had ever been. After his tiring journey and surprising revelation, Chadul fell into a deep slumber. As the gods of Temuair realized what had begun, they resurfaced to try to bring faith and power to themselves. They realized that Chadul was more powerful than they were, and they knew what was to come. There was no longer faith in these gods, as they had closed themselves off in Kadath, where no mortal was allowed. In Danaan, 1399, the Temuairan gods began to gain faith and power from the people of Temuair. Unfortunately for them, by this time it was a bit too late.

In Danaan, 1409, following the lead of Danaan, the first wizard was created. There was once a god, named Draoidh, the god of sorcery and arcane knowledge, who would later be destroyed, and his essence bestowed upon Luathas. Draoidh gave the gift of divine knowledge and understanding, along with the ability to perform elemental magic, to his few most faithful followers in the hope that these wizards would later be useful in the upcoming fight against Chadul. He also gave these followers the ability to teach others the arcane arts. Unfortunately, this did not work quite as well as Draoidh had hoped, as this knowledge and the understanding of the laws of magic were twisted and used for greed. This brought about the elemental wars.

After only one year of enduring the beginnings of chaos, the wise men of Temuair fled in hopes of escaping the upcoming destruction. In Danaan 1431, the elements could no longer be constrained, thus came about the drowning of Hy-brasyl. As the elements assaulted each other, water, the strongest element, overpowered the rest. The sea came crashing down on Hy-brasyl in massive waves. Water formed in the clouds above to bring about storms and complete darkness across the land.

In Danaan, 1501, in order to bring faith and power to himself, Ceannlaidir decided to give the knowledge of physical strength, attack, and power to his followers. This brought about the first warrior. While Ceannlaidir gave this knowledge to combat the powers of Chadul, it was once again, as were the gifts of the other gods, used for personal greed and desire of power.

The Awakening of Chadul and Pure Darkness

In Danaan, 1700, Chadul arises from his slumber. He studied the land and vigilantly watched over the actions of Danaan. In this time, he never attempted to reach Danaan and kept himself well hidden. After three years of incessant study, Chadul decided to unleash his darkness across Temuair. In Danaan, 1703, through the secret work of Chadul, mankind discovered darkness, as the 5th element. At this time, Chadul also destroyed Draoidh, the god of magic. He did this out of fear that Draoidh would teach the mortals how to control the elements and other magic, so they would not allow things to get out of control. Danaan knew of Chadul's plans to destroy Draoidh and tried to save him. She was too late. Fortunately, she did arrive in enough time to capture the essence of some of his arcane knowledge and bestow it upon Luathas. With these happenings and the death of Draoidh, Chadul also completely altered the properties of magic law.

In Danaan, 1705, powerful, heinous, and never-before seen creatures, referred to as dubhaimid, were summoned from the darkness. These creatures were the minions of Chadul. As Chadul was the master of darkness, he, just as Danaan, knew of both darkness and light. By the favor of Chadul, these dubhaimid also possessed the secrets of life and death. In this knowledge came certain death of all whom were mortal. The dubhaimid created the underworld as a kingdom to their lord, Chadul.

Soon after realizing the depth of power the dubhaimid held, magic was generally prohibited outside the Kings' courts. The need for power and control surfaces once again. The element of darkness was restricted to those already in power, allowing them to stay in power. This also allowed them to attempt to overtake opponents in a dreadful quest for even more power.

It is said that in Danaan, 1813, Chadul was born. This is a misconception, as has been stated earlier in this writing. This is the time that Chadul chose to reveal himself to Temuair. If we look back in the writings of "Seanchas Temuair" we find that the dubhaimid "went through maddening motions, as if dancing to an obscene god..." That god was Chadul.

The dubhaimid harvested souls and sent them to the underworld to appease Chadul. In the death of these mortals, magic was used. The dubhaimid possessed the ability to capture the essence of the mortal and channel this essence to Chadul for power. This brought about the final decay of Grinneal in late summer of Danaan, 1813. These souls of unrest trapped in the underworld cried incessantly for help until their pleas were heard by Danaan.

