by: Cedrik of Dark Ages



The rise of the sun marks a beginning of a new day. O' splendor of the heavens, how I envy to be looked upon by so many who love the sight of you. Your brilliance guides my path; your warmth sustains my life. Your tendrils of light keep away Dubhaim's strife.


                My life, yes my life which is filled. 'Tis filled with events, kind to cruel, yes... kind to cruel.

                Love which inhabits my heart, can you find no resting-place? No resting-place but to flit from face to face. Must your final place be laid to waste at the sight of every other face? Love, ever lasting, ever surviving, please tease me no longer, find quarter for staying.



Nay love which flits about, find all the quarter and faces ye' want. Enemy of mine, which hatred bores and darkness does quarter; you find your rest. Find ending pleasure, ending resolution to, indeed, everlasting torture which you must bring to me. Find final rest to that which you rot my soul with, final rest to that which destroys me, final rest to that which goes on to infinity and the great beyond.

To the skies, the heavens, and all beyond,

Find rest my enemy, let suffering end, let my life re-begin,

Like the phoenix which bends,

It's wings in flight,

To rise from the ashes,

To spread the light,

Let my life begin, give rest your sword, I wish to live.

Aisling fighting evil may I no longer see, my mind has drawn its last memory from thee,

O' battle of woods and caves alike, where the blood lusted aislings live and die by the fight.



My life is free now from enemy. My love is set my lines are drawn and in life these lines hopefully spawn the order that I try my life to give to the world to end all strife, to my only son to pass on my life, Glioca bless, may he end all strife.

One and all I give to my son, before end to my own life comes.



The setting of the sun marks the end of an old day. In end I lay and sleep endear, and with me shall die pain of years. Pray I to the gods to watch my son, I love him with all my soul. In my death shall he live on, in name of mine which carries to not but one but to all the world, I pray the gods, let pain not scathe his pure soul. Let pain not scathe his pure soul, as hath done to mine in years before, as hath it found resting-place, in my torn heart's true embrace. Pray I that my death be swift, and all pain my gods do lift. I leave this world a loving man; I leave this world taking pain in hand.



A life once lived, nobly a man did give, the greatest gift to those alive, lifting pain when death did drive his soul from this world in which we live. And in his wake a son's heart to give, in the same manner he himself left, so shall his son.


Whether we know or not, we leave a mark on this world. Wherever we go, we make an impact on another life. Whether by taking pain with us to the other side, or by simply smiling when a fellow aisling is down. Never feel your impact is small, your simply being alive changes this world. Do not be sad if you feel you haven't done 'enough'. You have, and you will continue to from above when you watch over this world. After all, the sun will always set, and rise again to start anew.