By Katrionah

The present is an instant.
The past is now long gone.
The future is approaching.
Yet look, it is now here!

Each lifetime lasts a moment.
Then what of our few years?
Some take all with perfect stride,
While others, gripped in fear.

Then why live life in darkness?
Not knowing once, true light?
Why withhold all your desire?
When you merely know the tine?

Live in wonder! Walk in awe!
You needn't ask me why.
Or if you wish, forsake it,
It's all your choice, not mine.

So dare provoke destiny,
Unhindered by regrets.
Regardless, just remember,
You can't deny your fate.

Whatever path you so choose,
I'll wish you all the luck.
Quickly now, time is waning,
Alas, it shall not wait.