The people were afraid and confused. In Danaan, 1815, the ones who were thought of as wise returned to the worship of Danaan. They were hopeful that their great goddess could help them to, at the very least, understand what their world was becoming.

War of Darkness and Light and Birth of Deoch

In about Danaan, 1980, Chadul took his first real step toward showing his power. He destroyed one of the older and unsuspecting Temuairan gods that is not remembered today. This god was Breitheug, the keeper of the gate between death and rebirth. With Grinneal being lost, there were not many mortals who even remembered his name. With Breitheug being destroyed, mortals would soon be able to slip into the realm of Chadul with no escape.

When Danaan sensed what Chadul had done she would not allow him to continue with his destruction of Temuair without a fight. This was the unforgettable legend of the war of darkness and light, the war of Chadul and Danaan. In order to be able to fight her, without hindering feelings getting in his way, Chadul severed from himself the part of his being that still longed for Danaan. So this part of him would not be lost forever, he gave to it the breath of life.

This newly created being was Deoch, Chadul's flesh and blood, his prodigy. Because of his very essence and his lust for Danaan, Deoch was now the god of debauchery. For the time being, Deoch was ordered by Chadul to refrain from involving himself with Danaan. Deoch taught his followers lust and sensuality, as it was all he knew. He had his followers hold secret, licentious ceremonial rites of ecstatic singing, dancing, and perverse acts, all in the name and honor of Chadul. The war now begins.

In the following years, the mortals of Temuair were afraid and confused. They did not understand why their world had changed as it had, since Danaan seemed to be prevailing over Chadul. Floods, hail, earthquakes, fire, and other unmentionable evil occurrences ravaged the land. With the destruction of Breitheug, the gate of death was closed and many mortals suffered unmentionable pain, despair, and destruction with no escape to be found. As they were unaware of the demise and even the former existence Breitheug, they looked for some explanation, some scapegoat to take the blame.

With the help of other gods and all the followers of Temuair, Chadul seemed to have been overcome by Danaan. In truth, Chadul lost his patience and decided to take some time to rethink his strategy in taking control of Temuair. This break was welcomed by Danaan as she knew they were both too exhausted to carry on. Just as she would rest, Chadul would need rest as well, so she did not fear him making more trouble than she could handle.

In Danaan, 1985, Deoch, in his brilliance created his pawn, Sgrios. Sgrios would be known as the god of destruction and decay. With the creation of Sgrios also came an escape for mortals from their current conditions of suffering. At this time, Sgrios took the place of Breitheug. Unfortunately for the mortals, this escape was just as horrible as the suffering they sought to evade. It was an entrance to the realm of Chadul. Sgrios was needed to maintain a balance in Temuair, and still is to this day. Without his organization of death and his control of destruction, there can be no new life. In this respect, he must maintain the sequence of beginnings and endings. If there is too much of one, it hinders the other. Without death, we would have no room for new life. Too much death would hinder life itself and Temuair would cease to exist. This does not necessarily, in itself, make him "evil". There is a cycle of life that must be completed, and Sgrios was created to be a part of that cycle. This does not constitute enough factual evidence that he is the sole, or even high servant of Chadul. However, Sgrios does play an important role in the chain of communication with Chadul.

In Danaan, 2398, as we are told in the "Seanchas Temuair", "the survivors of the great war of Danaan and Chadul 'gathered and balkanized'..." They longed for the lost glory of Hy-brasyl. Without the wisdom and discipline needed to find this true glory, they used the darkness to aid them. These divisions brought about more power and greed and the need to take control of other territories. The worshipers of Fiosachd prayed for assistance and Fiosachd blessed them with swiftness and undiscovered skill. He blessed them with the ability to find treasures that others overlooked or just did not have the means to find. His most faithful followers formed a secret society and called themselves rogues.

