The Terror of the Garden
by Kalandre of Dark Ages

'Twas late into the evening,
As we sat and supped our ale,
That the drunk man in the corner,
Piped up and told his tale.

A terror in the garden,
A fiend beyond beliefs,
It haunts his waking hours,
As well as when he sleeps.

We'll slay this beast to aid thee,
We'll slay this beast for fun,
Just show us to the garden,
And to there we shall run.

With sword and steel we travelled,
Through undergrowth and trees,
Until we finally reached her,
The queen of all the Bees.

She flew at us in anger,
Appeared from out the mist,
To Sgrios Malk did send her,
With one flick of his wrist.

The old man looked so happy,
His face filled with delight,
His nightmares had been ended,
At least for this dark night.