The Formation of Mileth Crypt

By Takata of Dark Ages



The first Deoch was the time. The season was Winter..yes, the howling cold of winter.

Two friends, A highly insighted Priest and a Warrior. They ventured together, exploring all of Temauir. They were both born in Mileth, and once found a graveyard in which the Priest's father had been buried.

The warrior was eager to find out more, as he studied all the cemetary. During his studying he found a deep hole in the ground..he called over his Priest friend and they agreed to venture down.

Many a creature would live in the depths..each level posessing yet the more dangerous beast.

From mere rats and mice to evil spirits and what else lies beneath. They ventured down around the tenth level of what we now know as Mileth Crypt. No aisling, just some srange beasts roaming in the shadows.

Until they came across an unknown rogue by the name of Pojo Sama. He was exploring and picking chests for gold and jewels..until he picked a suspicous looking one. Spiked it was, with large jumped up and bit the rogue on the neck. He was now dying in pain.

Quickly, the priest attempted to rescue him by casting ao punsein and ioc spells on him.

He thanked the priest and ventured deeper. He was never seen again till the thirteenth Deoch.

The priest and the warrior carried on, determined to explore the depths. An old man, a beggar he was, he was sitting by a wall murmuring legends about 'Terrors' and 'Dracos'.

The warrior approached the man, and asked him what the old man was talking about.

He mentioned again, a draco..a magnificent and deadly creature..twenty feet in size it was! With huge wings and massive claws. It could kill any aisling with supreme ease!

The beggar began to have a fit. He ran away..mad perhaps. He returned to his daughter, who was running the Mileth tavern. The priest and warrior carried on venturing.


They began to draw closer to the bottom. Such bizarre creatures dwelled, Succubbi, beatiful evil ladies..possibly mutated faes as some guess. Wraiths, wearing Cthonic Disciple garbs, wielding Scythes and powerful magic..and finally. The Draco!

They approached the Draco, 'twas alone, sleeping. Warrior approached, priest ready to heal and protect him. The warrior was clad in Hy-Brasyl armour, wielding a truly gigantic battle axe.

He approached the Dragon, and attempted to taunt it by hitting it in the chest. The dragon merely opened one eye. Furious was the dragon now, attempting to slice up the Warrior. The warrior amazingly managed to hold off the dragons attacks for a certain period of time, and finally managing to slice the terrible beasts head off in one great swipe!

They kept the head as their throphy, coming back to the ground level of Mileth. They were both proud and exausted from their adventure. Then, suddenly, two levels of the crypt erupted from the ground, knocking the warrior down, and dropping the dragons head on to the floor. 'Twas impaled on a piece of stone, which became the top of the erupted crypt entrance.


Young aislings adventured, hunting rats and spiders. The more powerful people hunted down many a bizarre beast. It became a famous and well known place. This tradition lived on to today.

The time was now Deoch 13. Pojo Sama had climbed out of the entrance, and lived on to this day. Many Crypts are found in Temuir such as abel Crypt... were warriros get good and rare armor 


By Takata Sama,