The Tale of an Unknown Hero

Come now, friend, or Deoch's eyes shall ne'er fall upon us!

Such started the fated day - much like any other day in the company of Kyne Entyr. He was a short, heavy set man. Most of the other knights would tower above him in height, though his faith was well beyond theirs. His hair had an odd glow of silver, unlike any I had ever seen before, while his eyes were of the deepest brown. His skin was rough from many wounds, and scorched from marching in the western sun. He was my friend.

Ho! Take it easy now, Kyne, or you'll fall into the sea! What good would hurrying be, if you weren't to reach our destination?

We had known each other long before the Deoch dating. In fact, I believe we met in the Year of Danaan 3284. This was when we first joined the Loures military. Back then, we were only cadets, of course, but Kyne would always pursue a quest of honor. None were about - at least none that we were allowed to seek - but his mood was never downed.
At this time, the War of Shadows had been over for some time… Most adventurers had settled down, even though the battle of Danaan and Chadul was not fully over. Mortals believed that we had done our chore, and few cared much for joining the army. Not so with Kyne. When others laid down their swords, he preached more convinced than ever, that the true battle was only beginning. Unfortunately, he was right.

Do you see those stars, Seon? Those are the guiding light of Danaan! Now that we are at sea, we shall live and die by them! You would do well to study them!

Indeed we shall, though I will leave such tasks to others. Our lot will come when we land, and I should think I would be better off having rested then, than weary from watching stars! But do as you will, my friend. I am certain you will be wide awake in the morning, whether you sleep or not.

How could I not? How can you not?! We shall be close to the very lands of Deoch! O, how I wish we would have time to visit His temple…

Aye, I would much more have enjoyed traveling to see such, and perhaps offer a prayer… But our task is much different, dear Kyne, and if you do not concentrate, you might not return to your wife ever again!

They had met only a year after he joined the army. She was a fine young woman; and of noble upbringing to boot! If our friendship hadn't been in the way, I should have tried for her heart, myself. Her name - Lady Mavelle Riofan - was well known in the court of Loures. Her father owned a large estate near Piet, as well as several others all over Temuair. They weren't permitted to see each other, of course, Kyne being no more than a peasant's son. However, he laid his eyes on her as she passed through the courtyard of Loures Castle, and his heart was bound forever. He managed to tell her in secrecy, with my assistance, and she soon fell for him as well. Their marriage was permitted three years later, when Kyne had raced to the title of knight. They were given one of Lord Riofan's estates in Mileth, and settled down there, though Kyne often visited Loures. They had a beautiful daughter three years after, in Danaan 3291, whom they called Caitir.
The following year, Danaan 3292, was that of Danaan's sacrifice, and the beginning of the Deoch dating. Kyne had always been a religious man, but now he became nearly obsessed! When the Aisling Spark first appeared, he made it his goal in life to achieve it. He did all in his power to gain the notice of Deoch, but without luck. Or at least so he thought. I still wonder, to this day, if perhaps he had received the Spark, yet had been too obsessed to notice it…? His wit, as well as his sense of justice was outstanding, and many young knights of Loures looked up to him…

Please, dear citizens of Undine! Listen to me! I, Kyne Entyr, have come from Loures to assist you in this recent turmoil! Have no fear, friends, for soon we shall all live peacefully as allies!

Ah say you go back whence you came, bloody tyrant! Leave us to ourselves! We dun want any o' yer conquerin' on these parts!
A small group of villagers were already picking up shovels and rakes to resist the knights.

But… But we come only to help! I beg of you, let not the past deeds interfere with what we must accomplish now! Loures wills no evil!

Perhaps, my friend, it is best if we stand down for now. They shall not listen to you, and I am sure you would rather not fight them. Come, Kyne - we shall discuss this in private.

This day took place in the 13th Deoch. The rebellion in Undine had restarted and we - Kyne and I - had been sent to calm them down. Kyne was sure that our mission would not include bloodshed. He was certain that Loures would release the oppression of the village, and that he would be able to befriend them. He knew that battle might come about, but he was sure that diplomacy could carry us a long way.
At this time, Mavelle had given birth to their second child - a brown-haired lad by the name of Camryn. Though he was only eight years old when Kyne traveled to Undine, he had already practiced swordplay for some time. At times, I think that Kyne was shaping the boy to be an Aisling. Perhaps to accomplish what Kyne thought he, himself, had failed. Camryn seemed interested enough in swordplay, but his father's sense of justice was not as apparent… Caitir was now a young woman remarkably resembling her mother. She was a kind soul, tending to those in need, both those of her rank and those far below it, constantly worrying her mother. Kyne had practically retired, only joining missions he considered of great importance.

Lord Entyr! The Orcs have arrived!
The young soldier looked as if his lungs were about to pop, as he rushed to our quarters.

Orcs…? By Deoch, lad, what is it you speak of? There are no Orcs in these parts!

The ones from Loures, Milord! They've just arrived by boat a few minutes ago! … Have ye not been informed?
Suddenly, he looked as if he was horribly ashamed, though he tried to hide it.

Goodness, no! Now you babble! There are no Orcs in Loures either, and Thank Goddess for that, or we should nae be here, but rather defending our Liege!
Kyne was growing irritated, and quite confused. I decided to remain quiet, for the time being.

No, no, Milord! The Orcs are on our side! As well is the large fellow, with the Axe! And that be good news for us, if ye ask me, as I should run away screaming before I took up arms against him!

