As you lay sleeping

As you lay sleeping, I watch the rise and fall of your chest

in time with your softly beating heart.

Peaceful is your slumber, that I gaze upon in wonder..

what I have done to be graced by your love,

as I have loved you from the start.

A tender thought, I reach to softly cup your cheek,

as if to be certain you are real..not just my heart's dream.

You stir slightly at my caress, my heart skips a beat..

for you are my living angel, it would seem.

As you lay sleeping, I lean close and touch your lips tenderly with mine, capturing the silent breath you took.

I linger, lost in all you mean to me, and the power you hold

to make me feel so much..with but a single glance.

I drown in the depths of your loving eyes,

now closed in a world of shadowed dreams.

To you I give my heart and soul, never to loosen this gentle embrace,

holding you as you sleep..for eternity and a day.

As you lay sleeping, a soft sigh escapes your lips

as my fingers dance lightly throughout your silken tresses.

This heart has lived a lifetime, yet nothing will ever compare

to the love you have kindled deep within.

The caress of your whispering voice, now silent,

as you drift in currents of restful sleep,

is like music making sweet love to my awaiting ears,

every word spoken enchants my heart..yours to keep.

As you lay sleeping, I give you this,

a single heartfelt tear, shed unknown to thee.

For I am and always will be yours, we are one..

our souls bound, in that higher place to which you lift me.

Everything I am, everything I will be, given to you..for eternity.

This, my silent vow of a love strong and true,

tenderly given to my dark angel, as he lay sleeping.

-Chandra Lene Mandare Ishraki