The Journals of Tenes
By NitroTFD in Dark Ages

The following is the chronicals of Tenes, the man responsable for the
Anaman pact, and for the league of darkness. I discovered his journal one
time while walking through Loures. I walked into the bedroom and was pulled
into some sort of maze by a dark force. I ran as quickly as my legs could
carry me to find an exit but I ran directly into a Dumbhaimid creature. It
grabed me and threw my speeding into the wall. I beleived that I was going
to hit it with a thud and end my life there, but I smashed right through the
decayed wall and enden up in a small corriddor that lead to other corridors,
much like a catacomb of some sorts. I ran through corridor after corrador,
as fast as my legs could carry me. I stumbles on what I believed was a rock.
Laying on the cols stone floor, I looked back I saw it was an old tarnashed
book. I opened it up to see the Journals of Tenes from the day he arose to
power. This it what was enscribed...

Danaan 2421; 3rd moon; 9th sun: Today is my day of glory. I have taken my
rightful place among the people and I shall rebuild this land to its once
again glory. Hy-brasyl shall live on and I shall do it by any means. I have
gained a lot of trust among the lords Adriel and Gratralie. I still am
trying to get favorable notice among the lord Malakros however.

Danaan 2421; 12th moon; 36th sun: I have gained favor among the lords of
these lands and I have gotten more respect from the people. There are still
those who toil with the Darkness element for power, and I write in here for
only its reader to know that I have used this element many times to conquer

Danaan 2435; 5th moon; 15th sun: Today I have created an alliance that will
be called "The League of Darkness. I have created a kingdom with the 6 lords
Adriel, Gratralie, Malakros, Jamocrias, Tobias and Suomi. Together we shall
create an order of peace. We will rule with an iron fist and create peace
within Temuair. Our name, I am not pleased with, but Suomi assured me that
it is only to scare away enemies that would dare threaten peace.

Danaan 2437; 9th moon; 27th sun: There is some friction among the lords of
the League. They want seperate lands and they do not with to make Temuair
one place. This troubles me and I will try to see to this. I will write
anything interesting that occurs.

Danaan 2440; 4th moon ; 12th sun: Adriel slaped Suomi in the meeting today,
I got a kick out of that. I found this diary in a pile of old books and
decided to coninue my journals.

For over 20 years he described the growing annoyance among the lords anf
their space needed. He describes how his age is catching up to him and how
he will never be able to return Temuair to what it once was. Let us continue

Danaan 2468; 2nd moon; 6th sun: By the grace of Danaan what are we doing!?
We have created the Pact of Anaman. We will live for a thousand years, but
how could we become so evil as to accept help from Chadul himself? I am
wondering if we bring the rebirth of Temuair or its demise. I only agreed to
it if dead could now be able to leave Chadul's realm. Chadul himself spoke
to me and thus, we have formed the darkest alliance in Temurian history...

Danaan 2600; 1st moon; 3rd sun: Not much to write, just adding that the
pact worked and I am now 200 years of age. Friction grows stronger and we
plan to split Temauir into 10 kingdoms to release this anger. I hope this
works, may Danaan forgive me for the pain I have caused.

Danaan 2601; 10th moon; 30th sun: We have begun to split up the lands
around us. Soon temuair will be in 10 diffferent pieces. I have forsaken
Danaan for she has done nothing for me. Chadul is who I now worship. I no
longer want peace, but I want to return Temuair to its former glory. I will
destroy Temuair before I let these pathetic excuses for lords rule it.

Danaan 2626; 7th moon; 21st sun: The land is fully split into 10 kingdoms.
These times will be recorded as The Dark Ages of Temuair. This is only to
keep them at bay. Once they start wanting more power, they will destroy
eachother while I rebuild this land. Hy-brasyl will once again awaken, and
it shall be as powerful; as ever, for I shall be at its helm.

Danaan 2800; 1st moon; 3rd sun: As I expected, the kingdome hunger for more
land and they threaten each other with war. It will be soon when the threats
become actions, and the actions bring me closer to my dream.

Danaan 2846; 8th moon; 24th sun: I have received word that a new lord
defies me. This new lod is named Ainmeal and people say he is guided by
Danaan herself. He is a usless threat that will periish when he become too
much of a neusanse. His blood will run like the tears of lost souls when I
decide to end his life.

Danaan 2871; 11th moon; 33rd sun:  It seems I have underestimated this new
lord for he has a decent sized army to battle me. I have lost a few allies,
but thus far, he has none and my armies will destroy him...

Danaan 2903; 1st moon; 3rd sun: Ainmeal has founded the capital of Loures.
I only have Suomi, Feasgar, Massai and Glaic standing by me in this war, I
will not this miserable little vermin destoy my chance to revive Hy-brasyl,
not until I lay on my death bed. Suomi is the last of the original Leagaue.
War is upon us and ye shall face my wrath!

Danaan 2915; 4th moon; 16th sun: We are winning this war and we shall
continue to do so, as I have predicted...

Danaan 2918; 12th moon; 26th sun: Our allies have split apart and we are in
trouble. Suomi and I are in an arguement, Massai and Glaic refuse to work
with each other and I am running thin on soldiers. Curse the name Ainmeal!

Danaan 2921; 3rd moon; 9th sun: This is to be our last battle.
Treacherous Suomi has joined Ainmeal and his 3 allies. Massai and Glaic have
been assasinated and I am left alone with a small army to defend myself.
This will not stop me. I will reach from death itself before I let him
destroy the memory of Hy-Brasyl. I can hear them at my very door at this
moment. From this moment on I curse Danaan, Loures and Suomi. Danaan shall
die in a few hundred years from now. So I have seen it, so it shall come to
pass. Loures and Suomi will never again find peace within eachothers
embrace. This war will once again be relived soon after my death, but the
Dubhaimid shall replace my army to battle Danaan. Finally...I shall return.
I draw my sword for they will enter my room shortly...

The rest of it is smudged and blood stained. I beleive this is the lost
journals of Tenes and I may soon put it in the Loures Library. His
predictions did come true. Danaan sacrificed herself in Danaan 3292. Suomi
now rejects Loures and will not allow their ways. The Shadows War was fought
and it was Danaan against the Dubhaimid. His return to this realm has yet to
be seen. If he does return, he will seek vengenace upon us, and so I pray
that he does not.