by Fae in Dark Ages

Danaan, My goddess, where did you go?
You gave us our life, but took your own

Did you go to the heavens, where they say you belong?
Or are you down on this world, listening to every song?
I wish you could come, I wish you could see
The moon in the sky, reflecting on the sea

Danaan My goddess, where did you go?
You know so much of us, but of you, we do not know.

Will you return, from where ever you are?
Without you here, is like the night without stars

I miss your bright face
I miss your warm hands
I miss the heat of your body
I miss the way you light up the lands

Danaan My goddess, I know where you are!
You are not the moon, nor a star
but you are the sun, that lightens the day
You are there, and there you'll always stay