The League and its Pact of Anaman

by Rookerin in Dark Ages


1. The songs of the Bards.


When most think of Lord Tenes, few people picture a babe locked in a mother's arms. I freely admit that the man that grew to form the League of Darkness, and to sign the pact of Anaman among many other things, indeed started out as innocent as a newborn.

In this section of the history of the League, I mean to Impart the truth of Tenes. I do not try to justify his actions in our history -- rather I wish to correctly state his past so that you may understand the truth of his life, and not have to rely on the theories of historians and what they would like you to believe.

His name was Dorch ( do-reg-io ) Tenes, which loosely translates to 'The Breaking of Darkness with a tight grip.' Tenes was born in Danaan 2391 to an adequately well to-do family. They were located in the plains of the Loures kingdom -- quite close to Piet. Little is known of his adolescence other than we can say that it was indeed quite normal.

During this period of time, the world was still in the grasp of turmoil over the war of Danaan and Chadul. Although it was decades after the battle of Light and Darkness, its effects still weighed heavily on Temuair. The scars were quite evident on the people, as they listened to the bards sing pleasantries of a land known as Hy-Brasyl by the night fires. The people dreamed of the land of Hy-Brasyl, and in knowing they could never see such a blissful place, they closed their eyes and cried until Chadul offered them sleep.

It was not a pleasant time, to say the least. Meaningless battles were fought for ideals that had long left this land, and in the end Temuair was torn asunder. The kingdoms split into many pieces, and all hopes of ever retaining the former Glory of Hy-Brasyl left the bards’ songs.

This turmoil continued until the year of Danaan, 2419. It was in this year that a small battle changed the thoughts of many men of Temuair. The site of this battle was in Piet, a city of the Kingdom of Loures. In these years Laurel suffered from an ill-formed government of men that cared little for the people and more for their purses. It did not take long before Loures proved its folly. In order for the Louresian politicians to increase the size of their purses, they dismissed the guards of Piet in hopes of saving a bit on their wages. Little did they know that Rucesion had been watching them closely, and seeing Lourel's current act of foolishness, they acted swiftly, sending all their armies into Piet in hopes of gaining it as their own.

It was at this time that Dorch Tenes made himself known. With the armies of Rucesion nearing, Tenes walked down the streets of Piet, his dark, black mane trailing down his back. He called out to his friends and the townsfolk. They came slowly, as they were scared of the battle that was to come. His dark coral eyes glistened as he addressed them with these words.

"I will 'not' allow our city to fall to Disgrace. I swear to all you of Piet, and Temuair, follow me, and I will lead you to Hy-Brasyl! "

This simple phrase. This simple phrase took hold of the people of our land. Though it was only spoken to the townsfolk about him, word spread to all the kingdoms. The bards began to sing of Hy-Brasyl again, and of Lord Tenes, the one that would be the savior of our land.

Tenes lead the simple townsfolk of Piet against the Rucesion forces, and though their numbers were small, something magical held the charisma of Tenes. I doubt many took the time to think of what inspired him, what gave him the power to lead them against the full army of Rucesion. Maybe we will never know. To make this story short, he defeated their armies, with only minor damage to the city of Piet. The battle is considered a mystery to this day, but there was no time to consider these things. In two years, Danaan 2421, The bards would sing of Tenes’ rise to power.



2. Rise of Tenes.

Danaan 2419 - 2421. These are the years that changed Tenes. It is in this time that he gained the reputation that is often heard of in his legends, the man of unstoppable ambition, and the power monger, the one of the 'firm grip' . In these few years, the bards sang high praise of him. Their songs spoke of the savior of Temuair, 'The one that would return us to Hy-Brasyl.' Most men enjoyed him, and he was said to be a jolly fellow who loved life. He helped unite Loures and Rucesion despite their hatred, and in time Feasgar and Glaic joined in the hope of a returned Hy-Brasyl. Despite his triumphs in uniting these 4 kingdoms, no other kingdom would join his union.

Lord Tenes began to change after it was apparent that the other kingdoms of Temuair would not join his union. Most feel his reason for changing was his inability to live up to the name that the people of the land praised him to have. He was to be the one to reunite 'Hy-Brasyl,' the land of light. He grew quick to anger, and to whisper insanity that his servants began to fear. He was no longer a man of peace, rather, he was a man of rage.

During his 'Period of Madness,' if you will, he was said to have spoken to one of the Lords of the Union. Who asked him in private what his plan for the future was.

