*~Farewell My Love~*

by Mayukichan of Dark Ages


*~Ye who does not seek yet finds treasure,

May deserve it more than those that venture.

Love blossoms from the heart,

With no warning where it starts.

I write to thee whom have loved and lost,

I share your pain with a lover's cost.

Those that abuse this wonderful gift,

Are worse than those of the Sgath Pit.

Abuse not this heavenly power,

For false love will leave you sour.

I write with certainty,

That many feel this poverty.

The breaking up of a couple,

And the pain which brings trouble.

Many have felt like this,

So I scribe in poetic fashion,

As my writing hand persists,

I share your wounded passion.

Enjoy my ballad as it may be,

Know the pain of this folly.

Love is Heaven on Temuair,

Only if you love with care~*

More than I'd like to know,

That I have been with ye,

Come back my love,

Come back to me~

I lean over the fountain by Mileth Square,

Mayuki looks to see you there,

Just my mind trying to tease,

Your image fades within the breeze.

Time stops when you were near,
Mayuki listened with hearing clear,
To your wonderful tales of old,
With feelings true and some untold~

Mayuki walked with lighter steps,
Her mind thought of the time we met,
A giggle when I thought about you,
About that night where dreams came true~

Soon we will be together,

Embraced in love forever.

A kiss close to my heart,

We will never be far apart.

I walk to Mileth Church,

Birds sing on its perch,

My heart feels gay,

And flys on wings of Fae.

...The scent of incense in the air...

An empty church devoid and bare.

A lonely girl waits for ye,

Come back my love,

Come back to me~

Seconds seem to tick away,

Minutes turn to disarray,

A look of worry and dismay.

I shake my head,

Where could you be,

Was I wrong,

To give my heart to ye?

Time has passed with no care,

A gentle breeze lifts my hair,

A tear drops from my cheek,

I run from the church as I weep...

Memories of a village girl,

Dreams faded like an old painting,

My spirits dimmed a little,

Though I keep waiting...

Days pass, but I search on,

Suns pass, but I am strong,

Moons pass, yet I still long,

Deochs pass, my search goes on...

The rains pour harder nowadays,

I smile at my pain, yet it stays.

Without him I cannot be,

Come back my love,

Come back to me~

An ice wind blows my hair,

A place warm and gentle...!

I weakily enter Fiosachd's Temple.

My hair drenched and frail,

A face cold and pale,

My figure shivering with a shudder,

With my heart torn asunder.

I look at Fiosachd's statue tall and strong,

Tears flow as my fortune has gone wrong,

It's been Deochs since my wedding,

Ever since its been quite upsetting.

Then, a warm hand on my back,

I turned to see a Fiosachd priest,

He stood close to where I sat,

His smile glowed a sense of peace.

He offered his assistance as I prayed,

I welcomed his help and thanked his aid,

He smiled and chuckled warmly,

As we prayed together silently.

I solemnly prayed with my heart,

To you I loved but we grew apart,

You left me waiting don't you see?

Come back my love,

Come back to me.

What ill fate ran you through?

No farewell nor goodbye,

Why I keep asking....


Have you forgotten me?

The one I've searched so diligently?

Deochs pass without your touch,

Still, I think of you much.

My memories of you,

Begin to fade through.

I cannot recall your voice,

I mustn't forget, twas not my choice.

Amongst summer's breeze,

Fireflies dance by leaves,

On this starry night,

I will end this fruitless fight.

I tiptoe to Lover's Glade,

All the while, I begin to fade.

I watch a glowing firefly,

As my heart begins to die.

I feel weak,

And fall on the grass.

My skin turns bleak,

Like my lover's past.


Where could you be?

I searched but couldn't see...

Farewell my love,

Farewell to Mayuki.