Blue And Pink

by Jennifer Lacour Emrys in Dark Ages

A petal.

I was underneath a large cherry tree, sitting down and enjoying the view. These cherry trees only bloomed in the spring and were a refreshing change from the brown, crinkly winter leaves. I sighed and slouched a bit while leaning against the tree.

There was no changing it. Winter would come again, eventually.

So would war. And tradegy. It couldn't be helped. Couldn't be stopped...

I snatched the floating petal from its home in the air, and peeked at it from my large and clumsy hands. The petal was delicate, soft, and a beautiful and bright pink colour. It filled me with nostalgia as I drifted towards fond memories of childhood.

Running underneath the same cherry tree as a young child. Watching as the wind scattered sakura petals all over the air, surrounded in a flash of pink. Me waving my arms and trying to grab them all in awe of the beauty. Feeling the petals touch my skin softly then dash towards the bright blue sky.

Such fond memories...

I found myself again. Waking up from a lost dream, I stared at the petal fondly, and unclenched my fist, offering it to the sky. The petal flew towards the infinite of blue without regret. The wind took it away from me. I smiled, and stared at the petal rising and blowing in the air in a graceful ballet. The wind grabbed my dark violet hair and tugged at it violently as well, begging me to join.

I then closed my eyes in a divine moment of peace, and watched as a heavy wind blew strongly against the land.

Suddenly, in a fluid motion, a bundle of petals from the tree flew towards the sky as well, drifting past me. I could feel the petals whipping across the wind, joining in with their friend. I opened my eyes quickly, in surprise. My fondest childhood memory was recreated. All in these simple minutes.

A saw a sign from Danaan, perhaps. A sign of the warmth and love in the world. The air whispered to me..

"Love, my child. Love."

Written by: Jennifer Lacour Emrys, priestess of Glioca.