~Draco Lore~

By: Vlak Arislayn of Dark Ages



Ever since I was a young Aisling, I have been amazed by the Draconian race. Their strength put me in awe. Their size astounded me. The challenge of fighting one drew me in. So as I have gotten older, I decided to learn more about the Draconian race. I put together this piece of literature to tell Aislings the story of the Draco, so ye can discover it yerself, without having to uncover it yerself.


The Draco is an unique creature to say the least. A Draco is about six to seven meters tall. A Draco hatchling is about four to five meters. They have long, razor sharp claws on their forearms and hind legs. They also have teeth that can cut through flesh like a hot Claidhmore cutting through butter. The Draco has horns on top of its head, which it uses for self-defense against other Dracos, and in their mating rituals. A Draco also posesses something that can be used to give them the edge in battle. Flight. Dracos have huge wings on their backs that they flap rapidly to make them hover above the ground. And perchance the Dracos best method of attack, their fire. A Draco can breathe fire out from their mouths to burn anything they wish to. Overall, a Draco is not something that ye would want to mess around with.

History of the Draconian Civilization:

The name 'Draco' comes from the 'Old Tongue' word 'Dracontas', meaning 'Dragon'. The ancient civilization of the Grimlock were the first to record the presence of the Draco many eons ago. This is long before the first Aisling walked Temuair. The residence of the Draco was Pravat Cave. The civilization was contained within the rear caverns, where few Grimlock ventured. In the Grimlock legend, it was known that some type of large beast lived within their home. It was not until two young Grimlock went exploring deep within the cave were the Draco actually laid eyes upon. The whole Grimlock race found them as great Gods, knowing these were the beasts from the legends. The Grimlock made offerings and sacrifices to the Draco, hoping that they would leave them in peace. But the Draco occasionally ate a Grimlock and started expanding through the caverns. The Draconian territory soon took up most of Pravat. The Grimlock were very frustrated as they were losing more and more of their home. It was not until a young Draco hatchling invaded the main Grimlock village within the cave, that the Grimlock started to fight back. They killed the young Draco hatchling, and the elder Draco were very angry. The two races soon went to war. The Grimlock warriors were well-trained, and they held a large population advantage over the Draco. And ontop of that, the Draco are not extremely intelligent creatures. The Grimlock training, planning and strategy was simply too much fer the Draco's brute strength and muscle. Most of the Draconian race was destroyed, but some fled through the caves. They ran to the neighboring Kasmanium Mines. They proceeded to rebuild their civilization. To this day, the Draco continue to roam through the Mines of Temuair.


Location Information:

Pravat Cave: The very first home of the Draco. Some say that they were there even before the Grimlock empire lived in the cave. To this day, the Draco still use the Cave for their place to lay their eggs. Once a Deoch, in the Spring-time, the Draco return to the rear of Pravat and hide their eggs. Every so often, a Draco hatches and wanders through Pravat, trying to get home to the Kasmanium Mines.

Kasmanium Mines: The current home of the Draco and other creatures that they befriend. Can only be entered by Aislings of the eighty-sixth insight and above. The Draco still roam through the caves, attacking intruders when they enter, trying to defend their home for a second time.

Mileth Crypt: Mileth Crypt ye say?! Yes, there are Dracos there, in a sense. At the very bottom floor of the Crypt, there is a giant, headless Draco statue. If ye ever wish to see what it looks like, I can describe it for you better. ((Screenshots.))


Additional Information:

All research done at the Library of Loures. A special thank ye goes out to Librarian Blaise for assisting me. And I would like to dedicate this to my wife, and companion, JadeAkaino. I will love you forever and always my angel, sent to me from Heaven, by the Gods themselves.


Vlakarados Julius Arislayn - Vlak

Deoch 19