A Maiden’s Tale


“This is not a love story; but a story about love."- Bonnie


~Chapter I~


Deep down the Mileth Crypts - unreachable by light - hideous creatures crawl abroad. The damp atmosphere complimented the heavy odor of waste, not to mention slime on every wall, between every tile. She sits alone in the dark, like every other day?in this place that she now calls home. She has no memories of anything; all but that haunting feeling of hatred and the sense of search for a certain something. Her long and graceful fingers traced along her face; soft, pale and delicate skin was the idea of perfection among the Aisling eye. Arising, her skin-tight clothes mirrored her flawless figure ?every curve a man desires, every gesture ?existed in her. Above all, her distinct aroma hovers in the air; enough to seduce both men and women. Every strand of her dark lilac hair flows freely, containing the essence of the fragrance ?lively lavender ?smooth as silk.



~Chapter II~


“Tamailt!?the ritual greeting every morning from her mother. “Scrub the floors, wash every sheet and make breakfast for the fourth room!?Runa, the innkeeper shouted at the top of her lungs.


          ??Tamailt rose quickly from the closet space that makes up her room, eyes full of fear. She knew that the halls were scrubbed only two days ago, still shining like a reflection on a clear lake. And out of the ten rooms of her mother’s inn, only one was occupied in the past three days. Business has been slow in this town of Abel, since the new town of Rucesion opened up. But she moved swiftly, making her way from the back door to the kitchen for the adventurer’s meal.


          ?Rough and textured hands held the wooden plate firmly. Tamailt knocked on the door of the fourth room; a dashing, handsome young man answered the knock. He moaned and stretched, attempting to chase the sleep away as Tamailt watched with fascination. She’s never seen such a sight: an attractive and muscular man at ease in front of her. She blushed, handed him his breakfast tray, and paced away in a hurry. The young Aisling smiled and chuckled at her reactions, then whispered under his breath, nodded, as if deciding something important.


          ?Tamailt then found out after the summer that the young man was a monk at training named Kaind. The impression he gave Tamailt suggested that he has had quite a bit of adventure and insight in the Aisling world, leaving Tamailt longing for voyage more and more.


          ?“A pigeon mail!?Runa squealed with delight. A mail usually means more business when one works in an inn.


“For Tamailt?? She squealed again, this time eyeing her daughter with suspicion.  


          ?Tamailt tilt her head with confusion, and handled the mail with caution. She hid for privacy as she opens the mail with butterflies in her stomach; this is the first sign of existence of her, no one in her memory has even asked for her name. The hands of the young girl of 15 shook with anticipation as she reads with difficulty:


“My Dear Tamailt:


          ?I am Kaind, an Aisling looking for expeditions. I have stayed in thy inn by chance in my journey in the summer, and it seems like I will be visiting once more. I will look forward on meeting you again.?o:p>


With such a simple note, Tamailt’s heart pounded with an unknown feeling of excitement, like something’s soon to happen?o:p>





~Chapter III~


The anticipated day finally came, when the young and ever more handsome monk revisited the little inn. The place suddenly felt busier and full of life. Kaind greeted Tamailt with a polite smile, but enough to startle her for the whole day; what was the purpose of his mail, she wondered? Disappointment arose in her; inside, she laughs with mockery at herself. Who did she think she was, to capture the heart or even the slightest interest in an honorable Aisling? Tamailt’s misery amplified increasingly when Kaind announced his leave after merely 3 days, so she heard from her mother. Sighs would not help with the situation; Tamailt can only try to keep her thoughts hidden from others to avoid embarrassment. After all, her name says it all: ‘resentment?in the old tongue. She was born to resent everything that is of this world, to be resented and to resent others ?she does not deserve happiness.


Kaind waved goodbye. Upon his empty room, Tamailt searched for bits of memories that she could maybe take with her. “For what??she asked herself. “Only to be reminded of how stupid and na?e I was.?And with this, the corner of her eye picked on a little piece of paper hidden on the bottom of Kaind’s pillow. A note! Her eyes widened, and although her mind would not allow her to, her heartbeat raced on ?


“My Sweet Tamailt:


          ?Be in my company to-night, under the holy moonlight of the nearby port.?o:p>


          ?What could this mean? Tamailt thought to herself. Was her first judgment correct after all? Kaind has not abandoned her and was to take her along in his breathtaking journeys! Still half dazed, Tamailt ran back to her room and sat in wonder, imagining the night “Mother cannot possibly know about this;?she whispered to herself. “She’ll never agree! She will only stand in the way of my only chance of happiness…” The exhilaration of belonging and being wanted filled Tamailt’s heart, and suddenly, she was ready for any obstacles that were to come.


