by Aeife in Dark Ages


Found on the shore of Undine, drifting sadly,

carried faithfully by the wind




Rest awhile, dear brother.

Lift your head a little more.

Look to the moon and smile,

And perhaps you'll forget your chores.


Sit, weary sister, please.

Drink. Just a little sip.

Clear your mind from the work

And leave the dust outdoors.


Greetings, wise elder, enter.

And share with us some of your words.

Think not of the toil outside.

And tonight rest by the light.


And please worry not this evening.

I shall see that all is well.

Tend to your weary bones, dear kin.

And heed not to the bell


And strong sister close your eyes

And dream a dream tonight.

Settle and rest kind brother.

Just trust that all is right.


And elder, this way please,

And retire to a bed just once.

Think not of any consequence

For winter draws long the months.


And there encased in darkness,

Close the heavy door

To lay your failing body down

To wake to work once more.


And perhaps there's just a tiny chance.

When the sun wakes in the morn

You'll wake and rise and softly smile,

mundane no more.