A Day of A Ceannlaidir Priest
Mazrooth 'al Yedom

Aislings slowly walked out the temple doors. The mass was over, and they all left for home. A single priest stayed at the temple, like he always has. He stood there staring at the statue of Ceannlaidir, thinking about all the aislings who had attended mass. His long black hair covered most his face. No one ever knew wether he was smiling or scowling at them, unless he wore his Holy Conical. As he stood at the base statue, the same thoughts that go through his mind every time he holds a mass go through his head.

"I wonder, M'Lord, how many if them even care for ye... And how many just want yer strength and blessings..."

The priest sat and leaned against the statue. He absently taped a hatchet against his grey boots. He was an odd priest. Always wielding a hatchet and a bronze shield. He took after his mother, a fierce warrior, more than his father, who was a priest. He was a fresh priest of Ceannlaidir, though he was holding a mass every double-moon. It wasn't even his mass time. He was only covering for his friend Logoth, one of the High Priests of Ceannlaidir.

"T'was a fine mass Mazrooth."
A voice broke the silence, coming from the shadows of the temple.

"Thank ye, Allita."

He replied, already knowing who the voice belonged to. Allita walked up near to him. She was wearing her normal red dress, and magma boots. She was the other High Priest of Ceannlaidir, and also married to Logoth. He considered them both dear friends.

"What troubles ye?"

Mazrooth sighed and looked up at her.

"So many aislings enter here, and ask for Ceannlaidir's strength. So mnay aislings enter here, and ask for Ceannlaidir to touch their items..."

Allita only noded, knowing he wasn't finished.

"I follow Ceannlaidir, for I believe in his teachings. Not just for his strength or the items he has touched,,,"

Allita sighed, then looked at the Ceannlaidir Symbol Mazrooth wore. She had made that symbol for him when he first because a priest. She always thought Mazrooth as a friend, and a good faithful priest.

"Do ye not think" She started off. "that Fiosachd priests have these same problems?"

Mazrooth looked down again.

"I know" He began. "all priests have this problem. I just can not understand why Ceannlaidir puts up with aislings like that... That are only using him..."

"Perhaps he likes blessing and giving strength"
A figure said as he steped from the shadows.
"If ye think about it. Most aislings go out and fight after they feel his strength come to them..."

Mazrooth smiled slightly, and looked up at Logoth.

"Ceannlaidir does, after all, enjoy battles."
Logoth continued.

Logoth walked over to Alita and held her close, kissing her softly. Mazrooth smiled at this. He had first met them when he had just become a priest. He was looking for a faith, when he wandered into Piet he was instantly drawn to the temple. ANd later he had joined the faith.

"So Mazrooth" Logoth said bringing him from his thoughts. "I heard ye held a fine mass in my place this moon."

"Aye llita considered it fine."

Logoth looked around the temple at the clutter of the items laying about.

"Did ye mug them as well?" He said with a chuckle.

Allita smiled and said "They like to use our clean temple as a trash bin, and sometimes a store room."

They all laughed at that. Mazrooth stoof up and said.

"I must get going. I have a hunting party to meet soon at the East Woodlands."

As he stood he pulled his Holly Conical from a fold in his Galuhat Coat.

"Do ye need any Beothaich Deums?" Allita asked.

"Nay, I have plenty."

"Before ye leave Maz." Logoth said. "What all have ye done today?"

"Mazrooth sighed and tried to think.
"Ummmmm... I would say about twenty-five consencrations and around fifteen desecrations."

"Slow day?" Allita said with a giggle.

Mazrooth smile and simply noded. He turned and began his walk to the East Woodlands. Thinking about how long he had really been in the temple. He looked at the moon and guess about three full days.

"Well I'm out now... Only to be drawn back for another three days..." He said with a sigh.

As he walked into the woodlands he met his friends, and they all double checked their equipment. Since Mazrooth had already checked hi he thought about tomorrow. He would be sitting in the temple for most, if not all, of the day. Helping people and consencrating items. He just shook it off, and plunged into the woods. As he entered he realized that as long as he could get out every once in awhile and hunt. He would be ableto stay alive in that temple...