The Pact of Darkness

In Danaan, 2421, a powerful leader rose from the shadows to make, and lead, plans for the future. This was Lord Tenes. In Danaan, 2435, Tenes formed "a foolish alliance with six other lords and one inhuman thing", which they called the League of Darkness. For thirty-two years, the League worked on an idea of a bargain and began putting their plans in motion. In Danaan, 2468, Lord Tenes and the League formed a pact to unify Temuair. This alliance, called the Pact of Anaman granted the League a 1000-year life span. This pact was made with an agent of the underworld, so it also allowed the release of souls from Chadul's realm.

At this time, Sgrios was stripped of his power to contain souls in the realm of Chadul. This power was replaced with only the ability to leave physical proof of that soul being brought to the underworld. This was done by means of a scar and implantation of horrid visions and nightmares. With the creation of this scar also came a new loss to mortals. With each scar inflicted, a small part of their essence is channeled to Chadul. Sgrios was also given the ability to channel mortal essence to Chadul by other means. When we fall into the clutches of Sgrios and are wearing items that are magically enchanted, these items are destroyed for a purpose. When Chadul altered the laws of magic, he added in something for his own benefit. When we enter the realm of Sgrios, our items with magical properties are able to enter with us. These items are stripped from us by the Shamble in Sgrios' realm. He casts a spell on us called dia aiseirighadh, which loosely translated means the god of resurrection and destruction. Your body is resurrected, but in the process, your items are destroyed. These magical items have the ability to withdraw essence and sever it from your being. When they are destroyed, this essence is channeled to Chadul.

During the year Danaan, 2601, Temuair was divided into ten kingdoms. The Kings and Lords tried to create a pact of peace. Once again, out of greed, no agreement of peace could be reached. This brings about the beginning of the Dark Ages in Danaan, 2626.

Beginning of the Dark Ages

In the spring of Danaan, 2871, out of the darkness shown a new light, a new lord who followed the old ways of Danaan. His name was Ainmeal. It is rumored that because of Ainmeal's favor with Danaan, the ancient race of the Fae befriended and aided him in his quest to bring some sort of order back to the land. This is partially correct. As this wise race knew of his destiny, Ainmeal was raised and trained by the Fae from infancy. The Fae had always protected him. In battle, a glow was said to surround him and swiftness and grace were bestowed upon his actions, while his opponents suffered massive destruction.

In about the year Danaan, 2900, "Seanchas Temuair" tells us, "Ainmeal gathered with three kings to found the new capital, Loures on the great plain: Ardmagh. Tenes, the ruler of the city, and his allies went to war. His notable allies were: Suomi, Massai, Feasgar, and Glaaic." In 2903 the struggle for Loures begins. Lord Tenes and his allies dominated the beginning of the war, but this only pushed Ainmeal to change his strategy and fight harder. Ainmeal succeeded in turning the allies against one another. In the end, Suomi joined forces with Ainmeal and the war was ended soon afterwards, in Danaan, 2921.

Thirty-nine years later, in the winter of Danaan 2940, Ainmeal passed his place on the throne down to his son. In Danaan, 2986, when Aimeal's son died, a shaman-empress was elected to the throne. This election led to a lineage of the spirit that existed in the land before Ainmeal became king. Another war began and Undine was conquered by Loures.

For 5 years, the citizens of Undine prayed to Cail for notice and assistance. In Danaan, 2991, Cail shared his knowledge of nature with his followers. He showed them healing techniques and gave them the knowledge and ability to fight unarmed. This was the beginning of a new society who called themselves, monks. With the monks' new understanding of nature and the ability to fight without cost of weapons and armor, the monks formed a silent rebellion of Undine.

In summer of Danaan, 3130, the throne was passed on to the fourth empress, Ealagad, the "Steel Swan". Ealagad called together the other nine kings to battle the darkness, in search once again for the glory of Hy-brasyl. The spirits of Aosda were led to Temuair by seven beings believed to protect mortals. These beings were seven of our eight current gods. They were Cail, Ceannlaidir, Fiosachd, Glioca, Gramail, Luathas, and Sgrios.

