Ceannlaidir Prays
by ManipuLator in Dark Ages

"Observe each of the principles of warfare. The master will win." Ceannlaidir Guidance

     In these five years serving my great father Ceannlaidir and observing other followers, I noticed some curiosities in the way which one says his or her prayers.

     Talking with several of them I captured the ideas of each one. It then became clear that, despite some differences in details, the majority of the prayers are bound to main facts -- Ceannlaidir's and his followers' qualities -- and often offer thanks to the God of War.

     Having a collection of different prayers, and researching old documents about Ceannlaidir and his fellowship, I attempted to recreate the original prayers of our religion.

     I hope to have accomplished what I hand in view. The prayers I was able to synthesize follow.

Ceannlaidir Prayer

Oh Glorious Ceannlaidir
Among the Gods, the bravest
And this bravery I do reflect
For you, I fear not death
To you I sacrifice my body and soul
Guide me on the road of glories
Honorably I shall follow it
Always overcoming my weaknesses

Give me answers when confusion has me
Show me the ways if I lose mine
Guide my hands when I wield my sword
May my enemies be terrorized at the very image of me

Among all the things I love
Among all the things I feel
Nothing compares to the faith I have
To you I dedicate all my victories

For all the things you mean to me
With pride I call you Father
Watch over this son who will always love you
And rest while I honor your name

A Warrior's Thanks to Ceannlaidir

When my sword cuts the air
When I walk over my fallen enemies
When blood covers my blade
When victory is in my reach
You, God of War, I wish to thank

Following you I never desist
Nothing would I be without you
May I always serve you right
And may I always honor your name
You, God of War, I wish to thank

For my strength, my courage, my wits
For the righteous battles I fought and fight
For the pride I enclose in my chest
The pride I have in being your son
You, God of War, I wish to thank

The unworthy battle in error
By your side I fight with Honor
You grant me Bravery, Glory, Victory
Protect me, and bring death to my foes
You, Ceannlaidir, I wish to thank.

A Rogue's Prayer to Ceannlaidir

In my shade I see your reflex
Behind me, guiding my steps
The Moon and the great Warrior
God of War, Ceannlaidir
Your strength you grant me
Your spoils you give me
Your skills I carry in me
Moving swiftly you are with me
For that I thank you, I have nothing to fear

All those who dare oppose me
To Sgrios I send their souls
Proud I am for fighting in your name
For each drop of blood I shed in your name
Protect me, my wealth, my soul

Priestly Words with Ceannlaidir

Oh Almighty Ceannlaidir
Happy I am, for serving you
Brave I am, for following you
Fearless I am, for being close to you
For granting me this gift, I thank you

If strength fails me, Ceannlaidir,
Forgive the weakness of this servant
But look at me and you shall see
I serve you in my own way
I honor you with each prey
I aid my companions slay

Your road I can never travel, Ceannlaidir
But your ways always will I follow
Bearing the strongest of spirits
Led by the greatest of hearts
Unparalleled, for following you

When in battle, let me heal
And save the lives of those who serve you
When I fall, be by my side
Let my body and soul's sacrifice honor you


A Monk's Praise to Ceannlaidir

Ave Ceannlaidir, God of War
Life of the strong, death of the weak, Ave
For you we pray, outcast sons of Glioca
For you we slay, in certainty our deeds are right
In these wastelands you brought us Cail
Fruit of the union of War and Love
Today we turn to our patron's father, god of limitless power
For higher goals to achieve, victory to reach, foes to defeat

We need no swords, our fists are shaper
We need no armors, our bodies are stronger
Skillful as an eagle, merciless as a wolf
Mirroring your nobility, honoring your name
Ave, Ceannlaidir, Father of Cail, God of War!

A Wizard's Oath to Ceannlaidir

My vigor raises earth
My knowledge tames water
My strength controls fire
My swiftness leads air
The elements I master I put to your use
O Great Warrior Ceannlaidir

If the enemy wishes my death
The power you grant me shall be my savior
If Sgrios reaches out to my soul
My faith in you shall turn his gaze to my foe
Never will I fear the outcome of battles
O Great Warrior Ceannlaidir

In the wars you fought and the wars we fight
The same purpose
The cleansing of the land, the selection of the strongest
Guide my steps so I can be one of the chosen
For only the strongest will survive the final war
Only the strongest will stand by your side
O Great Warrior Ceannlaidir

ManipuLator -- Deoch 12, Fall