* ~Mayuki's Song~ *

by Mayukichan of Dark Ages


Oh cherished soul,

Awaken from thy slumber,

Let your heart flow,

Into an ocean spanning forever...

Oh dear mundane,

Your eyes sparkle dimly,

You grudge a silent pain,

Your spark hidden in obscurity.

I was once like you,

Lost in the night,

In an infinite woods with no clue,

No stars to help my sight.

Within the black of the moonless skies,

Shined a light

That open my eyes,

With vision clear I found my heart,

Then I knew where to start.

Let me show you a different place,

Tis' better than this boring space,

Where people smile and remember your face,

A world of feeling and a world of taste.

C'mon, take a trip with me,

Explore a land of fantasy,

Find yourself and be born anew,

In the very image meant for you.

Here, take my hand,

Grasp it tight,

Onward to a better land.

A land of love... A land of insight.

Walk with me into the light,

Oh please don't worry,

We'll be all right.

Take heed, my dear Mundane,

There is much to do once you arrive,

Many adventures await your fame,

As an Aisling, you must survive....

Stay with me while holding hands,

Warm me like the Abel sands,

Be with me in paradise,

Find yourself and be recognized

Rescue the children of Undine,

Face the perils of Kasmanium Mine,

Find what ails the sick child of Loures,

Meet your sweetheart and make her yours.

Slay the Terror of the Crypt,

Battle wars in Pravat Cave,

Mentor students you see fit,

While carefully plan your wedding day.

All this and more await,

Come and life your life anew.

Why do you hesitate?

Become the dreamer that is you.

Walk with dreamers,

And make your dream come true.

I'll be there right there,

Smiling for you.

You'll love it here, my dear Mundane.

Come to see me,

I'll be waiting...

Begin your life once more,

Let your spirit fly in air,

Live like never before,

In the land of Temuair.~*