Bringing these gods back to Temuair from Kadath brought about the start of the Shadows War in Danaan, 3058. This was a 100-year war against darkness. Although Ealagad and her allies were more powerful than the dubhaimid, who dreamt of resurrection, those joined in treaty under Ealagad suffered defeat in the form of plagues.

In about the time of Danaan, 3113, in the midst of the Shadows War, another event transpired. Deoch was said to have fallen in love with Danaan. If we look back in the writings of this tome though, we will see how this may not have been completely correct. Deoch, the god of debauchery, had a heart with no hint of concern of what was moral, or of anything that showed constraint and order. We are taught that Deoch was suddenly enlightened by the very goddess his lust burned so deeply for. We are to believe this goddess' fight against Deoch's father suddenly softened his cold, dark heart, and turned his lust into love.

Light Begins to Shine

Danaan realized the need for a way to combat the darkness. In Danaan, 3148, she quietly introduced light as the sixth element. After much time of practice and refined knowledge of harnessing the light, the dubhaimid were defeated with this element in Danaan, 3171. This was the end of the Shadows War. As time went on, wizards discovered how to contain the element of light. Beginning in Danaan, 3177, lamps containing light were kept within the walls of the more prominent cities to keep the darkness at bay.

In Danaan, 3292, Danaan sacrificed herself for the mortals of Temuair. Knowing all along that it was her that Chadul wanted, she knew what she had to do. She gathered the help of the other gods and the mortals of Temuair and declared another war on Chadul. This time, instead of trying to defeat him by ordinary means, she decided to destroy herself along with Chadul. Deoch would not let this happen, he found light within himself to keep both that he cared about alive. So, instead of death, with the use of all her will, she was merely able to put him to rest. In the process she was put to rest as well. Therefore this defeat took only three days. Throughout the long, cold winter, Deoch mourned the loss of both his father, and the goddess his lust burned so deeply for. With this action of trying to save Danaan, Deoch appeared to be carrying on her work and was held in the highest regard by her followers. This brought about the ending of the Danaan dating and the beginning of Deoch dating. But as we reflect, we notice there was no true defeat in this war. Danaan's selfless sacrifice and love for humanity keeps the light shining within our world. In the same regard, and with the nature of the attempted suicide/murder of Danaan and Chadul, the shadow of darkness still fell behind the light.

Beginning of Deoch Time

During the spring of Deoch, 1, feeling abandoned by his father, and knowing the only way to get back his object of desire, he started arranging plans to awaken them both. In fall of Deoch, 1, Deoch created the first Aisling. He gave this Aisling the spark of inspiration and the ability to use an imagination that had been hidden deeply in the minds of the Mundanes. With this spark, Aislings had the ability to imagine, inspire, and be inspired. He gave us the ability to think, debate, and gain knowledge never before imagined. He also gave us the ability to teach others and to learn from others. Perhaps this is why some believe that Deoch is the one who gave the element of light to humanity. This is not the case. The teachings of our gods and legends of our history often contradict one another. As Deoch had not yet truly understood the concept of the element of light, it was given to humanity by way of Danaan's great understanding. This time also began the Chaos Age

In order to bring up the true reason behind Deoch creating the Aisling, I must philosophize. What was it that actually brought about the fall and ultimate destruction of Hy-brasyl? It was curiosity. It was the uncultivated ideas and the inspiration to learn secrets which had never before been unleashed within the minds of humanity. It was those first thoughts of wonder, fear, and amazement, at the sight of that first truly noticed untimely demise. Is Deoch not our god of inspiration? Could there not be ulterior motives in his creation of the Aisling? In his divine knowledge of the darkness that lives within all of us, did he not have reasons more selfish than to carry on Danaan's name and work? Inspiration, curiosity, and ideas tore humanity apart and brought about the darkness once before. It may do the same again. Everything in life is a cycle and all cycles must complete themselves. Many cycles also repeat themselves as we have seen in the instances of war.

