A Temuairian Warrior
Standing Tall and Proud

By LadyKyra of Dark Ages

It was Deoch 13, Summer
I awoke at Riona's Inn.
I was told that choosing a path in life,
Was where I was to begin.

I thought through the paths carefully,
For there was no turning back for me
The life of the warrior, yes that sounds good,
I shall seek to protect the Temuairian neighborhood.

My guide told me to stand tall and fight,
To swing my sword with all my might.
To Keallach, Mileth Warrior Trainer, I listened well
For by my sword, many creatures fell.

I adventured Mileth Crypt and the Eastern Woods
Slaying hideous creatures and finding magical goods.
There were also many quests I sought to achieve
For I am a warrior, I will not see defeat.

At the end of each adventurous night
I go back to town, only to hear aislings speak of my might.
They speak of how I have grown so strong
Though I have not been in Temuair very long.

I have succeeded in my own true quest
I have honor and respect and am loved by the rest
But I will not stop there; I'll continue to fight
Protecting Temuair each day and night.

I stand tall and proud for what I have achieved
But much is yet to learn; and until I do, Temuair I will not leave.

LadyKyra DeLisa Valentina
Warrioth Clann, Triath Lord