The Frog at the Swamp
There is no place as slimy and dirty
As you maybe know the water is murky
But maybe for you
The skies will stay blue
And your hopes will rise for surely
Once I was there
And without a single care
I sat beside a frog
And started drinking my grog
The frog looked at me
His eyes lit up with glee
So I stoped to think
And I said to the froggy,"sorry but I don't think frogs drink"
His eyes looked very sad
But quickly turned mad
He snapped his jaws wildly
And grinded his teeth childly
As he tore off my favourite red rag
He gave me a nudge
I was ready to plunge
But attack as he might
I was ready to fight
Though I wish not for the poor frog to die
So I said to the frog
I'll give you some Grog
But this stuff could end your life
He took it off me
And was happy with glee
As I said to myself ,"that frog is not shy"
So what have we learnt about frogs when there sober
Is it that there much nicer when there drunk and passed over
Or maybe that we shouldn't mess with mother nature
For when the animals are sober they can be a danger
So all you mundane's and aisling's too
We'll raise our glasses and put down our food
Then lets raise a toast to mother nature
Hoping she will drink too and be no more danger
The End
By Elmo