Heart of Moon

Darkness clings to my soul

The moon that is my heart shines forth

Into the darkness, the neverending night

As I am the moon, he is the flame

The fire that consumes my soul reflects in his eyes

Sparking creativity, emotions, and light

I'd never sought out companionship, or love

Yet he began to illuminate the darkest of nights

Once love chased the shadows from my life

I bathed in his light as often as possible

Eventually the night relinquished its grip on me

My heart began to yearn for the night

To become the moon once more

To illuminate the darkness, and call forth shadows

Perhaps love is a true folly,

Only the gods know for sure

As we completed the ancient ceremonies

Binding my darkness to his light

I found what peace truly was

Allowing the light to cast dark shadows

Learning to embrace the night which is the core of my soul.




Heart of Fire

My soul is infused with light

It reflects upon her heart, the moon

Out of the darkness, dispelling the shadows

As I am the flame, she is the moon

The moon that illuminates the darkest of nights

Sparking imagination, dreams, and love

Her darkness I had sought to dispel

Once love had Found us, promising an eternal bond

I chased all the darkness from her dreams

But then, as light pervaded every corner of her being

I realised there is no moon without the night

The light holds hands with the shadows in perfect harmony

I have learned from her the flame, like the moon

Needs the darkness to be complete

Perhaps even love requires such a balance

Only the gods know for sure

As we completed the ancient ceremonies

Binding my light to her darkness

I learned what peace was

Allowing the shadows to dance and play

Embracing the light which is the core of my soul.


Imajica Hyrill Askosa in Dark Ages