the Ancient Wyrm

Spinning through darkness toward a city of srtife,
tumbling through time eternal seeking life.
In a cold, small universe no bigger than himself,
relegated in life to a cramped back shelf.
Mistaken for a gem of value superior,
shut in a deep solid vault interior.
Life and sound outside the shell,
he must leave this private hell.
Straining 'gainst the leathery prison,
from the broken shell he has risen!
Fires of Deoch within his fledgeling throat,
he declares his freedom with a resonant note!
Deep green eyes and golden scales,
with a sound like a trumpet life he hales!
An evil rogue with a heart of iron,
sees the hatchling and wants the scion.
He lunges to still the mighty heart,
but alas the little gold dragon ripped him apart.
His hired goblin guards fell like trees,
to the hatchling but a game of ease.
With vigor that would do Ceannlaidir proud,
the little dragon dooms each to Sgrios' shroud.
Starting at five feet in length,
he grows in size and strength.
To him didst appear a vision of Danaan cloaked in power and in light,
to him said she,"I name ye Aurumanis, and bid ye fight for right."
To a lair secret he spirited the treasures,
the rogue's once; now his pleasures.
Striking 'gainst evil of dubhaimid and kin,
he gathered many new treasures in.
He grew larger as did his flaming breath,
unto the dark and evil he delivers death.
A wingspan reaching three hundred meters wide,
and thick scales of hy-brasyl hard gold for his hide.
His name became known far and wide,
Aurumanis of the golden hide!
A scourge of evil and corruption,
a mighty engine of goodly destruction!
From Temuair's sphere dark mages of dark pacts banished him,
as ages passed his scales gained a silver trim.
Through fae realms he traveled for ages,
becoming the greatest of all the sages.
Magic and might he gained in his turn,
he holds the title Aurumanis the Ancient Gold Wyrm!

Deius Kine