He replied with hazed eyes:

"I...Don't know what to do anymore! I have a chance, there is one way we can still bring peace to our land -- but at what cost? (Pause) I will make the deal, Please forgive me my friend."

Little is known of what happened at that time to Tenes. It is said a dark ominous cloud that was prophesied by wise men, slowly bellowed from the northern sea, blanketing the land of Temuair. The wise men spoke of prophecy concerning a 'Dark Star' and how all other stars would hide in fear during its coming. With its appearance the bards sang of dark times in a land without a hope of Hy-Brasyl's glory.

During the shadow of the prophecy, Tenes disappeared from the public. It was not until the spring of Danaan 2420, that Tenes broke his confinement and confronted the people of his land. It was at this time that Tenes announced his marriage to the Lady Dubhreal, (Whose name translates to 'Dark Star'. ) Upon announcing this, the clouds began to fade from the sky, brightening the land, and all rejoiced in Lady Dubhreal and Lord Tenes' marriage.

Lady Dubhreal, from all recollection, was said to be a gentle, sensuous beauty. Her ebony tresses curled about her slim hips, complimenting her pale skin. All men that saw her came to love her beauty, as no one was said to be more beautiful.

The bards began singing songs of joyous relief due to the loss of the dark cloud that had taken their sky, but these songs of happiness did not stay with them long. A startling announcement brushed the town crier’s lips not days after the royal marriage. Lord Tenes announced a declaration of war against the six other kingdoms of Temuair.

The other kingdoms did not stand a chance. Lord Tenes armies were nothing the world had seen before. In the past, he fought wars with his honorable warriors. But now, his wars were fought by dark magics and twisted dubhaimid fiends. It was noted that not once did Lord Tenes personally lead his battles. In all the wars his wife, Lady Dubhreal led his forces. The dubhaimid seemed to follower her, and her dark magic was strong.

It was Danaan 2421. A year and a half had passed since Tenes announced his war on all the kingdoms, and now that war had come to an end. The dust settled on the battlefield and Tenes held all the 10 kingdoms as one. He had lived up to his name. He united the land as Hy-Brasyl, or what he thought was the land of light. His ambitions to live up to the name he was given by the bards and people of Temuair became his undoing. For he had not created a land of light, but had dealt with the likes of Chadul, and had married himself to darkness.


I will leave this chapter of the League and its pact of Anaman, with the phrase I wrote earlier from the lips of Tenes.

"I...Don't know what to do anymore! I have a chance, there is one way we can still bring peace to our land -- but at what cost? (Pause) I will make the deal, Please forgive me my friend."

If only they knew the truth of the Dark Star.



3. The League of Darkness

Was Fear Tenes' greatest ally, or worst Nightmare?

Dorch Tenes no longer lived. Only the shell of that man exists, his soul was gone, it was occupied by something darker and more sinister. Lord Tenes now owned the world, but his goals were no longer that of seeking the restoration of Hy-Brasyl. He now sought only power and control.

The year was Danaan 2435. It had been 14 years since Tenes rose to power. Tenes ruled with tyranny and all the people of the land were beaten into dark submission, and forced to follow his rule. The bards of Temuair had left their trade due to despair by this time, and would not return until the rebellion of Ainmeal.

These past 14 years Tenes had been constructing the capital of his kingdom in Loures. It was a walled fortress whose foundation was said to be impenetrable by even the Gods themselves. Why did he build this fortress, some have asked? The most speculated reason is that he feared. He feared not only the people of his land that served him, and the fact that they might form a rebellion against him, but he feared the real Gods of Asoda, and their wraith.

With the fortress' completion due in the spring, Tenes began the next phase of his plans, the League of Darkness. Tenes had grown wise in his years, and knew that no one man could easily control all of the world. Tenes constantly feared that an uprising might start against him, that one of the Lords of his kingdom would turn against him and spark a war. He had to form a stronger alliance with the lords that led the kingdoms in his world.

At this venture in my telling of this history, I choose not to write much of the identities of the Lords who joined the League of Darkness. Six lords and one Unspeakable horror joined the League, but I would rather not speak their names, for many of them were good people, despite what Historians may wish you to believe. I will speak of one, however, because you the reader of this history deserve to know why these men are not all at fault. I will speak of the ruler of Rucesion (though at this time I will not speak his name ). :

The current Lord of Rucesion had refused to join the 'League of Darkness' that Lord Tenes was constructing. It seemed like a foolish venture, he had already sworn loyalty, and did not wish to partake of anything that symbolized 'darkness'. Later in the summer of that year, Lady Dubhreal, wife of Lord Tenes came to Rucesion on business of the state. Though the legends of her power scared children at their bedside, upon seeing her all shivers left the body to be replaced simply by adoration and love for such a beautiful women.