What?! Are you saying that our good Lord Bruce sent those foul beasts here to aid us?! Whatever for? Orcs are the worst negotiators I have ever dealt with!

They're not here to negotiate, Milord… The High Court has decided that Undine shall be reclaimed by force. I was certain ye would have been informed by now…

Sweet Danaan, what manner of trickery is this…? Seon! I cannot allow this! The kind peasants of this village will be slaughtered by these beasts! They have no way of defense!

Aye… But you speak of betraying our Liege, my friend… Such an act would have us executed for sure, even if we were to survive the battle. It torments my heart to think of dear Mavelle, not to mention your children, if you could not return to them…

Nonetheless, I should rather die here than return to them a coward! I cannot, and will nae order you to join me, Seon, but if there are truly Orcs about, I can do naught but to protect this place.

As you wish, my friend, and surely I shall accompany you. How would I ever face the kind Lady, if I abandoned her husband in his time of need? I fear that our battle shall be in vain, but let us fight it as true knights should!

And so it was that we joined the rebels. They were skeptical to accept our offer at first, but after we had felled the first Orc, they became very eager to have us on their side. Soon after, Aislings flocked to from all about the lands, in an effort to repel the invasion. Kyne felt that this was his finest hour… Perhaps he even believed that he was an Aisling, now that he could fight alongside them. Even I, who had thought our battle to be hopeless, was becoming optimistic. Even if we could never return to Loures, we now had friends who would care for us. Though the High Court clearly wanted Mavelle and the children punished, Lord Riofan would not stand for it, and he was a powerful enough man to prevent it.
In fact, all was well, however unlikely that was in our current situation. But, deep down, we both knew that our luck was bound to end sooner or later…

It was during winter. Our lodgings were poor and the biting cold hurt our performance in battle, as well our sleep at night. Kyne was in high spirits, as always, but under the appearance, he too was suffering.
The battle came without warning. Suddenly, an enormous axe came through the wall, almost tearing down the entire shack. We knew well enough who our foe was.

A follower of Carnun…! Seon! Quickly! Hesitation will be our death!

I was certain of our death at any rate. The Carnun Champions that roamed Undine were incredible foes, second only to the Dracos of Legend in the Kasmanium Mines. I was scared. More so than I had ever been before. I drew my sword, but it slipped my hand almost immediately after. This was all the time it took the massive mercenary to cleave poor Kyne. Even though he had parried, the axe, and the strength with which it was wielded, was too much even for his fine sword to repel.
I was speechless. Part fear, part sorrow had paralyzed me, but the axe-wielder would allow me no time to gather courage. I was soon to die.
In the instant that the Carnun Champion turned to me, he shrieked in pain. A massive sword had pierced his lower chest. A moment later flames consumed him, as yet another blade charged at his shoulder. He fell. Dead. Behind him now stood three tall men and a beautiful woman: One had wild blue hair, bearing an exquisite armor of Hy-brasyl - he was the one who had attacked first. Next to him was a shorter man, dark-haired and shrouded in robes, he wielded a golden staff. The third man - the one who had made the final strike - stood next to the woman. Both were blonde and wore armor of gold. Undoubtedly, they were Aislings.


Kyne lay on the ground, barely breathing. He smiled, though, and his eyes were shining.
The woman rushed to his side, urging him not to speak, while she beckoned Danaan to help her heal him. She knew well enough that it was too late. The blonde man kneeled next to her, doing what he could to help. The blue-haired one and the Wizard tended to me, helping me to my feet.

I shall die… but… without regrets… Kind Aislings… I beg of you… My son shall soon receive the Spark of Deoch… I am sure of it… I have done… what I could… to teach him… If… If one of you would take him under your wing…

He coughed, spitting blood. The woman's eyes were in tears as she nodded to him. Those were his last words. The woman closed poor Kyne's eyes before she looked at the blue-haired one. He simply nodded before going outside. He dug a grave, and as soon as he was finished, the two Warriors laid my friend in it. The woman uttered a few kind words, before we covered the grave and returned to Undine. The Aislings had to leave, but asked me to send the boy to Mileth to look for them, when he came of age. That was the last I ever saw of them, though I have heard their names in legends since.

Seven years have passed now. Camryn is 16 this year, and his mother has allowed him to leave. I sent him to look for those Aislings, as I had been instructed, while I stay behind to help Mavelle and Caitir. They had been heart-broken when I delivered the news, but as the years passed they left their sorrow behind, and I stayed with them.
Camryn never wept for his father. I'm certain he cared, but that lad has always been too strong. Though he is the youngest of the family, the task as the Lord of the House never daunted him. His father would be proud.

Such ends my tale of a dear friend. Kyne Entyr was not a man of legends, but he was strong and fought for a cause much greater than he. Though Aislings receive all the attention in these days, I argue that a few great men, who might not have received the gift of the gods, are worthy of tales as well.
I leave these notes in Camryn's room. Perhaps he will read them some day and, if he sees fit, he might tell the tale to others, or simply pass on what I have written. I believe this to be Camryn's decision, not mine, though I hope he will… Kyne deserves that much.
In Fond Remembrance,
Seon Qendall
Deoch 20, 6th Moon, 12th Sun
Edited By,
Camryn Entyr
Deoch 24, 7th Moon, 29th Sun