The Forgotten Pact

Long ago, these Gaelic lands of Temuair were ravaged and broken. The great elemental war of Hy-Brasyl caused the great continent to sink to the bottom of the sea, forever lost except for a few artifacts and weapons left here today. After the war of Hy-Brasyl came the discovery of the dark element, the greatest mistake of mankind. Chadul, the god of Chaos was released and ravaged Temuair with the Dubhaim. The Dubhaimid creatures, born from the dark element, were so horrifyingly unnatural, that to look at one would give even the strongest of men nightmares to remember for the ages. At last, salvation from the darkness arrived. Danaan, goddess of everything under the sun came to protect her children. The tuthe de danaan fought to survive, and sent Chadul back to his underworld. This victory came at a grave price however. Temuair was ravaged and broken. The bits and the pieces of it lay about, and death was at every turn, in every sight. Temuair was almost destroyed by Chadul and his darkness. What would happen if he once again held a grasp on Temuair? Well, read on and find out how the foolish lust for power by mortal men summoned the dark god once more, and how it took 1000 years to battle it...


Ainmeal was a simple man. He was a small boy born into a noble family. He had everything he could have ever wanted as a boy: toys, pets, servants, but what he longed for was his father. He had heard stories of his father, a great man who was a warrior fit for a legend. He had often dreamt about talking to him, perhaps learning his skills so he could also one day be as good as him. But Ainmeal had never met his father. His mother, Andratia, said he died long ago in a battle against a strong enemy who she did not specifically name. He soon became tired of his life. Sure the local arch knight taught him fighting skills beyond belief and he was the best swordsman of his age. Also, the local priests had taught him how to be a devote servant to Danaan, yet he longed for more than this mundane life.


He left the small palace in Danaan 2853 at the age of 17 and set out for the far village of Niara. He trained there under the tutelage of Alendariel the Slayer, she she taught him how to fight, yet more importantly, how to win. He was 27 when he had completed all his training, and it was a sight to see. He was the best warrior or Niara and held his head with pride, and his sword with readiness. He was quick, yet powerful and earned him a rank as a top notch fighter in the Niaran Crimson Guards. He soon rose into power there as a Crimson Guard and became the Crimson leader. As the years passed, and his powers increased, Ainmeal still thought of his father. Every time he swung his blade, every time he closed his eyes, the thoughts of his father cam flooding in. Was he as good as his father? Who had killed his father and why? These troubling questions were interrupted by a loud crash and Ainmeal blacked out.


He awoke in a small damp room. He was chained to the wall and the only light came from a crack in the ceiling. He looked around but only saw darkness. He felt something brush across his leg, but his chains stopped him from swatting it away. He sat there, listening to the faint drip of water, then the cell door opened. There standing in front of Ainmeal was a man, dressed in black and silver armor covered by a dark blue cloak, staring at him as if he was some evil man who had murdered his children. He stepped in, his boots clanking against the cold stone floor as he walked. He kneeled in front of Ainmeal and studied him for a few minutes. Then he let a confident, let eerie grin cross his face.

"So, this is the great Ainmeal of Niara? I expected you to have put up a better fight when we stormed your camp and took your soldiers hostage..", The man said in a quiet, yet raspy voice. Ainmeal, still wondering what was going on did not respond immediately. He knew he and his companions had been taken hostage, but he also knew that they were only about 30 warriors and the townspeople. The Crimson Guard and the rest of the army had left for Finach to gather support for an upcoming war with the League of Darkness to try to end the Anaman pact. Then the shock hit him. This strange man with a scar on the right side of his face was not some arrogant general who took too much pride in his work. This was Tenes, leader of the Pact de Anaman, and responsible for the destruction of his hometown of Sarnath.

"Tenes?", is all Ainmeal could get out. Something about the scar on Tenes' right cheek was shockingly familiar and he knew he had seen it before in the back of his mind. Tenes grinned again as if pleased to hear his name recognized.

"Ah, so you recognize me. I am impressed Ainmeal, I thought that over the years you may have forgotten." Ainmeal, now thoroughly confused about what he meant and about why he came to talk to him, slumped against the wall. Tenes let out a laugh that seemed to shake the jail cell and walked out. The door slammed shut and Ainmeal was once again alone, having to face the darkness..

The dreams that came to Ainmeal were strange yet clear. He was in his old town of Sarnath and he was sitting at the gates. He looked over the gates, and on the distant hill, saw a huge amount of men standing there with weapons and armor. He ran inside his house and told his dad, who quickly ran out and rang a bell that called out many, many people from their houses, armed with swords or whatever they could find, to assist the Sarnath mages and warriors. Ainmeal could see the men from the hill break down the gates and flood in only to be met with the flame and fury of Sarnath. Yet they were many and quickly seemed to overwhelm the people. Ainmeal saw his father battling the men, killing them 2 at a time. Yet in a few moments he was surrounded with an archers arrow in his shoulder. Ainmeal ran to his father, knocked over one of the men and was met with a blade. It caught his arm and he fell over to dazed and confused from the sheer pain alone to move. Ainmeal looked up and saw his father grab a dagger from his boot and slit the man in the face, from his forehead to the bottom of his right cheek. The man now, writhing in pain, took his blade and drove it through his fathers chest. Ainmeal didn't move of flinch, but the man's laugh was cold and loud. He looked down at him and said "Ainmeal. Never forget true power child. The power of chaos will outlive the power of growth and prosperity any day." With that the man left, leaving the town within Sarnath burned and scorched and unrecognizable, even to its residence.


