Scripts de la luna

"Upon the burning ridges of the mountain-top remains,
seated on the coal left, and still scared as ancient manes..

On each of these fires, that burn from afar, and that
the soul of envy will better left be gone.

Unto the wicked fragments, of druids cthotic remains,
through the souless mortals, whose hands with blood are stained.

Cursed, and the wretched, beasts of mighty
awe, and to the lightly priests, whose spells are heard
by all. May these words be shattered, to the walls of
godly time, and grant me this true power, both holy
and divine.

"kama se du sentris, ali mak rumain es tu de
lo gotha tres nudaich en suain, bres ke la de gar
untolis de blek un, inti madis gala.... ae goth gar" (unholy storm)

As i sit upon this altar and chant these sacred scripts,
demons rise up forth, and scratch at the abyss.

Feeding off of blood, and dancing in thier corpse,
I summon unholy power to free there souls with force.

The demons crumble down, the spirits, flee on ease,
the heavens are now shining, the hell is but deceased.
Upon the ancient landmark, of cthotic where i stood, I
step down to fertile lands, once covered in recourse.
The aislings now rejoice, the suffering is gone, swept
by the mighty force, of unholy seismic storms.

Step freely on the land, the demons are no longer here.
I cursed away the evils to shine a better light, for
all that is faroff, and everything in sight.

May peace be with you all, follow your true path, and
let your leaders guide you on the lightest of all paths."

Farewell, All

"Scripts de la luna"

Read By ~ Atticus - Deoch 13, Summer