Speaking with a Godess

by Elfette in Dark Ages


There was a chill in the air that morning. Walking through Mileth I tried to step in the shadows, dodging the busy people around me. My thoughts where mostly on the day, and of time I had hoped to spend with my beloved. I had been dreading mass that night. All the masses seemed so crowded and I strained to listen to the words of love and encouragement, only to hear gossip and town talk of the people around me. The crowds always drowned out the Priest/Priestesses sermons. I would watch as their mouths moved and only wish that I may feel what they were speaking of. At times I would fear for my life at the masses, the summonings had become a most frequent occurrance.

Finally I arrived at Glioca's temple. I put my veil on and walked in . It was unusually empty and cold. My sounds echoed as I dropped to my knees before the great statue. I closed my eyes..

Before I opened my eyes I could feel the light hit me like the sun itself had fallen. The cold room had filled with a warmth I had never felt before.I opened my eyes and saw her!

She was the most beautiful woman I had ever looked apon. My face twisted in shock of the vison of her. Right away I knew it was the goddess herself. Glioca, the Moon Goddess stood before me. But she was not dressed in her normal attire. Her dress was long and black, as was the band that secured her golden hair. She was as always smiling still but yet a tear was rolling down her cheek.

I strained to speak."My Goddess..I am not worthy of this gift, why have you come to me of all your servants?"I asked her in a shaking childlike voice. She answered me in a soft and loving voice, "My child, you are the one who needed to see me, for you have lost faith in me."

She continued, " You avoid the crowds when you come to pray to me, therefore you negelct the people who need love and friendship in their lives."I turned my eyes from her in great embarassment.

"My Goddess, I have wronged you." I kissed her feet.

She lifted my face with her hand,"You have not wronged me my child, but you have so many that need help here, speak to them words of encouragement."She smiled.

"You have opened my eyes, thank you my Goddess,"I said as I lowered my head. She looked saddened again and spoke," These are hard times for all of my children, however, we must keep love and compassion for all things in mind,even for those who would do harm to us."

She stepped away from me. " I must go but please remember I am with you, I stand at the masses.When you can not hear the message just close your eyes and think of me I will bless you and help you understand."

She wiped her tear and the room filled again with a blazing light. When the light subsided she was gone.

I had found my faith again. My heart had been filled with that light, that amazing light of her kindness.

I went to the inn and I sketched the vison of her that I had seen that day.I put all of my heart into that sketching.Then after it was completed I made it my offering to the Mileth altar. I was overjoyed again by the people around me. I stepped out of the shadow and stood in the light, with a smile streched across my face.


Humble Servant of Glioca