The Mighty Battle

By Creek of Dark Ages


The mighty warrior all clad in metal and gear,

crying his battle cry for all to hear.

The powerful wizard with spells at hand,

flashes lightning throughout the land.

The beautiful priestess with her healing touch,

heals them both and enchants them to be tough.


The clash of steel, the heart of might,

the warriror charges to battle to aid the great fight.

The wizard casts his spells at all the great beasts,

to ward off their attack, and not become their feast.

The priestess is healing from afar to stay out of the fight,

her touch heals them with the grace of light.


The warrior is locked in battle, yet feels no fear,

he slashes his way out, killing the beasts to get in the clear.

The wizards' lightning flies as he casts with speed,

the beasts flee now they have taken heed.

The priestess curses the great foes to hinder their flight,

allowing the warrior to attack with all his might.


The warrior surrounded now hears a dreadful cry,

'twas the priestess' yell she gave just as she died.

The great beasts, filled with anger, had snuck from behind,

with a mighty blow of their knife her heart they did find.


The warrior surrounded now can offer no aide,

the wizard has succomed to the beasts great blade.

They strike him hard and fast he can not rebel,

he falls to his death with a dreadful yell.


The warrior trying to get free, now scared and alone,

has suffered an attack and is cut to the bone.

He fights on covered in blood, and then from the clear,

he hears a mighty sound, and he reacts with cheer.

He witnesses two mighty warriors coming to his aide,

they charge the great beasts stricking swift with their blade.


There is one lonely beats that turns to flee,

the warrior says "I will kill thee!!"

He goes in pursuit of the fleeing foe,

he corners him with no where to go.

He looks in his eyes as he plunges his blade,

to watch the death that the beast can't evade.


He has avenged his friends deaths by killing that foe,

he turns to the warriors to ask where to go.

He finds them gone now, they made their depart,

The mighty warrior travels alone now with lonliness in his heart.



written by: Creek Terell