Ainmeal awoke once more to the cold, dark room. He had been here a year now and it was Danaan 2865. Always after the dream he thought was this a dream? Or could it be more than that? Is it memories? Ainmeal often pondered this, but today his thoughts were interrupted by the breaking down of the jail walls behind them. There was the familiar sight of the Crimson guard and the Niarian Knights. Ainmeal, too weak to walk was picked up by a man and carried out of the cell and into the wilderness. Ainmeal tried to see the man's face, but it was hidden behind the dark read helm,et like the rest of the crimson guard.

When they reached camp, Ainmeal was put in the guest quarters, along with the rest of the freed captured. Ainmeal received a quick explanation from the Crimson Guard general on how there was an ambush waiting at Finach and how the Finach warriors were held prisoners. Although outmatched, the Crimson guard overcame the ambushers and freed Finach. Finach had agreed to help us in our quest and it was only a matter of time before the Pact of Anaman was broken. Ainmeal nodded and closed his eyes to be once again flooded by the dreams of forgotten days in his forgotten past.

Ainmeal opened his eyes quickly, startled by the man looking over him. The man put a finger to his lips to signal silence. Ainmeal obeyed. The man sat down beside his bed and questioned him about his experiences. Ainmeal told him how Tenes looked and about the scar. The dreams remained silent, for now. The man pulled out a dagger and put is next to Ainmeal's head, so he could see it out of the corner of his eye.

"You mean this dagger?", the man whispered and looked Ainmeal in the eye. Ainmeal took and dagger and studied it. It indeed resembled his father's dagger from the dream but there was something missing. Something to do with initials. Ainmeal turned the blade over, and there carved into the cold steel read D.T.A. Death to Anaman. Ainmeal quickly looked at the man as if to yell out, but he once again put his finger to his lips.

"Shh. You need rest lad. We will talk in the morning.." With that the man left, dagger in hand and his helmet in the other. After the encounter, Ainmeal couldn't sleep. He stared at the straw roof and thought about the things that had happened to him recently. He thought more about his father and more about Tenes. He wondered what he would find out from the man who had just left. These thoughts slowly but surely put him to rest, and the dreams returned...


Ainmeal. Ainmeal! Ainmeal could hear the sounds of a faint voice calling him. Ainmeal... you have to get up. Wake up boy we have to get out of here. Ainmeal!

"Ainmeal!", the voice shouted, now right next to him "get your behind up!" Ainmeal shot up and looked at the man. It was the same guy from last night. "About time too. Look, we can't talk here. Come to my quarters." Ainmeal obeyed, still dreary and tired. The dirt path of the Niarian camp was dry and cracked, yet always seemed to guide you where you wanted to be. Ainmeal always thought philosophically when he was tired.

The house was make of logs from the nearby trees. The oak and marble fire place (With a fire lit) warmed the small house and gave most of the light. The sun had not rose yet and the rest of the camp was still asleep. Ainmeal turned to the man who now took off his helmet. In the dim light he could make out a few familiar features, but could not remember where. The man kneeled in front of Ainmeal and spoke almost in a whisper as if someone was listening.

"You knew who your father was, don't you?", he asked. Ainmeal responded with the stories he had heard and some recollection from the dreams. By now he knew that there was more to these dreams than just simple figments of his imagination. "So you know he carried this dagger?", the man said an he once again pulled out the dagger. Ainmeal nodded. "Back in the early days of Sarnath, there where nothing but philosophers and scholars. These people discovered the dark element and the great kingdom was destroyed from within. Many many years later, after the god of chaos Chadul was banished to the underworld, Sarnath was again reborn. Now we go ahead farther. Chadul once again has his hold through the world using the League of Darkness and the Anaman Pact. Tenes is this link, and he has to be stopped. For many years, your father fought this tide of evil. Tragically, he died and was lost. But, you have to brace yourself for this, your father did not simply die. He fell into Chadul's realm where he came face to face with the dark god himself. Chadul manipulated and twisted his thoughts and memories. Now your father has returned to this plain and has helped form the Anaman Pact. The is the lord of Suomi and is one of the 6 lords in the Pact with Chadul. We, the Niarians, are going to assault the League soon, in the next moon, and once again restore Temuair to its former glory. We will need you and your skills. If you say yes, you may have to fight your father. If you say no, I will understand"

"If I have to kill my father to save Temuair from Chadul.. So be it. I have seen you before, somewhere, but I cannot place my finger on it. Who are you and how are you in possession of that dagger?"

