Man With The Bouquet
by Mayukichan in Dark Ages
It was very sweet,
What you did that day,
I'm glad I could meet,
The man with the bouquet.
As I look past on that day,
My face blushes at the thought,
Of the enchanting bouquet,
And the smile that you brought.
There in Mileth Square,
Flowers held with tender care,
Standing without noise or sound,
You hoped that love would be found.
Skipping back from the East Wood,
I walked into Mileth Square,
There on the side you stood,
Gazing at my crimson hair.
With flowers in hand,
What would you say?
This mysterious man,
The man with the bouquet.
You started towards me,
With bouquet in hand,
You smiled bravely,
To where I did stand.
Then you stopped abruptly,
Your courage was sapped,
Another man already reached me,
Where I had recently sat.
Ye saw us talking,
Smiling and laughing,
And while ye kept looking,
Ye felt like crying.
The Spring Bouquet lost its glow,
You staggered away,
Walking slow.
Oh dear, sweet soul,
Don't shed another tear,
Feelings you must control,
Reasoning must be clear.
Though ye did not win my heart,
My heart was won before thy start,
So it mattered not how fast ye walked,
Or how you smiled, laughed, or talked.
Perhaps it's thy fate,
To continue searching,
It is never too late,
To be loving and caring.
Here is something for you,
though it is cheaper,
Roses represent love too,
And love is deeper.
Give it to the one you truly seek,
The one you hold so dear ,
Whose touch makes you weak,
The one that wipes your tear.
I am one of many pearls in the sea,
An infinite ocean dark and blue,
I silently wish good luck to thee,
In finding the pearl that shines for you.