For the Love of Kattrine
by Cleante of Dark Ages

I Dream of Rain,

I Dream of Snow,

I Dream of that day,

The First day that I would know,

My love, my life, and my world…

It was sunny,


I shielded my eyes and mumbled,

“I prefer the night”,

And so I continued on the lonely road…

I read the sign outside the castle

So, this is Loures, that’s what they call it,

So this is where Kings Rule,

And Women Knit,

It seems so huge, a huge dreamland…

I Dream of Rain,

I Dream of Fate,

I walked into Loures,

Not a moment too late,

And there she was…

Her eyes were a dark green,

Her hair was a light brown,

She sat there by the fountain,

Kicking her legs around,

My heart jumped, and raced, and fluttered…

I have never felt like this before,

But I knew it was love,

I knew she was a gift,

Sent from high above,

She looked like an innocent angel, I still remember…

I Dream of Rain,

I Dream of the Sun,

I walked up to her,

And knew she was the one,

“Hi, I'm Kattrine, what’s your name?”

Kattrine, such beauty,

Kattrine, such a beautiful name,

“My names Cleante…”

And thus that became,

The start to a great friendship…

As the Deoch’s passed,

As the days crept bye,

We were almost always together,

Kattrine and I,

I loved her, and she loved me…

I Dream of Rain,

I Dream of Her,

I still can’t believe it,

She was as sweet and soft as a cats purr,

Why…why did it have to be?

I came to Loures one day,

Wearing my new priest coat,

I brought her an Engagement Ring,

But I was stopped like an animal, a goat,

They told me to speak with her mother…

Her mother told me everything,

It brought a tear to my eye,

She has fallen ill, a sickness,

I couldn’t bear it I broke down and started to cry,


I Dream of Rain,

I Pray for her Health,

For her I would give it all up,

My priesthood, my items, my wealth,

Come back to me Kattrine…

Now I pray to you,

Good Aislings, gentle as a dove,

Please aid me, help her…

Rekindle her life…and her love…

Seveti Blossoms is what she needs…

Now Please,

Go and help an Angel in need,

I stand by her side every day and night,

I wait for the day to place the ring on her finger, I beg I plead…

For the Love of Kattrine, bring her back to me…