When her boat came to rest against the port, a strange phenomenon occurred. Magic left the kingdom of Rucesion. No one could explain this occurrence, though the Lord of Rucesion knew in his heart that the 'Dark Star,' Lady Dubhreal was behind this loss.

Months had gone by and the magical energy of Rucesion had yet to return. This was a unbelievable loss for Rucesion, who was once known as the ‘Kingdom of Magic’. Rumors spread wildly about the Lady Dubhreal, and how she was half dubhaimid. It was not long before the Lord of Rucesion heard these rumors and he could no longer stand it. He called for a meeting with the wife of Tenes who still was residing in Rucesion on, 'business'. His mind was set -- he was going to command her to leave his city, but, upon seeing her, such a symbol of beautification, his jaw stood clenched. He could not command her to leave! Like all others who had seen her, he could only find it in himself to stare upon her in a stupor.

By the time she had left his office, she had agreed to leave the city, and the magical energy of Rucesion again returned. It was also this time that the Lord of Rucesion entered the folds of the League of Darkness. The Dark Star had made her trade.

All of the six lords have different stories, and I can easily say that two of the six agreed without hesitation, for their hearts already belonged to Chadul. But it did not matter, for all that joined the League became followers of Chadul, in the end.

The league contained all of the 10 Kingdoms : Mileth, Rucesion, Loures, Suomi, Gear Inbhir, Niara, Massai, Feasgar, Glaic, and the dark Isle of Man

It was soon after the formation of the League that the pact was made.



4. The Pact of Anaman.


The final step for the members of the League of Darkness was at hand. Lord Tenes had almost all that he wanted. He had the world and the power to control the people of the land. He had his own walled city, and the powerful lords to protect him in his cause.

Lord Tenes had everything he could ever desire. Everything…except his youth. The year was now Danaan 2468, and he was well into his 77th year of life. Doctors of Loures often saw him, as his body was beginning to decay with age. His hopes of his continual rule were quickly draining from his body.

Many nights did Tenes pray to Chadul to preserve his body, and not to take his soul, and after many nights, Chadul did finally answer. An unspeakable terror to most people visited Tenes that night, its name was Anaman. I cannot write anymore then his name, for what is known of him is secret, and legend speaks of the death of any who speak of its being. When Anaman came to Tenes, he promised him that he would gain a 1000-year life span, along with the rest of his league. The league would be able to retain their youth, and escape the realm of Chadul.

Tenes did not need to be told twice, for the next morning, the monster Anaman, Tenes and the rest of the League met in private to sign the Pact of Anaman. All the league in their power-hungry state of being agreed to the pact, and thus they gained the life span of 1000 years. Little did they know, that there was a bit of small print on the bottom of the parchment they signed. Although the Pact of Anaman gave them 1000 years to live, and gave their souls the ability to escape the grasp of Chadul, it came at a price. It caused the loss of their freedom. As long as the Lord’s souls felt life, Chadul would forever own them.





5. Conclusion : Speculation on the League of Darkness.

They year is now Danaan 5, 829 years after the Pact of Anaman. One can only speculate on the state of the League now. Soon after the Pact of Anaman was signed, Tenes went deeper into madness. He split his kingdom into ten pieces, which have remained separate ever since. The Lords of the League and kings of the land began to fight among each other, up until the war in which Ainmeal defeated Tenes. After Ainmeal was named king of Loures, the bards began to sing again, singing praise to their new, just king.

It was at the time of Tenes' defeat that the Lords of the League of Darkness simply vanished from sight. Keep in mind that the lords possessed a life span of 1000 years, and it is very possible that they still live. But the belief in how they live now is widely debated. One commonly thought belief concerns the pact of Anaman, and how Chadul owned the lord's souls. Some feel that the lords were mutated into dubhaimid due to their failures in life. But who is to say? For all we know they could be living among us still.





From the Notes of 'Rookerin Ileen,' grandson of 'Ustan De'Ileen,' Ruler of Rucesion during the League of Darkness and the Pact of Anaman.

History revised from the Diary of Ustan De'Ileen.'