by Chupaca in Dark Ages


Awoken by some mystic power,

In a mystic time.

You find yourself in a foreign place,

In a place of bread and wine.


Stumbling down the stairs before you,

You’re greeted by a smile

The lovely innkeeper has much to say,

And bids you stay a while.


She speaks of legends and history long passed,

And Gods and magic powers.

She speaks to you as if you are but

A young and budding flower.


She sets you forth to fulfill your destiny,

And leave your mark behind.

To write a chapter and form a legend

In the history of mankind.


Child of the light, she says you are,

She points you towards the temple.

And so you set off on your journey,

My friend, it won’t be simple.


People passing left and right,

All wearing exotic things.

From belts to shoes to gauntlets and greaves,

And fine-crafted beautiful rings.


They say to you, "Good day, fair Aisling"

You answer with a smile.

They speak of helping you join their path,

You say you’ll think a while.


You’re not quite sure what you want to become,

A hardened warrior or elegant mage.

No one can be absolutely sure of his or her path,

When still at such a young age.


Good friend, your calling is your calling,

That, no one can deny.

So pick a path, stay true to it,

And let your spirit fly.