"Battle of Finach"

Written by Solinox in Dark Ages

Upon a thurough search of the Library of Loures I came across several tales of a great battle faught in our very own Town of Mileth back in early Danaan 1600’s. Being a warrior and interested in anything combat I expanded my search to any scholar who may have knowledge of the battle, to my surprise a young scribe had just returned with scrolls detailing the better part of the history of Finach. I quickly scooped up the scrolls and settled into a transe at a nearby desk as I perused through them eagerly awaiting any info about my ancestors. If I had only known what I was about to unlock was a part of our history unknown to our world as we knew it.

The Diary of Aurin D’winter

First Warrior and founder of Finach (Mileth)

Danaan 1601, Spring – "Spring has crept up on us here once again and the time to build and plant is upon us. My wife and I are eagerly awaiting the birth of our child, expected anytime now. Early scouting parties traveling through the enchanted woods east of us have uncovered an old cavern. Little is known about it yet, but before summer our finest adventurers shall be heading in to see what we can find. I will have to lead them, I feel it is something I must do."

Danaan 1601, Summer – "Our party should be heading out into the woods in search of the cave tomorrow at dawn, we hope to find some signs of an earlier civilization that previously inhabited this area. Only time will tell."

A large gap in the entries ensues and I can only imagine that the journey took them the better part of two years.

Danaan 1603, Fall – "I am unsure where I went wrong in my leadership, but I only know that I have doomed five people to death in this cavern. Its been some times since I have written... Perhaps its because of my fears, will I ever see my child? My wife? My friends? We’ve been stranded down here for some time now, since the day Qaladar fell though the hole we found. If it werent for the plants and mushrooms and the occasional wild animal we would have long since starved by now. The only way out of here seems to be straight back up and I am unsure as to whether or not Finach will ever send a search party, its been so long they may have decided we were lost."

Danaan 1604, Spring – "Today is a great day, Qaladar has been able to fashion a large rope from vines and roots we have been collecting over the time we have been here. It shouldnt be long now before we find a way to the surface, and back home."

Danaan 1604, Summer – "Our prayers have been answered, we made our way to the surface today and should be home within the week. My dear friend Qaladar was lost in the climb, he will be forever remembered. And things in the entrance of the cavern has changed, there is a larger opening and Tielk, our tracker has found giant footprints scattered throughout the cavern and the surrounding forest. I worry about my wife and child now more than ever."

Danaan 1604, Fall – "Home at last, I have a daughter! We have named her Tessa, after my grandmother. Tielk fears the footprints are getting closer and closer to our village. We still have no idea what they are, but in the night we can hear cries from the skies and all over the forest. I pray my time of peace will be much shorter than anticipated."

Danaan 1605, Spring – "My fears could not have been worse, Tielk was found dead on one of his trapping trails last night. Whatever caused it was giant, and did its work quick enough that nobody was the wiser. I fear my nerves arent as they used to be. The townspeople are calling it a ghost on account of nobody ever seeing one before. But tonight I will camp in the forest, in hopes to catch a glimpse of our ghost on the hunt."

Danaan 1605, Spring – "Gods protect us, the beasts took the town by surprise last night while I was camped in the forest. Many were injured and two of the founders slain in their sleep. Tales tell the beasts to be ten feet tall, winged with giant heads and claws, razor sharp teeth. Ancient writings tell of a beast such as this, Draconius-Reptilius which the villagers now call Dracos. Tomorrow I will rally all the able bodies men and arm them with whatever weapons we have available, I fear the worst this time"

Danaan 1605, Summer – "War is upon us, the Dracos have slowly been attacking our village time anf time again. I fear we may not survive another raid. A few nights ago our reagent wizard spoke to me of a dangerous incantation that could possibly seal the cavern forever keeping the dracos locked away inside. Tomorrow evening we will attempt this spell, I only hope all goes well."

Another gap in time ensues here but after reading through the remainder of the scrolls I was able to piece together what happened.

The spell took longer than expected to cast, Dracos began to pour through the opening in the cavern attacking everything in sight with their claws and firey breathe speaking in an ancient tongue. Aurin saw no other alternative but to push them back into the cave and hold them there. As the wizard finished his spell thunder shook the ground and the cavern opening was sealed, Aurin was lost forever. He was given a heroes funeral, the best the world had ever seen. People traveled from all corners of the world to attend.

Now I will leave you to your thought, as I myself have much to do, and always remember the great prices our ancestors took to keep their dream alive.

All information compiled and interpreted by Solinox Geranthar, Warrior at heart