Archias’ Adventures


Chapter 1: Archias d'Agussiere


'I was a warm sunny day in the town of Mileth. The birds chirped shyly and the wind blew so gently and swiftly that it sounded as if Danaan was singing. The sun's radiant rays shone through a small crack in a wall of a room and directly into my eyes. I quickly raised my right arm and shaded my eyes from the light with my hand. As I slowly opened them, I saw light swirling around me, like tiny faeries dancing. My heart pumped with excitement as I stared in bewilderment at my surroundings. In a corner, there was a small staircase, which seemed to lead to a lower area. Without hesitation, I went down the stairs, each and every step thumped with significance. When I arrived at the bottom, I saw a beautiful lady, neither too young nor old. She was staring into a small mirror and as I glanced closer, I noticed that she had tears in her eyes.

"Ye look fine." I complemented. Her body lifted and her eyes turned in my direction. She stared at me with eyes wide open and jaws dropped as if she had just seen a ghost. I felt a bit embarrassed, perhaps ‘twas because of the minimum clothes I wore. I then saw her slowly close her mouth and forced a gentle smile, "Greetings, Aisling, what is your name?” she asked me.

My name is... my name is........" I stopped. What is my name? "I...I I do not know.” I told her.

"Oh... " she sighed, "Ye possess a great resemblance to my little boy, his name is Archias... but long ago... he died.” She broke into tears. I did not know what to say or do. Her voice seemed strangely familiar and I felt a slight connection to her but I realized that I could not remember a single thing. The mysterious lady spoke again, "May I... may I call ye... Archias?” she asked hopefully.


I studied her carefully, her eyes were filled with tears, joy or sorrow I could not tell, yet she was still magnificent and beautiful. Her eyes revealed many things, dreams, memories, and hopes, I began to feel sorry for this lady. Her life must have been filled with sadness and grief. At that instant, I knew I owed something to her, perhaps my presence would change her. I nodded to her and said only a single word, “Aye”. Immediately, she threw her arms around me and hugged my gently, “Welcome home Archias, Archias d’Agussiere!” I felt sweet warmth inside my heart and then I closed my eyes, and let the tears of happiness took over.

From that day on, I became really close friends with Riona, yes, that was her name. She would always tell me about her adventures, and a plethora of fascinating stories of her life, each day, a different one. After each story, I would help her sweep the floors of the Mileth Inn and rearrange the beds. Sometimes, before I sleep at night, she would tell me a bit about her son and I must admit, it was quite interesting to hear. In a short while, our relationship become one like a mother and son’s.


My name is…Archias d’Agussiere, and here in Mileth, my adventures begin.