Innocence of Undine

by Laila in Dark Ages

Children of Undine gather near

Thy captures and pursuers must not find thee here

The rain shall muffle our flight trough the mud

The downpour will dilute our enemy’s lust for blood

Make haste with me little one to a better place

Such innocence I thought should not be lied to, to face

Bewildered and hungry innocence followed blindly

Where I will be taking thee my god shall praise me highly

Silently and swiftly we made our progression

Not to Undine, but the outskirts of Rucesion

""Where are we going?" innocence replied

""To an old castle, a place where can hide""

Drawing nigh to the castle we entered with subterfuge

Although arriving with two I shall leave in solitude

I entered the inner sanctum of the temple with prayer

In the room I felt his presence I knew he was there

I turned to innocence with dialogue in mind

Innocence returned to me attention in kind

""Power and Strength they come at a price"

"My dignity and humanity I am willing to sacrifice""

Not understanding the ways of men

Innocence’s life had come to an end

Dialogue said, and deed done

Sgrios pleased, and spell spun

Reward received and power gained

I trek back to Astrid to begin again


Lailia, Priestess of Sgrios