          ?Night followed the glorious day, and settled itself upon Temuair. Tamailt snuck outside, feeling the cool autumn breeze brush up on her thin build. She shuddered, and paced with hurry to the south of the town ?the port. The strong silhouette of a young man presented itself in front of Tamailt’s eyes, she slowed down; and tapped gently on the shoulders of the man, afraid to cause alarm. Kaind turned around and smiled: it felt as if a giant weight has been lifted from Tamailt’s chest, now that everything’s all right.


          ?“Hello Tamailt.?Kaind smiled again, and wrapped his arms around her. She shivered at the contact, blushed intensely, and managed to smile.


?/span>“It’s okay,?his smile made the world stop spinning. “We’re together now.?There they stood for the rest of the night, enjoying the beauty of the waters and the night sky. For the first time in her life, Tamailt felt secure, and even with so little words, Kaind would understand her. Suddenly, the world makes sense ?and her future appeared to be shining brightly. She fell asleep in his arms.


          ?Just before the crack of dawn, Tamailt was woken up by Kaind’s gentle caress and murmurs. “Time to go,?he whispered to her ears.


          ?“No?Not yet…” She snuggled up even tighter, and giggled at her child like behavior.


“Then come with me.?the smile, mischievous but sincere. Tamailt opened her eyes abruptly, not able to believe what she had just heard ?“Not just a joke??she turned around to look at him in his eyes.


          ?“Never.?With that, her heart flew into the skies, ready to burst with happiness: “Oh?oh?I love you so much, Kaind! I’ll go pack now! Right away!?She skipped contentedly back to the inn, and not thinking one bit more, she packed the little that she had, and left the place that has occupied the last 15 Deoches of her Mundane life.?





~Chapter IV~


?/span>On the road with Kaind, Tamailt felt complete; he has taken good care of her, and she in turn took great care of him. They traveled the lands from the port of Abel through Rucesion, and everywhere from there. She sees themselves as any ordinary pair of lovers, conquering the beasts one by one, and gaining insights together. Although when encountering many other Aislings, Tamailt has always felt more insignificant as they do not greet her the same way they greet Kaind. Though this had bothered her, Tamailt would not let anything distract her from Kaind - but deep inside, tiny bugs of insecurity has troubled her. Would Kaind ever fall out of love with her, and realize that he deserved someone much better, with status?


          ?Two Deoches has passed by: the couple never had much to say, but Tamailt felt satisfied with that. They have never had any disagreements, since Tamailt had always agreed with Kaind’s every word. To her, her whole life could be lived so simply as this, the never-ending voyages with all kinds of things to learn. But what she didn’t realize was?Kaind was changing inside. The long silences soon bored him; Tamailt was nothing but a servant. He was looking for thrill, new women that would act differently when she hears something that she didn’t like ?someone that had their own opinions on things. A woman, that knows how to please; but more in more way than of a mother.


          ?Kaind started to stay out late at night, rarely resting in the same room as Tamailt ?she followed him out one evening; followed him from the lake of Undine to the town of Suomi. Admiring his shadows by the candlelight, her face suddenly twisted with disbelief. Tears fell as rain, and rolled down her cheeks as chains of pearl. Tamailt ran away with disgust in her stomach, back in Undine she cried her heart out. Rage intertwined with a sense of something lost, trust perhaps?It was the most repulsive image that she has ever seen, Kaind with another woman: a prettier girl than she; a priestess with brown, curly hair, cuddling up to Tamailt’s so-called lover, kissing his lips and stroking his hair. Kaind on the other hand, reacted in the same way. Lust that Tamailt has never seen before in Kaind revealed in front of her own eyes.


After Tamailt had no more tears to shed, she dragged herself around Undine, ignoring the beautiful sceneries and the cold weather. A dark essence slowly brewed itself in Tamailt, slowly leading her to the dark wizard of Undine ?Kiril. Tamailt has heard of the power of Kiril before, using the dark to achieve his goals; but Tamailt could not care less what she does to accomplish her purpose, Kaind has finally discarded her. A wish grows in her mind, a devious deed.


Kiril was frantically looking for something; Tamailt sat by the researcher’s desk, and sobbed sporadically. Without looking up, his voice rang with annoyance: “What do you want?! I am not here for comfort! If it is consolation that you need, get out of my dwelling. You are making this place darker than ever!?


“I am looking for revenge.? Tamailt’s voice shivered at the sound of the unholy word. “Will you help me?? She asked.


Kiril seemed to appear as a phantasm, stopped with his work and stared straight at Tamailt. His voice settled: “What are you willing to give up for your purpose? It needs to be something of value.?