Deoch's two allies are Glioca and Sgrios. The choice of these two allies to Deoch becomes abundantly clear when reasoned with even the slightest hint of intelligence. They are the extreme two sides of the spectrum of light and dark. While Deoch is bound in body, soul, and mind to Chadul, he must also have the means of observing the other side. With this ability of undisputed observation, he will always know the intentions and actions of the followers of the light. The high regards of Danaan's followers proved very convenient and beneficial to Deoch. Deoch now knows all actions that transpire on both ends of the spectrum of darkness and light.

In Deoch, 2, the Atavism Age begins. After so much time without proper places of worship, the Aislings thought it was time to show appropriate thanks to their gods. They worked on plans to reconstruct temples of the gods. These plans would take two years to carry out. At this time, Glioca answered the prayers of her followers. Out of her infallible love and compassion for humanity, she granted her followers the ability to heal the lingering scars of Sgrios. Cail followed this action because of his great understanding of nature and natural ability to heal. Deoch soon followed to once again reassure his followers of his love for Danaan. The instant these scars are inflicted they serve their purpose, and it does not matter that the physical damage is healed. Of course Sgrios was unnerved by Deoch's gift. With this discouragement, Sgrios retaliated and graced his followers with their own special gift. He gave his fellowship the ability to scar Aislings and summon the creatures of dubhaim.

In Deoch, 4, the restoration of shrines of the Temuairan gods was complete.

In the beginning of Deoch, 5, Gramail decided it was time for him to be more widely known. After all the other gods had given something to their followers, it was now his time. With the horde of new Aislings entering the realm, he taught the knowledge of law and politics, in the hopes of creating some means of justice and peace. A political system was created and he allowed not only his followers, but also all Temuarians, to learn of this new gift. After this gift was also abused by Aislings, he decided that any Aisling who wishes to be active in politics, must live in Temuair for at least one full Deoch and study the meaning of law.

The Rousing of New Discovery

In summer of Deoch 6, the land begins to split once again. Out of lack of ability to come to understandings within the current political systems, many Aislings left Mileth and made Rucesion their home. In Rucesion, they were able to bring about their own laws and standards for living instead of conforming to those they did not agree to in Mileth. (Does anyone see a cycle being more clearly defined here, or is it just me?)

In fall of Deoch, 6, an event known as The Entreaty occurred. This entreaty was brought about by the discovery of a never before seen race in Temuair, the Grimlok. Did no Aisling question the sudden appearance of this race?! Phailin, the Grimlok queen pled with the Aislings for assistance in a matter that should have had nothing to do with us. She would have us believe that the Grimlok existed in the mountains for centuries while peacefully mining. It should have puzzled the Aislings that there could be mining going on for centuries without our knowledge of it. She told us they had discovered something special in the mountains, a "calling stone". This calling stone held the magical property of summoning familiars that were aligned in nature with the caster. She pled that the Goblins found their discovery and wanted to use it for evil. She begged that the Aislings help fight the Goblins from acquiring the conix fragments that made up the stone and therefore keep it in the hands of the good-natured Grimlok. How did we know the Grimlok were not evil as well? We foolishly took sides in the fight and helped our chosen allies. This began as a deep-seeded holy war of the Grimlok and Goblins and should never have been interfered with. Or should it have? She made this plea more enticing by adding a bonus. "By a show of our gratitude we shall let the Holy Object be used by the religion that aids our desperate cause." In fact, all religions are now able to use this calling stone by also using the faith of their god. At the conclusion of The Entreaty, Phailin also made another announcement. "In show of thanks to all Aislings, our Grimlok Workers and Grimlok Proles are digging a tunnel through to a mountain pass. Through it, you may reach Piet and then Loures. From Piet and Loures you may also reach Pravat Cave." Did anyone ever question this passage? How do we know it was for our purpose?