"I am Drezicius, former first lieutenant to Azekiel, who is now known as Lord Suomi. I spoke with him just before the great battle at Sarnath that claimed his life. After he died, I collected his dagger, vowing I would drive it through Tenes' black heart." Drezicius handed Ainmeal the dagger. "Take it. It is for you to avenge your father, not me. Remember, the man who is Suomi is not your father, he is a shell that contains pure evil. Free him from his misery. The slightest show of compassion towards him could end your life." With that Ainmeal left, with a lot to think about and a lot more to do.

The battles of the armies of Ainmeal and Tenes were furious. Ainmeal was outnumbered, but had the Crimson Guard and Niara behind him. He had been fighting Tenes for about 5 years now and had already formed the capital of Loures. He knew the time would come when the war would peak, and only one of the sides would stand tall. Ainmeal was said to have been protected by Danaan and the Fae and seemed to glow as he fought. He beat out 3 of the 6 League nobles. Now it was time. Marching across the hills and valleys was the Army of Suomi. Drezicius stood beside Ainmeal, sword ready. Of all the nobles, Suomi was the most potent and powerful. As the 2 sides became ready to clash, they got ready. Swords held high, shields held in front and pride suppressed, for confidence can kill you in a war. The 2 sides came, nearer and nearer. Death would be most certain for both sides. The determination of the faces of his army drove Ainmeal on. The 2 sides now just meters away from each other slowed down the pace. Suomi's side suddenly halted. Ainmeal called for his army to do the same. Is this a trick? he thought. Why are the halting? We should be killing each other by now. A man in black Talgonite armor stepped forward. Ainmeal recognized him instantly. Ainmeal tried to focus but could not. The man was his father, yet it wasn't. The loving once gentle look was cold and his eyes glowed like red hot coals. Lord Suomi stepped forward, in front of Ainmeal and looked him in the eye. His eyes cold as steel then turned to his former lieutenant. Even Drezicius was shaken by this. Suomi made a sudden movement that got a gasp from half the army, that sounded like a 2 second hurricane. Nerves were on edge. Suomi took the dagger from Drez's pocket and looked back over to Ainmeal.

"So, son.." He croaked then sneered. "Are you going to kill me or stand there and wait for me to kill you?" Ainmeal readied his sword and was prepared for Suomi to strike. "What's wrong, do you not recognize me? I am surprised. I was sure you would remember your father." With that Suomi made a quick movement with his hand and Ainmeal felt a quick jab of pain on the back of his head. Was he dyeing? What did his father just strike him with? And what was that sound? Ainmeal realized that both armies were laughing. Ainmeal had just been slapped "upside the head" by his father. "Come here you" His father hugged Ainmeal, almost breaking him in half. Ainmeal shocked by all this saw a relief of look on Drezicius He looked over and saw the 2 armies embracing each other as if long time friends. He then realized his father was still hugging him and that he needed to breathe. His father let him go and smiled. The odds had changed. Anaman would fall..

The feast was a good one. This was more a celebration before the outcome. Suomi and Niara along with Ainmeal and his father Azekiel. They feasted, told jokes and funny stories. Played music and sang songs until dawn. When dawn arrived they packed up their items and headed out to the fields of battle. Tenes and the remaining members of the Pact remained.

Tenes' army was stronger than expected. They were viscous and ruthless in their acts. It was a bloody battle and one to be remembered. The Crimson Guard cut down the first wave of the army, but the second was much more powerful. They Niaran Knights and Finach warriors gathered and assisted. Ainmeal and his father also fought along side each other Their skills honed into perfection. After a battle that lasted 4 days, only Tenes and two of his generals. Commend the pact for loyalty, the generals dies instead of leave Tenes. Tenes, not thoroughly enraged, drew his sword. The blade was smithed of pure Hy-Brasyl and Talgonite with strange gems that gave it magical properties. This blade was called the Fallen Angel. Tenes slashed at the army wildly. Although alone, no one dared go near him with a magical blade such as his. Ainmeal's father drew his blade, known as the Shadow Slayer. The Shadow Slayer was smithed in Aosda and had somehow gotten into his hands. Finally, Ainmeal drew his Draco Fang blade. This was a Niaran blade forged with long forgotten elements. Then the final battle began. Tenes had a strong blade indeed, and fought off Ainmeal and Ezekiel for quite some time. But in the end, it was Azekiel who drove the dagger through Tenes' chest. The pact was broken, and Temuair was free. Azekiel said one last final good-bye as he faded from sight. He had avenged his death and met his son. Ainmeal went on to become the first emperor of Loures. The pact broken and Temuair safe. But was the pact broken? There are rumors of the Anaman Pact reformed in Temuair today. Will history repeat itself? Can Temuair handle another great war such as this? Perhaps we will see soon enough.

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