“Anything.?she replied without hesitation. What has she got to lose now? She’s already given up everything. Tamailt thought she saw the dark phantasm smile a little.


“Anything?How about giving me what I was looking for??the phantasm’s voice became a delighted ring. “I was looking for some memories of another Aisling, that has requested something of me. I seemed to have lost it; maybe you can give me yours for my experiment.?o:p>


“My memory??she thought to herself. “But then I wouldn’t be able to remember Kaind! And what a traitor he was? Oh?what am I thinking? Of course I wouldn’t want to remember him anymore…”


“Agreed.?She decided. “But I have to ask, I still wish to have the memory of my plans.?So with this, Kiril laughed an echo; Tamailt fell dizzily to the ground.





~Chapter V~


In her unconsciousness, she dreamt a dream. Kiril asked her in his phantasm voice: “What is it that you wish??


“Revenge…” she replied. “I want to be magnificently beautiful?and capture his heart…” she drift off to sleep again, but only after hearing that haunting and echoing laugh of the dark wizard.


“You have a strong willpower; there will be revenge?But be careful, the spell will become a curse if you do not use it right…” he whispered ghastly.







~Chapter VI~


          ?Her head ached when she awoke, Tamailt shook violently as she tried to steady herself; standing tall, she leaned against a settlement. Opening her eyes slowly, she looks about. Where was she? Her mind searched frantically for an answer, but draws only a blank. Hunger stroke, and she paced about wearily finding pieces of crumbled bread and herbs to eat. As she paused by the lake for water, something struck her as peculiar. Who was that staring back at her in the reflection? Red blush in the cheeks, golden-fleeced like hair flowing freely - crimson red lips, as sweet as honey. Skin that might just break upon contact, eyes as blue as the day sky. She was beautiful.


          ?A sudden feeling of hatred suddenly arose in Tamailt, filling every inch of her body ?she knew what she has set out to do. She didn’t know why, but the strong impulse of an action demanded her to move, find the man: seduce him, and break his heart. Tamailt walked back to where the campsite was, and waited for Kaind.


          ?When it was almost mid-day, Kaind arrived back to the campsite. A smile still apparent on his face, he stopped in query of a blonde admirable on his property.


          ?“Good morrow to you, miss. Are you looking for something??as usual, he smiled that mischievous smile.


          ?Tamailt turned away in horror from the smile, but soon recovered herself as she remembered what she has to do. “Yes, indeed I am?I have heard of a great lover, present here ?in Undine. Here I look upon the lover, but am not impressed. What have you got to offer??she looked up with her innocent eyes, batting at his soul. Kaind looked in bewilderment; he has never seen anyone as wondrous as her.


          ?“A great lover??he chuckled. “If I had a reputation like that, Maeie would just kill me.?He whispered to himself.


          ?“Maeie? And who would that be??more anger emerged in Tamailt, a voice inside her cried out for recognition.


          ?“Oh, nobody. Would you like something to eat then, my lady??her beauty has caught Kaind off guard, leaving him as bold as a newborn chick.





~Chapter VII~


          ?Tamailt and Kaind traveled together for a Moon; in that time, Kaind has never left Tamailt alone. Maeie was the last thing on his mind, as Kaind tries his best to impress the new girl. After a Moon more, Kaind’s frenetic attempts into nothingness have pushed him to confront Tamailt.


          ?“Why won’t you love me, my sweet? You wouldn’t even tell me your name. I love you so…” he played with her strands of velvet-like hair, tired from a double Moon’s sleepless nights.


          ?“You cannot have me,? she replied bleakly. “You do not deserve anyone.?After a pause, she turned to Kaind. A click went inside her, and a voice: ‘It’s time…’


          ?“You are a traitor, Kaind. You are not worthy of something as sacred as love. You do not know what it means. Tell me, who is Tamailt? Who is Maeie? You don’t even remember, do you? They’re just items of affection, things that you can temporarily vent out on. From now on, you will suffer the same!?Tamailt’s fury was released onto Kaind; smokes of darkness filled the air, and a magnificent clap of thunder?o:p>





~Chapter VIII~


          ?The voice inside screamed. Screamed as a million knives were stabbed into it, carving it open and exposing the insides. Tamailt could not bear the pain: her shrieks pierced the sky, traveling far into the travelers?and Mundanes?ears ?the children cried, the man and women looked upon the sky as clouds of gloom covered the bright light. Tamailt’s face became distorted, eventually breaking down as darkness surrounds her.


The shrieking had stopped. Kaind shivered with fear as the black clouds in front of him departs the blonde beauty he had once known. He tried to talk, but could not hear a word - he tried to scream, but still nothing; he has lost his sense of hearing.