In winter of Deoch, 6, we hear rumors of more strange happenings. Reports of Goblins reaching the shores of Undine. Cyril, the Councilor of Loures had banned the presence of weapons in Undine. They said a rebellion must be avoided at all costs. Any Aisling or Mundane defying this order would be swiftly dealt with "for treason to Armadgh and defiance of the Court of Loures". Hesperos wrote a versed tale of horrible nightmares concerning the arrival of the Goblins. A very short time later, Hesperos sends out a message that his daughter had been kidnapped by a figure in the form of a wolf. He also mentioned tales of evil rituals of bloodshed performed at the beginning of the new year. Other children of the village of Undine were then reported missing. Hesperos then asked the assistance of the Aisling in rescuing the children of Undine. By defiance of the Court of Loures, the Aislings once again became involved in the strange happenings.

At the beginning of Deoch, 7, a newfound sacred area between Undine and Suomi was discovered. This sacred area known as Astrid is meant for sacrifice in the evil new year ritual known as Caroun. I was partially correct in my philosophy of Caroun, but I did not dig quite deep enough. I have found the secrets of the great hexagram in the center of Astrid. The hexagram gives the ability to summon creatures from another plane to fight with along side of ye. I had once thought this hexagram to be a ploy to anger our gods of Temuair. From what I have discovered, this hexagram is used for much more. There are six other gods that are unknown to us. They have been summoned by Chadul. For each creature we summon from their sacred hexagram the more strength there is given to these gods. By wishes of Chadul, these six gods will attempt to take the immortality and replace our current gods of Temuair to rule along side of Deoch and Sgrios. The foolish Aislings of Temuair used all the faith they held in their gods to summon these creatures. All of that faith has gone to these six unknown gods and they are gaining strength to this day because of the constant use of the hexagram.

As an end result of Hesperos' discovery, he gave his own life to save that of his child, Kalliope. It was thought they had gotten what they wanted, his silence, but I have proven them wrong. At the time of his sacrifice, a new star was noted in the evening skies of Temuair. This star is believed to be Hesperos, or at least a form or part of him. If not, then perhaps another god who watches over us. If it is, perhaps by the hand of Danaan. I'm sure that as of today she still tries to help Aislings from her slumbering state. As these gods still try to gain strength to overpower the gods of Temuair, the children of Undine are still in danger and will be for quite some time.

More Cycles Emerge

In the summer of Deoch, 7, the court of Loures became concerned with a horrible sewer problem. The sewers had become clogged and a dead body found. There was terrible concern over a plague breaking out. Jacqueline, daughter of Loures Councilor, Cyril had come up against a grave illness. There was not much time to find a cure for her. It was told that a strange flower called the Tulsi bloom could cure her illness. This flower could only be found in one place, yet another strange place never before heard of by Aislings. It was the Mehadi swamp.

In early fall of Deoch, 7, Cyril, Councilor of Loures was found dead. His body was mutilated in the middle of the night. Shortly after the death of Cyril, a pact was formed with the Rishi Mukul, the druids of the Mehadi swamp. They would allow Aislings to harvest their sacred flower in order to help Jacqueline in exchange for an offering at a ceremony of their dread god. This offering was to keep their god from awakening. The excess flowers were to be used to cure others of Loures suffering from the same illness as Jacqueline. (Cycles again?)

In late fall of Deoch, 7, Natesh awakens. Because of the harvest of Tulsi flowers to help Aislings, Natesh was not offered the sacred Tulsi bloom and became angry. It was said that the earth actually quivered. "Dubhaimid blacken the earth and sky in Mehadi swamp, Loures Castle, Piet, and Rucesion." The dubhaimid were fought and in the end, the Aislings won and the dark creatures were sent back to their own realm. (...Cycle?)

Very late fall, near winter of Deoch, 7, Jacqueline sent out a message to all of Temuair. She thanked all for their help in gathering the Tulsi flower that saved her life and said that the flower would continue to be used to help others. She offered a reward for all that helped. She, however, has gone off to help others in need. During her illness, she realized that it is her destiny to help others and not stay within the noble walls of the Castle of Loures.

As for now, thank Deoch there are no new events happening. It is spring, Deoch, 8, 1st moon, 27th sun, 5 am. As me mind begins to catch up with me guided hand, and the visions begin to cloud me maddened mind, I must depart...