Legs stepped out the smoke, pale and delicate as before. Soon, the hips, arms?more staggering than the previous: she is indeed perfect. Her hair has changed into a dark violet, her lips with hues of purple, and her eyes as dark as the night itself. The contrast between her skin and the darkness are with such distinctness, she didn’t seem human.


‘Tamailt?watched Kaind cry with distress, and still unable to listen to his own voice. She looked on with no emotion; the voice inside was satisfied. She walked away, now with nothing on her shoulders, she traveled the lands.





~Chapter IX~


Those who have looked upon her are to be left speechless. Her exquisiteness made the people afraid, fear of unknown and the great. Tamailt felt nothing, said nothing, but simply walked away.


This day, she had boarded a ship of Rucesion to Abel by chance. It was night when she arrived, and she looked for the inn. Upon her entrance to the inn, the voice inside returned; and seemed to whimper. The innkeeper was a frantic woman, and called herself Runa ?she asks every Aisling that approaches to cure her sick child. Tamailt sensed some familiarity from this woman; she asked to see the child.


Runa hesitated for a minute, then said in a hushed voice: “I will let you see her, but you mustn’t let her notice. She’s quite fragile, that young girl…” her voice trailed off as she paced busily up the stairs of the inn.


Runa led Tamailt into the biggest room of the inn, and pointed at the empty bed. “There she is, you can have a look at her, then maybe help me find a cure for her.?She backed away, and left the room.

Tamailt looked on the vacant space, decorated with the best furniture ?she studied the area with detail, and found old diaries on which the voice inside whimpered even more. Tamailt returned to Runa, and asked: “What is the name of this daughter of yours??o:p>


“Tamailt,?Runa replied. “She is quite sick, no? Please?I will offer you goods if you can cure her.? Runa cried in distress.


A shock hit Tamailt, and all the emotion of hate, regret, abandonment and grief returned to her; it was too much, too much to abide and to realize the love of her mother existed for her. She had caused her mother to think of her child as sick than a runaway - insanity drove her abnormal.


Tamailt ran out of the inn, to wherever her feet carried her. The voice of Runa behind her echoed in her mind: “Save Tamailt for me! Please!?





~Chapter X~


          ?Tamailt had found herself in Mileth, an old town at the very north of Temuair. She ran past the eyes of wonderers, with all the old emotions coming back at her stronger than before ?swallowing her whole. She eyed a dark crypt, erect with young Aislings venturing abroad. Not thinking twice, she pushed her way swiftly down the crypts, level by level - each area darker, more damp and frightening than the previous. When she finally stopped, she found the creatures staring back at her, ready to strike. Her confusion reacted with her strong willpower, and sent the monsters flying to walls; others then backed off, and left her alone.


          ?Tamailt wanted to cry, but she did not know why. Here in the dark crypts she stayed, and the calmer she becomes after time has passed. When one day, a young monk with his hunting group traveled deep into the crypt and encountered Tamailt. Tamailt raised her head, stared him right in the eyes. Something clicked inside her, madness like before came wave after wave ?the sight of a striking woman confused the young monk; but before he could react, Tamailt attacked him. Her eyes shone as bright lights, and wished him dead. The young monk did not know what hit him, no monster was near him and his group; after a few attacks, the Aislings realized that the girl ?or creature, rather ?that shows itself as a beautiful female was indeed dangerous. They ran away in fear, leaving Tamailt alone again. The waves resided, and she is once again, calm.


          ?Day after day, Tamailt found herself losing more and more of her. She felt drained away, where in fact ?she was duplicating. Her willpower became so strong that she felt the need to make more of herself to search for something that the voice inside was telling her to. What was it? She will never know. The feeling of hatred would arise again and again whenever she sees an Aisling. But also when she sees an Aisling, she feels found. Found the need to destroy, and search again.


          ?Aislings call her the Succubus, the evil beauty that search and destroys every Aisling. She fights with psychic powers, and must be bewared of.





Note: Kiril, the phantasm will later unearth the Aosdic scroll, which the Dwarf, Torgny has given him. The scroll is of the legend of ascension, which is linked to the Succubus. Kiril has never realized the effects that his power had had over Tamailt; the coincidence of Kiril unearthing the scroll (which lead to massive killing of the Succubus) can only be seen as a coincidence.





This is only a maiden’s tale, which the Aislings have told of about the Succubus. She is a mystery, which all of Temuair are curious to know.





Fyie Hannathaen

Monk of the 22nd Deoch, Town of Rucesion

Council of Aoradh Sinn